Demon's Diary

Chapter 1127: Precarious Situation

Chapter 1127: Precarious Situation

The golden light beam became more and more dazzling, and bursts of whistling came out.

Shi Hou changed gesture and waved 1 hand. 20 fist-sized golden gourds appeared, exuding waves of violent earth attribute spiritual power fluctuations. It was the Sand Morph Sect’s Sand Gather Gourd.

He pointed, and the 20 golden gourds flew into the golden light beam.


A yellow flame emerged from the golden light beam, wrapping the 20 Sand Gather Gourds.

Immediately, the surface of the Sand Gather Gourd began to peel off slowly, revealing the extremely delicate golden sands inside. The source of the strong earth attribute spiritual power was these golden sands, which were also the sand essences that the Sand Morph Sect refined for thousands of years.

The golden sands slowly melted in the flames, but it seemed that it would take a lot of time to fully melt.

The golden light beam had been integrated into the sand essences, and the light had flourished again.

At the same time, in a desolate valley surrounded by rolling desert sand, another huge golden light beam rose from the valley and shot straight into the sky.

In the valley, Golden Savage Great Elder was chanting while launching symbols.

On the ground, more than a dozen southern wilderness cultivators in different costumes were waiting with solemn expressions, but their clothes seemed to be damaged. In the valley, the valley was filled with stones, and giant insect’s broken limbs could be seen too.

It seemed that these people were besieged by a lot of Hellish-Insects when setting up the array. but they had all been dealt with.

Golden Savage Great Elder stopped the incantation and waved her hand. One after another, golden Sand Gather Gourd flew out and merged into the golden light beam. There were rays of dazzling golden light on the golden light beam, making the surrounding sandstorms surge.

At this moment, in the desert shrouded in black sandstorms in all directions, there was an endless shrill.

In the center of a desert oasis, the same golden light beam rose into the sky.

However, the surroundings were not calm. Countless Hellish-Insects were pouring in from all directions like a tide.

Around the golden array, more than 10 Crystallization Period disciples of the Sand Morph Sect were led by 4 Real Pellet State cultivators, resisting the Hellish-Insects.

A lot of Hellish-Insect corpses had been piled up near the array. The battle seemed to have been going on for a while.

However, under the wave of Hellish-Insect attacks, these human cultivators gradually couldn’t stop the attacks.

In mid-air, Sand Morph Sect’s Elder Yao looked anxious. He hurriedly chanted, and 20 golden Sand Gather Gourds were thrown into the golden light beam.

Then he grabbed with a hand. Another large gray hand condensed with gray sand crushed these Sand Gather Gourds in a squeeze.

With a bang, the sands were merged into the golden light beam.

He launched a few symbols again to stabilize the golden light.

Elder Yao finally breathed a sigh of relief. He turned around and cast a black cloud. The black cloud spread quickly in the air.

Among the black clouds, lightnings were roaming, making bursts of thunderous noise.


Countless thunderbolts struck at the surrounding Hellish-Insects.

The Hellish-Insects within a radius of 300 meters burst apart, turning into a rain of blood.

The pressure on the Sand Morph Sect’s disciples was relieved, but before they could relax, a low roar came from the sea of insects.

The roar seemed to be able to penetrate one’s body. A cool air rose from the Sand Morph Sect’s disciples.

Elder Yao was startled too. The sea of insects tumbled and cleared a path. A 30 meters yellow Hellish-Insect flew over slowly.

“No, Celestial State Hellish-Insect!” Elder Yao’s face looked ashen.

In another huge basin in the desert, violent black winds fluttered in all directions. Except for the golden light beam that rose into the sky, it was impossible to see anything at all.

In the golden light beam, golden fine sands were being wrapped in flames, slowly melting.

Chedi Mountain’s Elder Feng and more than a dozen cultivators guarded around the golden light with solemn expressions.

In the distance, a large number of dense light dots were flying toward them.

Where Liu Ming and others were, the Fallen Sand Array only activated for a few seconds, then a rumbling sound rushed toward the array.

Liu Ming looked solemn. In his Divine Thought, a large wave of Hellish-Insects was rushing toward the Fallen Sand Array. Even the ground beneath his feet seemed to tremble.

