Death… And Me

Chapter 1255: The Path

Chapter 1255: The Path

The guy Roan challenged appeared in the arena around an hour later. After all, Roan paid the fee, so he had to accept as a rule. Well, the result of the fight was pretty obvious. Roan won the fight with ease since he and the guy were at the same cultivation level.

Roan continued at the same pace...or so he wanted. After he defeated the previous guy and took the position of 973rd, Roan returned to the worker to choose his next opponent. He didn't feel tired after the battle at all. Unfortunately...

"Sorry, Roan. The rules say that no more than one challenge can be issued every three days," the same worker explained.

Although Roan didn't like it, he understood why. 'They're trying to prevent people from getting full of themselves before they end up crippling themselves after just one victory. It seems like it happened quite a few times in the past for them to apply this rule.' 

Roan then nodded at the worker after that. "Very well. I'll be back in three days."

Roan pondered in silence for a bit about what to do when an idea came into mind. 'I might as well try to see if I can talk with Etherian.' Now that Rean and Roan got the catalyst for their breakthrough to the Elemental Transformation Realm, they could finally leave the Huring Continent. However, they still had to talk with Etherian to know more about the path they should take.

Etherian just so happened to be back at his residence as well. After so many days, he finally finished the office work given to him by Cassia. When he heard that Roan was looking for him, he immediately let him in. "I heard about what happened in the Demising Catacombs. Say, was it you and your brother who caused that?"

Roan's expression didn't even change. "How could we? We're just in the Initial Stage of the Saint Realm while many Elemental Transformation Realm cultivators died. If we were there, we would be more dead than them."

Etherian's instincts told him that Roan wasn't speaking the truth. But then again, Roan's words were reasonable. How would the twins be alive when those at the Elemental Transformation Realm all died? "Well, so be it. That's a training ground for those at the Elemental Transformation Realm and below, so it matters little to me. Go ahead. What did you come to see me for?"

"I wanted to know more about the continents we're passing through on our way to Jhiod Continent. I learned something about the Lanqueas Continent, but what about the others? How many continents will we need to pass through to arrive in Jhiod?" Roan asked.

Etherian nodded as it was him who told the twins to look for him after the Demising Catacombs. "Alright. As I've told you before, I traveled through many continents during my life, and Jhiod was one of them. However, I was already strong at that time, so I was able to use the official channels to do so."

Roan remembered that. "I know. You did mention the tunnel in the continental barrier that opens every ten years."

Etherian nodded in response. "Yes, but that's only in our Huring Continent's case. The other continents' paths to the continents connected to them have different businesses and necessities, so the time it takes to open a path between them varies. For example, you intend to go to Lanqueas Continent to gather that Light Element Catalyst first, right?"

Roan nodded and waited for Etherian to continue talking. "The path between Huring and Lanqueas is obviously open every ten years. However, the next continent on your path, the Yubisval Continent, is open every 25 years. That's simply because Huring Continent has a lot more businesses with Lanqueas than Lanqueas has with Yubisval."

Roan then mentioned, "We're planning to use the smugglers you told us about, so we won't need to wait for the official path to open."

Etherian nodded after hearing that. "True. However, I can only tell you the smugglers of our Huring Continent. The smugglers of other continents, if they have any to start with, will be up to you to find. If you can't, then you will have to wait for the official paths to open. Not to mention that you will have to find a way to enter the batch of cultivators who are being exchanged during such times."

Roan narrowed his eyes after hearing that. He expected Etherian to know more about the smugglers of other continents, but that didn't seem the case. But then again, he didn't need to use them to start with, so it made sense he didn't have that much information.

Etherian continued, "Anyways, I can at least tell you the continents you need to pass through to reach Jhiod. They are Lanqueas Continent, Yubisval Continent, Treavin Continent, Pol Continent, Xinfia Continent, Aefer Continent, Hiwer Continent, Lebgram Continent, and finally Jhiod Continent."

"Nine continents, huh? Does that mean nine continental barriers?" Roan asked.

Etherian nodded as he replied, "Exactly. I'll give you the times that the official passages open. After all, you might not be able to use the smugglers or any other method to reach the next continent. Lanqueas to Yubisval is 25 years, Yubisval to Treavin is 15 years, Treavin to Pol takes 8 years, Pol to Xinfia is 12 years. Xinfia to Aefer is the shortest, only taking 3 years between each opening. Aefer to Hiwer takes 7 years, Hiwer to Lebgram takes 20 years, and finally, Lebgram to Jhiod takes 9 years."

Etherian also added, "Of course, I'm not counting here the time you will take to travel between one continent to another. You might want to add it to your calculations as well."

Roan nodded after hearing that. "It's good to know that already as we might really need it."

Etherian couldn't help but ask again, "Are you sure you don't want to stay and cultivate? You can take the official channels in the future once you surpass the Transition Realm. It will be a lot safer as well."

Roan shook his head. "No. The harder way is fine."

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