Demon's Diary

Chapter 1128: Precarious Moment

Chapter 1128: Precarious Moment

The red-haired burly man flew into the air and waved his sleeve.


A silver square seal swirled out. A lifelike brown dragon was engraved on it.

In a flash, the seal instantly turned into a dozen meters. Bursts of thunders came from it. It left a trail of afterimages and smashed at a green spider-like Hellish-Insect.

The other 2 also respectively cast a brown crescent shovel and a pair of blue meteor hammers. Both of them fought with a huge Hellish-Insect each.

Knowing the characteristics of these Hellish-Insect Clan, they did not use spells. Instead, they used spiritual weapons that dealt physical damage against these Hellish-Insect Clan.

On the other side, Liu Ming flashed with a black light and charged toward the black centipede Hellish-Insect. He made a sword gesture and cast the bitter wheel sword.

The Bitter Wheel Sword shone brightly, then it turned into a 90 meters long giant purple sword and slashed at the Hellish-Insect.

The centipede Hellish-Insect grunted and shot a thick black light to resist the giant purple sword. Simultaneously, it shook and launched dozens of green wind blades from the 2 rows of legs.

Liu Ming waved one hand and quickly chanted. Black air surged out amidst a burst of soft skeletal crackling sounds.

The black air condensed into a round shield with crisscrossing bone patterns it.

Poof poof poof!

The green wind blades from the centipede Hellish-Insect hit the round shield one after another, but the round shield was unscathed.

Immediately after, Liu Ming formed a strange gesture before launching several black air from his fingers.

All the black air brushed past the top of the head of the centipede Hellish-Insect, and they exploded at the same time.

Amidst the rolling black mist, a huge white bone prison emerged and covered half of the centipede Hellish-Insect in it.

As soon as the centipede Hellish-Insect was shrouded by the bone prison, an angry roar sounded. Its huge body struggled frantically, clawing the bone prison with its uncountable feet.

The white bone prison trembled violently, and cracks appeared on it. It was about to collapse the next moment.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered. He had just realized the Bone Prison Technique not for long. He couldn’t practice it until the perfect realm, so it couldn’t hold this centipede Hellish-Insect for too long.

However, this moment was enough.

With a sword gesture, the Bitter Wheel Sword shrilled and emitted intense light, crushing the black light beam that lost the support of spiritual power.

Then he tapped his fingers quickly at the purple giant sword a few times.

The purple giant sword let out a soft whistle, then 32 giant purple phantasms emerged. The phantasms were wrapped in purple lightning arcs.

Instantly, the radius of 300 meters around was covered by giant purple sword phantasms. They swarmed the centipede Hellish-Insect that was trapped by the Bone Prison.

The overwhelming sword intent immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.

Not only the Real Pellet State cultivators, but Shi Hou also looked with his peripheral sight.

A wailing came from the rolling purple sword lights, then it came to an abrupt end.

Liu Ming launched a symbol, and the purple sword light disappeared in a flash. A purple flying sword returned to Liu Ming’s hand.

The huge body of the centipede Hellish-Insect had been slashed into several pieces. It was thoroughly dead.

The whole process was smooth as running water, which surprised the others.

As for the other battles, except for the red-haired burly man who still had the upper hand, the other 2 battles were in a stalemate.

Above the Fallen Sand Array, Shi Hou was overjoyed to see this.

The stronger Liu Ming’s magical powers, the higher the chance of blocking Hellish-Insect.

At this moment, Liu Ming moved and flew toward the man in a gray robe who was fighting with a Real Pellet State Hellish-Insect. The Bitter Wheel Sword had already shot out first, turning into dense purple sword phantasms…

10 minutes later, with the support of Liu Ming, the 4 Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects, which had passed through the ​​flame sea, were beheaded one by one.

At this moment, another Real Pellet State Hellish-Insect covered with purple carapace emerged outside the flame sea. After circling in mid-air for a while, it suddenly screeched at the low rank Hellish-Insects below.

The screech caused circles of tiny ripples visible to the naked eye in the air, spreading out in the sea of insects.

In other directions, there were several other similar screeching and circles of rumbling sounds.

Liu Ming hurriedly channeled Hell Bone Secret silently, and a thick layer of black air gushed out from his body, covering his entire body.

But soon, there was a hint of surprise on his face. The screech didn’t seem like mental attack as it didn’t cause any special feeling.

“Be careful outside!” Suddenly, Shi Hou’s voice sounded.

Liu Ming glanced outside the flame sea.

