Death… And Me

Chapter 2020 A Lakure Race Member

Chapter 2020 A Lakure Race Member

"Go to hell!" Abelha immediately screamed. "Old Luman, my mother will definitely notice that we are taking too long and come after us to see what is happening. Are you sure you want to make enemies with her?"

Luman then looked at the tree houses in the distance. He wasn't the only one living here. Instead, he was responsible for a whole settlement. Well, it is better to say that he dictates it. But who is asking? "Hum... That would be troublesome. But then again, I would love to see what kind of face your mother would make when she sees her grandchild. Especially one between you and me. Oh, that would be truly exciting!"

"She... would definitely stake her life to fight you to death!" Librao was finally able to say a few words.

Luman pondered a bit and shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well, you can't win all."


Suddenly, the Spatial Lock that Luman was using on Librao disappeared. "You go back to your mommy and tell her I have her daughter here. I'm sure we can strike a nice deal for her life."

Librao was taken aback. But then he saw his sister nodding at him. As long as they could have their mother come out of her coffin, they would have things settled. Librao then sat down and focused on his injuries for a few moments. He was far from being healed up, but that would at least be enough for him to move relatively safely. Finally, he took flight and started to make his way back.

After he disappeared, Luman released Rean, Roan, Kentucky, and Abelha. "Come with me. And you better not try any funny movements. Although... I would very much like you did so that I can also try a few funny movements of my own. Hahaha!"

None of them dared to do so. Luman's strength was just too much for the twins' group or Abelha to do anything against. Escape wasn't an option... for Abelha. The twins, however, had a way to escape. It's just that Roan decided that it was better to try to get some information from Luman first.

The twins' group saw that there were at least a few thousand residents in the many tree houses above the Swamp. All of them were at the Void Tempering Realm or above. "How did you get this many Devils here?"

Luman smiled as he explained. "They are all Devils who got lost in the Swamp of no Return or their descendants. At first, this settlement didn't have more than a few Devils who coincidently ended up together. But as time went on, more Devils who got lost found their way here. Of course, compared to the number of Devils who entered the Swamp, these few thousand aren't worth even mentioning. Just a drop of water in the ocean."

Roan couldn't help but ask. "Don't they know you are not really a Devil?"

"They do," Luman didn't mind telling the truth. "But there is no reason for me to care. I'm the strongest, and in this Swamp, strength is all that matters. For them, it is good enough that they have someone that can prevent more of those Swamp Monsters from killing everyone. I even got a few female devils who are quite beauties to serve me. It's really nice."

'Alright, he is basically a pervert old geezer... with a fetich for Devils,' Rean mentioned with his Divine Sense to his group.

"Ahem..." Rean continued. "So, is our deal still up?"

Luman nodded. "But of course! I might not use it to have children with little Abelha here, but I definitely can use it on the other female Devils, can't I?"

"That's true," Rean had to admit he was right.

Roan decided to leave that deal on the side for the moment and ask what he really cared about. "What do you know about this Swamp? Have you really not found a way out even with your cultivation?"

Luman took a bracelet from Rean as he heard Roan's question. That bracelet was one of Rean's pieces of equipment that could gather Light Element. Luman would need that if he wanted to use the Devil Transformation. "That's the point. I came in here expecting to find something good. But I haven't left since. I have a very good directional ability which I believe I could use to find my way through this place. But in the end, it was completely useless. After many years of meaningless travel, I decided to settle in one place and focus on my cultivation... and have some fun, if you know what I mean. Hehehe!"

"What about you two?" Naturally, Luman was curious about the twins. "You are also Living Beings from the Realm of Gods. How did you end up in the Underworld?"

Rean just used the same reason as an excuse. "Pretty much the same reason. We came to the Swamp of no Return to look for treasures. I believe anyone who enters this place is confident in their abilities to guide themselves, and so are we. But... It should go as no surprise that it didn't go as well as we planned.

Luman didn't doubt that since that was common. Abelha's mother was the same thing, and so were most of the Devils in this settlement, except for their descendants.

Suddenly, Luman's appearance began to change. He was using his own technique to look like a Devil, but since everyone here knew that he wasn't a Devil, there wasn't much of a point in keeping it. He quickly returned to his real form, a member of the Lakure Race, which surprised the twins and Kentucky. "A Lakure?"

The twins met the Lakure Race back on the Sunkan Planet, the same planet they were born in this half of the Universe.

"What did you say?" Luman's expression completely changed when he heard that name. After all, Lakures were only present on Sunkan Planet. Or they were until it exploded. "How do you know my race?"

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