In midair, Shi Hou’s face turned grim. He hurriedly chanted an obscure incantation and launched symbols from his hands.


Four black light beams appeared around the Fallen Sand Array, immediately forming a black defensive light curtain. Liu Ming and others were shrouded in it along with the entire Fallen Sand Array.

After Shi Hou did this, Hellish-Insects started to appear from the black sandstorm.

As soon as these Hellish-Insects saw them, they shrilled with excitement and rushed up from all directions.

Seeing this scene, the other Real Pellet State cultivators also looked solemn. They stared at the enemies intently.

Liu Ming made a gesture and cast a layer of black air around him.

Just as the 4 of them were about to make a move, Shi Hou’s voice suddenly sounded in their ears.

“Wait a minute!”

Hearing this, Liu Ming stopped abruptly. When he looked up, there was a black jade bottle with the height of one person in front of Shi Hou.

This bottle was as black as ink, but it was inscribed with dense fire-red runes. After activating with spiritual power, it emitted flame waves. An abnormally scorching spiritual pressure spread out.

Shi Hou just patted it with one hand, and the jade bottle released countless red crystal silks that covered a radius of 300 meters around the array.

Then, the red crystal silk burst apart, turning into crimson flames.

In the blink of an eye, within a radius of 300 meters around the array, it was turned into a sea of ​​scorching flames.

In the crimson flames, the Hellish-Insect Clan army let out a painful roar, and they rolled on the ground with sizzling sounds. Even with the hard shells of these Hellish-Insects, they couldn’t resist the slightest bit.

In just a few seconds, the first Hellish-Insects that rushed into the sea of ​​flames were turned into wisps of green smoke

In the black defensive circle, Liu Ming was surprised.

These crimson flames contained a high temperature that even the Crystallization Period Hellish-Insects couldn’t resist.

When other cultivators saw this, they were also ecstatic.

“There is at least still a few hours before the Fallen Sand Array finishes refining the sand essences. During this period, you must guard the array until the end. No mistake is allowed!” Shi Hou’s voice sounded in the ears of Liu Ming and others.

“Understood!” They responded in unison. They cast their spiritual weapons and talismans, waiting for the enemies.

Shi Hou nodded. He continued to control the black jade bottle and emit crimson flames in all directions. The range of the flame sea was spreading wider.

Countless Hellish-Insects surround the sea of flame. At least there were no less than a few thousand. They constantly wandered around the sea of flame, but they were afraid of the raging flames and dared not to advance.

After wandering for a while, there was a strange hissing sound somewhere in the sea of insects, then the sea of insects made way. 5 giant insects that were obviously high rank Hellish-Insects appeared.

These Hellish-Insects were of different shapes. Some were more than 30 meters long, and some were only a few meters long, but they all had distorted human faces and exuded the aura of the Real Pellet Stage.

“Be careful, my purgatory flame may not stop the high rank Hellish-Insects!” Shi Hou reminded through voice transmission.

Just after he reminded, a change occurred.


A black centipede-shaped Real Pellet State Hellish-Insect let out a roar. A thick layer of black light suddenly lit up on its body and condensed into thick protective light circles, then it charged straight into the flame sea toward them.

The other 4 Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects also had thick protective lights around their bodies before charging in.

As soon as these high rank Hellish-Insects stepped into the flame sea, the crimson fire entangled toward these Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects as if they were spiritual.

The protective lights on Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects quickly melted under the crimson flames, but the protective lights kept surging out. Although the crimson flames were deadly, they were still blocked, dealing no damage to the Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects.

In a blink of an eye, these Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects passed through the flame sea and rushed to the black defensive array.

Seeing this scene, Shi Hou quickly chanted. A black flag flashed out in his hand. With a wave, the black array buzzed.

One after another thick black light beams shot at the Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects. Except for a beetle-like Hellish-Insect whose carapace was cracked, the 4 were only pushed back.

“I want to control the flame sea to deal with those Hellish-Insects outside, so I can’t do much. I will leave you guys to deal with these Hellish-Insects.” Seeing this, Shi Hou sighed and instructed Liu Ming and the others.

At this time, the 4 four Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects rushed over again in the flame sea.

The 4 Real Pellet State cultivators, including Liu Ming, also cast their weapons and rushed toward them.

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