The Hellish-Insects that heard the screech emitted rampant shrill. Their eyes were even blood red.

The following scene made Liu Ming and others stunned!

The Hellish-Insects suddenly bit each other frantically. For a while, blood splashed around the flame sea, and broken limbs and body parts danced in the sky. A disgusting bloody smell quickly spread out.

The Hellish-Insects devoured each other at an astonishing speed.

The red-haired strong man and others looked surprised. Liu Ming recalled the scene of the Hellish-Insects swallowing each other at the hilly land before.

After devouring each other, these Hellish-Insects couldn’t not only restore their injuries, but they could also enhance their cultivation!

Thinking of this, Liu Ming immediately reminded loudly,

“Be careful, these Hellish-Insects can strengthen themselves by devouring each other.”

The red-haired burly man and others were startled, but they quickly understood what Liu Ming meant.

Those Hellish-Insects that were left after devouring each other had a bloody glow on their bodies. Their bodies had increased at a speed visible to the naked eye, and they were still devouring other Hellish-Insects frantically…

Not long after, more than of the Hellish-Insects gathered around the flame sea disappeared, replaced by a dozen large silkworm-like Hellish-Insects.

Each of these Hellish-Insects was the size of a three-story building. They had a strange blood red glow around them. Their eyes were also full of bloodthirsty light, looking extremely ferocious.

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank. Each of the dozen bloody Hellish-Insects exuded a spiritual pressure no less than that of the Real Pellet State later stage cultivator.


The bloody Hellish-Insects made a burst of groan, then they moved toward Liu Ming and the others.

As soon as they entered the flame sea, a layer of bloody light immediately rose above the Hellish-Insects’ bodies, isolating the crimson flames. They were also unexpectedly agile, reaching before the black protective array in an instant.

The black array shone and blasted black light beams at the bloody Hellish-Insects.

However, these bloody Hellish-Insects were pushed back slightly after being hit. The effect wasn’t quite ideal.

“You must hold on! Now the Fallen Sand Array has reached a critical moment, success or failure depends on this moment!” Shi Hou shouted at Liu Ming and the others, then he flew into the golden light beam.

The Real Pellet State cultivators such as Liu Ming, the red-haired burly man, etc. were still fine, but the Crystallization Period cultivators were scared witless seeing those huge bloody Hellish-Insects…

More than a dozen bloody Hellish-Insects quickly stabilized their bodies and flew toward them with a bloody smell.

Liu Ming’s face looked grim. He moved and stopped in front of the 2 huge bloody Hellish-Insects.

The 2 bloody Hellish-Insects bit Liu Ming right away.

Poof poof poof, a series of whistling sounded! The bloody Hellish-Insects shot a dozen bloody light blades toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. He made a gesture, and 3 yellow beads emerged before him with a flash. They were the magic weapon Mountain River Pearls.

The 3 Mountain River Pearls flashed and immediately enlarged 10 times, forming a triangle formation in front of him.

A burst of metallic clashes sounded! The bloody blades were all reflected by the 3 Mountain River Pearl.

The other 3 Real Pellet State cultivators, including the red-haired burly man, had to use their ultimate spiritual weapons to block 2 bloody Hellish-Insects on their own.

Those Crystallization Period cultivators didn’t dare to engage in close combat with the bloody Hellish-Insects at all. They hid in the protective array and launched a dozen lights to barely resisted 3 bloody Hellish-Insects.

The remaining huge Hellish-Insect did not go to besiege Liu Ming and others, but they constantly attacked the black protective array.

Fortunately, the black protective array set by the Celestial State Shi Hou was sturdy. Under the bombardment of the bloody Hellish-Insects, it seemed to be able to support it for a while.

Liu Ming looked around, then he suddenly waved his right hand that was kept inside his sleeve. A purple sword light silently rushed toward a bloody Hellish-Insect. It transfigured into 36 sword lights and struck at the bloody Hellish-Insects.

Clang clang!

A burst of spark appeared on the bloody Hellish-Insects. Even with the sharpness of the Bitter Wheel Sword, he still couldn’t even break the bloody carapace.

Liu Ming was astounded. He made a gesture and released 2 more Mountain River Pearls.

At this moment, when the 2 bloody Hellish-Insects saw that the bloody light blades were ineffective, they spurted blood mist that covered a radius of 30 meters.

Liu Ming only smelled some bloody smell, then his head was slightly dizzy. He immediately made a gesture. Yellow mist rolled out from the Mountain River Pearls, covering his body completely.

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