Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-28: Side Story 28

Chapter ss-28: Side Story 28

It was about to exit the entrance of the Sun Palace. Suddenly, sparkles fell to the bedside.

" Huh?"

I paused and looked at the sky. And I doubted my eyes. 'gold ?'

The gold chips that were thinly sliced in the shape of petals were falling from the sky. I was a little surprised, but it wasn't a strange sight.

The rose petals that reminded the peacock of the clan's wizards to fly throughout the ceremonial came to mind.

When he reached out into the air as it was then, a gold leaf, which was breathtakingly falling while drawing a parabola, sat down on the palm.

"Is it magical ?"

It was time to look at it carefully and smile. "It’s real gold."

As it solved my doubts, a sturdy voice broke into my ears. I raised my head. And my eyes widened.


The glade, dressed in a dark blue conquest like the color of his eyes, was approaching me with a faint smile.

It was the first time I met him since I got out of the 'mirror of truth'.

It has been reported that he has been imprisoned for entering and exiting the Imperial Palace while hiding a wizard.

I told the Prince to release it several times, but it was a frustrating car that came back every time, saying, 'After the interrogation.'

"I'm seeing you again for a long time,My Lady."

When he finally stopped in front of me, he briefly bowed. 'I'm still stuck in the magic circle '

As soon as he came out, he was trapped in the imperial palace again, and his strangeness was still not good.

With a pale complexion, I asked with worries. "Are you released from detention?"

"Yes. From the top, I went home."

'So you've been kept in somewhere in the Imperial Palace until now '

The glade has been hidden as a wizard. It was actually not related to me.

However, when I saw the hand that I had touched with him and recalled the prince whose eyes were overturned, I felt uncomfortable.

With a feeling of guilt, I bowed my head.

"Sorry. I was barely released from the magic circle, but because of me..."

"Don't say that. It wasn't all thanks to Young-ae that was released from the magic circle." With a gentle smile towards me, I was relieved at that time.

I barely made eye contact with him again.

"You didn't have anything else... right? Your face hurt a lot." "Fortunately, the torture wasn't that bad."

"Yes? Go, torture?!"

I opened my mouth. The focus was shaking like a storm. The glade laughed at me.

"Haha, it's a joke."

I became blank at first.

Callisto was a man who could have done enough, so it didn't sound like a joke at all.

"Really. Instead, I was exploited by enormous magical power to implement the widespread spraying magic."

Still looking at him with a serious face, he added in a laughable voice.

At that end, I finally looked at him and looked at the gold petals fluttering in the sky. "So this is what the Marquis is doing?"

He nodded lightly and replied.

"Hundreds of thousands of gold petals need to be maneuvered with magic, so it's rare that anyone can put it into practice."

I was proud of myself, but it didn't sound unlucky at all. I realized that he was a great wizard.

It is also a moment to look at him with admired eyes.

I realized that he had fully revealed his strengths and weaknesses to Callisto and asked carefully. "But... can I do that?"

"I've been hiding for a long time, even to people close by, but it's a little difficult..." " "

"Your Majesty has promised to improve the treatment and awareness of the secluded wizards and all those with magical powers."

"It would not have been that way with bare hands."

It was good news, but Callisto, who hates Vinter, couldn't do anything good. I still laugh at my doubtful figure, and Vinter again burst into a laugh.

Then she confessed.

“……I have pledged allegiance to the Imperial Palace.” "Are you loyal?"

"Yes. In a way, it can be said that the contract with the Imperial Palace." "then "

"But he said he kept me working." " "

"Thanks to you for hiring me in advance. Thank you."

He was still laughing, but I looked at him with a bit of a pity. 'You got caught...'

But I didn't ask if it was okay. Because he looked really good.

His face fell tired, but he looked more comfortable than before.

The feeling was markedly different from the last day when it seemed strangely stiff and rigid. "…….Good thing, Marquis."

I sincerely remembered that.

And turn your gaze and see in the sky Rum looked back at the falling gold coins.

It made me feel weird to know that they were all real.

'I pretend I don't want to do it every day, pretend I want to beat it at once...' It turns out that I prepared harder than anyone else.

Don't worry about me, I bet you, but the reason I lower my eyes while loosing the gold belonging to the imperial palace will be to subdue the stigma of'the emperor who committed rebellion'.

In addition, he would try to assert that he is a much stronger and more wealthy empire than before. When I watched this brilliant coronation, I knew how serious Callisto was on the main hall. 'Hagin·······. There was a time when the imperial emperor was singing somehow....

The car was blankly thoughtful while looking at the sky. "Your Majesty must have begun by now."

Stand side by side with me

The glade staring in the air suddenly opened his mouth.

"Have you ever watched the coronation ceremony in Yeongae?" "No. Never "

"I remember when I was very young. At that time, it wasn't real gold lathers, but marigold flowers embodied by realization magic."

He just reached out and grabbed a gold petal like me just before and handed it to me. Then, as if hesitating, I asked my lips.

"Would you like to go outside to see us together?" "The caliber?"


"Because it's dangerous, I told you not to come out if you wish "

"Aristocrats also mix among the common people to watch the great ceremonies. Unless it's a special day, there is little chance to see the Majesty's honor."

Despite the face I saw a while ago, Vinter's words were a bit harsh. When I tried to answer that, I suddenly noticed a gorgeous dress. "This will be a little difficult."

I laughed and pretended not to be disappointed.

It's not an attention seeker. I wasn't confident of being among the white crowd in a ragged dress with shoulders and collarbones.

It was then.

"So how about doing this?" Tang-!

Soon, the glade passed through the thumb and index finger.

At the same time,'flapping' and a hem of the cloth wrapped his body.

As soon as I woke up, I noticed a black robe overlaid on the dress, not knowing where it appeared. 'Amazing.'

I was amazed, looking around my body and looking at the glade.

If it were the same as before, I would have asked if I could just go out like this.

In his state of magic in front of the Sun Palace, I realized that he had put it all down. "Isn't this enough to look at?"

" Thank you."

I thanked myself with a hood over my head. "Then, let's not go late."

Whether it's a shape to teleport, he reached out to me.

I held the hand. Immediately, the front of the eyes flashed white.

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