Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-29: Side Story 29

Chapter ss-29: Side Story 29

When I opened our eyes again, we were moving to the square in front of the Imperial Palace, where there were huge crowds.

Fortunately, it wasn't a place where people were standing, but rather a stiff road to the back of the guards.


I looked around at the tremendous cheers I heard coming off my ears. "Long Live The Emperor! Hooray! Hooray!"

"Please look here, Your Majesty!"

"Oh my God, I'm going to see His Majesty's honor!"

I was a little murmured by the cry coming from all over the place.

Colorless to worry, the imperialists waved national flags together and cheered at the carriage of the new emperor.

"You must have arrived just right."

At that time, Vinter whispered, pointing somewhere with his finger.

As soon as I turned my head along it, I immediately found a gorgeous wagon carved with yellow dragons.


Medical wagons have a high ceiling and are much higher than other wagons.

So I could see the golden hair shining brightly in the sunshine even in the distance. Reigning over everyone, Callisto waved to the people in splendid gold powder.

It was a little funny in my eyes to do it with a face that didn't smile at all.

However, whenever he saw his eyes, the plaza was leaving, and the cheers burst out, and it seemed to the people that it seemed like a stern emperor.

The wagon that picked him up was getting closer. 'I'm not sure you're here.'

He was pretty high on my side because of his height, but there was no way to find me. There was quite a street and a street where the wagons passed.

I remembered Callisto's request not to come out because it was dangerous because many people gathered from all over the country.

Of course, the troublesome thing is just vague, so I thought so. Until Winter suggests it. "Waah ah-! Your Majesty!"

Cheers burst from everywhere.

I stared blankly at the wagon with my head up.

Is it because of the golden hair or the pouring sun?

Callisto, passing by slowly in front of me, hitting the scattered gold powder, glowed as if he had even put a miner behind.

At first glance, my eyes met with red eyes.

It wasn't a sin, but my heart collapsed for some reason. However, for a moment, I was relieved by my head involuntarily. 'But, I can't figure it out.'

There is also a fault that the hood is deeply flipped over, but there are dozens of other robes like me already.

I think it's more creepy to find out... Suddenly, I felt a little strange.

When I finally saw Callisto, who became the emperor, I remembered the illustration I used as an epilogue when I took the easy mode in the game.

He was smiling brightly, growing as gorgeous as it is now. And Yvon was standing next to him.

' Maybe that's why I just repeated the Crown Prince route.'

Enlightenment came suddenly.

Why did you challenge the Prince episode so hard, even though you knew you'd die and play hard mode?

I may have wanted to see this since then.

In a safe world, I want you to be a perfect emperor and smile brightly.

Because of brainwashing, it is not a revenge to come to the spot with a sense of enthusiasm for the depression and the empress.

Even when Layla was afraid and wanted to ruin dozens or hundreds of times, she seemed to have thought foolishly.

-......Because those who become emperors must be innocent. My heart was throbbing.

I used to grumble over the throne, but how eager it was to say it before. I think I know now how brightly he shines when he achieves it.

"......My Lady, let's stop now "

By the time the wagon had completely passed us, the glade invited me. It was that moment.


Along with the noise of the horse, the wagon that had been moving away stopped suddenly. "What is it? What is it?"

People were jerking. It was then.

"Oh my God, Your Majesty jumped off the wagon!"

With the cry of someone, the white people began to diverge, just like the miracle of Moses. The guards were on the road to control the crowd.

And in the meantime, the emperor who jumped off the wagon walked halfway.

Right where I stand. "Penelope Eckrat."

"……Your Majesty."

He reached me in a moment and called me with a low voice.

' How did you know?'

Even on the ship that headed to the Archina Islands before.

Even though he wore a robe, he felt like he would be stunned by the eyes of a man who knew me like a ghost.

As I opened my eyes wide open and shook my mouth like a fool, I asked without denial. " Can I do this?"

No matter how emperor, it was a question asking if they could leave at will during the coronation. He bluntly replied.


"Then just pretend you don't know why, why don't you go back and do something!"

It was a coronation that I prepared so hard for, but eventually my heart settled down as I thought it wasn't going to spoil me.

I shouted, looking around the stroke.

But instead of going back, he held my cheeks very scary. "Why do you look like that?"

"what "

"If you didn't listen and sneaked out at best, you'd better see how good your future husband is." " "

"Why are you looking at me with such a crying expression? I can't even pretend." Suddenly he distorted his face.

It was the expression that came out when the anxiety that I would disappear disappeared. "Don't cry. Why are you doing that?"


"Don't you like it? Will you hit it all, huh?" Callisto hurriedly asked under her eyes. Only then I realized. I'm crying.

"No, just "

I shook his head slowly toward him, as if he were going to overthrow the coronation. Then he swallowed his emotions and opened his mouth with pain.

"I think it's all over now." " "

"Your Majesty ... has become the imperial Emperor as you wished, and there is no other side "


"I'm not dead, I'm alive, now I really feel it." The game is really over.

From the time I first entered this place, all the moments that had endured to survive have passed like a panorama.

Despite being pressed down and swallowed as much as possible, the feelings of rumbling burst out. Eventually, I burst into tears, crying like a child.

"Do not cry."

Callisto sweeps my face with his hand and doesn't know what to do. The surroundings were quiet.

My long, long cry slowly faded away. Finally, the tears stopped coming. hazy

Callisto, who looked at me with his face, slowly pulled the hood over my head. Then I took the crown off my head and put it on my head.

"I, Your Majesty."

I panicked and looked at him with shaking eyes.

At that moment, he lowered his body and knelt down on one knee. "Penelope Eckrat."


"If I am the Emperor of the Empire, the only Emperor I am is you." As I glanced around with anxious eyes, I froze to the words.

"You can do anything you want to do. You can grab and shake my head and shake the country anyway." " "

"Do your best not to regret what's left over here. So "


"Please choose me."

He no longer told me to stay by.

Instead, I reached out and gave me a choice.

At that moment, neither the sight of the crowd, the noise, nor the sight of anything. I slowly held his hand.

At the moment when he was drawn to the wagon, cheers erupted somewhere. At that moment, I was sure.

My choice was never wrong.

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