Death… And Me

Chapter 952 - Diary

Chapter 952 - Diary

They all wanted answers. Who or what was that being? Why was it in the Bestial Sacred Ground? What did it have to do with the Realm of Gods? However...

"I can't understand shit!" Duran exclaimed as soon as the content filled his mind.

Frin, Red, Kentucky, Celis, Rean, and Gulan were in the same boat as him. "It's probably the same language that the owner of that skeletal hand used."

Of course, one person did understand the content inside the dark jade slips. Naturally, it was Roan. It's just that he didn't let anyone other than Rean know that he could understand such a thing.

Rean then glanced at Roan for a moment before he talked through their Soul Connection, saying, 'Can you understand the things written inside these jade slips?'


Roan confirmed as he replied, 'Yes. I'll use our Soul Connection to share my knowledge of the Underworld's language, don't block it.'

Rean and Roan could share memories as much as they wanted as long as both sides agreed with it. Thanks to that, Rean received the entire extent of Roan's knowledge regarding the Underworld tongue. Of course, it was one thing for them to share memories. It was another to learn them. Rean would need quite some time before he could organize everything for his own use.

Roan knew that but ignored that point. Instead, he made sure to memorize the entire contents of the dark jade slips first before everyone gave up on checking them.

Eventually, Frin lost his patience and said, "Alright, I'm done trying. Demon beasts aren't good at translating things to start with, let alone the fact that none of us know what kind of language it is. If you want, you can have the jade slips. I have no use for them."

Duran narrowed his eyes before he took out a few jade slips of his own. He quickly made a copy of everything inside before giving up on the dark jade slips as well. "I'm done as well. Perhaps I can find out what they mean in the future. But for now, I'm sure that our Zasfin race doesn't have any language nearly close to what is used here."

Rean nodded in agreement after the two of them, saying, "The same goes for us. I guess the things inside these jade slips will have to wait for another time." Of course, Roan knew what was inside, but he wouldn't talk about it right now. "As far as we know, there might not be anything of much importance inside to start with."

In the end, their group decided to leave things at that and separate. They agreed to meet a few days later to discuss what they found in the Bestial Sacred Ground.

Back in the Freedom Sect, Roan finally began to talk with Rean, Celis, and Kentucky about the contents of the jade slips. Well, Rean had been studying Roan's memories of the language since then, so he could finally understand a bit of it. "Basically, what we have here is just a diary."

"Diary?" Naturally, everyone was interested. "What does it talk about?"

Roan then began to explain what was written...

It started back in the time when the demon beasts and Zasfins weren't exactly on bad terms. They weren't friends either, but it definitely wasn't to the point they were at right now. It was at that very time the demon arrived on this planet.

In the jade slips, it didn't explain it very well. All it said was that this demon had offended someone he shouldn't in the Underworld, having to escape to the Realm of Mortals because of that. Naturally, he ended up coming to this planet.

However, demons shouldn't exist in the Realm of Mortals as they would prejudice the balance of the system. Roan understood this part as he also couldn't stay in the Realm of Mortals for too long back when he was a Death Spirit. He had to visit the Underworld frequently before returning to continue his jobs.

"The jade slip says that the demon knew his presence had been felt by the Realm of Gods. It wouldn't be long before someone from there arrived on this planet to investigate. That being said, he began to look for ways to traverse to the Realm of Gods and vice versa. And that's how he found about the Zasfins and the demon beasts' portals to the Realm of Gods," Roan explained.

The demon was successful in destroying the Zasfins' portal before any god came down. However, he failed to stop an expert from the demon beasts' side from arriving here. The demon wasn't exactly a powerful one. Well, at least not when one compared his strength to the experts of the Realm of Gods or the Underworld. If one compared him to the level of the strongest experts of the Realm of Mortals, then he was obviously far above any of them.

Roan also came to understand that the power the demon showed before dying was far from his peak state. Sure enough, the jade slips proved that the demon was using the souls of demon beasts to recover. That's because the World Beast Formation never had a need for demon beast souls to start with. That was something the demon added later.

"He used the souls to recover?" Rean focused on that part. "In the end, he was injured before reaching the Realm of Mortals, or was it the experts from the demon beast side that caused him that damage?"

"It was both. The fact was that the demon was stronger than the expert from the Realm of Gods Duran talked about. However, he was injured in his escapade, which allowed the expert to have a better chance when he fought against the demon. Unfortunately for the expert, the demon was still stronger, so he had to flee."

Of course, the jade slips didn't mention what happened to the expert from the Realm of Gods since the demon didn't know where he went. All the demon knew was that he left lasting damage that would definitely kill that expert eventually. In the end, that's exactly what happened, and the expert from Realm of Gods died without being able to return home. Later, Duran and Fikin found the expert's final resting place, as Duran explained before.

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