Demon's Diary

Chapter 1129: Mountain River Great Array

Chapter 1129: Mountain River Great Array

He practiced the ghost technique, which made him have a strong resistance to yin toxins. Now, he just inhaled a little blood mist, and he felt a little dizzy in his mind.

When he was about to channel technique to dispel the poison mist, a green light flashed on his shoulder, followed a coldness circulating in his body.

The dizziness in his mind disappeared immediately.

“Che Huan…”

Liu Ming patted lightly on his left shoulder, and a dazzling green light shot out, turning into a lifelike green bull phantasm.

It was the Che Huan phantasm that had reached the perfect state!

As soon as Che Huan appeared, it looked up and roared as if it liked the blood mist around. It sucked the blood mist into its mouth.

The 2 bloody Hellish-Insects in front were startled. Seeing the green bull phantasm, they actually took a few steps back.

In just 3 seconds, the green bull phantasm devoured the surrounding blood mist, shook his head, and still seemed not satisfied yet. It turned around, looked at the 2 Hellish-Insects and rushed forward.

The 2 bloody Hellish-Insects were startled, and they wanted to dodge.

But Che Huan Totem was as fast as lightning. It had wrapped the bloody Hellish-Insect on the left in a flash.

As soon as the bloody light of the Hellish-Insect touched the green light, the hard bloody carapace was turned into a dark red mist amidst a squeaking sound and got devoured by Che Huan phantasm.

The bloody Hellish-Insect shrilled in pain and struggled to shake off Che Huan.

Right at this moment, Liu Ming emerged above the bloody Hellish-Insect and smashed its head with 2 Mountain River Pearls in his hands.

Mountain River Pearls had become a dozen meters in size when they were about to land on the Hellish-Insect’s head.

The 2 Mountain River Pearls merged into 1 in a flash, turning into a small mountain-like giant pearl. It exuded thousand rays of yellow lights and descend with a heavy pressure.

The bloody Hellish-Insect was startled. It hurriedly spurted a thick red light beam at the falling giant pearl.


The red light beam was unremarkable, but the power contained in it was very amazing. The giant pearl trembled as it got stopped.

A hint of surprise flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes, then he let out a cold snort, waved his hand, and the other 3 Mountain River Pearls suspended around him fell. A yellow light flashed and merged into the giant pearl.

The giant pearl shined and turned into a 30 meters giant mountain. The bottom of the giant mountain emitted circles of yellow rings.


The bloody light beam was shattered, and the yellow mountain smashed on top of the bloody Hellish-Insect’s head.


The bloody Hellish-Insect was crushed to pieces before it could let out a sound.

After Liu Ming killed a bloody Hellish-Insect, he directly went at the other bloody Hellish-Insect that had already fled to the edge of the flame sea.

Before he got close, the green bull phantasm had already controlled the Hellish-Insect with a green light…

After 3 seconds, a shrill sounded, and a fuzzy corpse appeared in front of Liu Ming again.

He grabbed it with one hand, and the yellow mountain shrank rapidly, turning into a mini mountain the size of a palm. He rushed toward the Hellish-Insects that were attacking the defensive array while looking around and frowning.

The situation at the moment was obviously precarious. The other 3 Real Pellet State cultivators were in a tough battle against the bloody Hellish-Insects. The red-haired burly man was fine. Relying on his sturdy physique and the silver seal, he was evenly matched with the 2 bloody Hellish-Insects.

The other 2 Real Pellet State cultivators were already injured in the bloody mist. They were being forced back again and again.

The light emitted by the black defensive array had also weakened a lot. The lights trembled, and the Crystallization Period cultivators hiding in the defensive array couldn’t do much against a dozen Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects.

The most dangerous was that the flame sea was weakening because no one was channeling. The Hellish-Insects outside also noticed this situation. Under the command of the few Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects, they shot light beams at the flame sea.

The peripheral of the flame sea was dispersed by the barrage of the Hellish-Insects. The flame sea was shrinking bit by bit.

Liu Ming saw all this, then he looked at the bloody Hellish-Insects who were madly attacking the array with a cold gaze.

He waved 1 hand, and the mini mountain rushed out. Above a bloody Hellish-Insect, a 30 meters yellow mountain fell.

Liu Ming had spent more than 60 years in the prison space. He had spent a lot of time comprehending the usage of Mountain River Pearls. This method of turning several Mountain River Pearls into a mountain for a short period of time was one of the methods.

This method saved the process of casting spell, which was a powerful skill in the fight.

The bottom of the mountain shone brightly and launched circles of yellow to envelop the bloody Hellish-Insect.

This bloody Hellish-Insect only reacted at this moment. It tried to dodge, but it was very slow in the yellow light as if there was a thousand catties giant boulder above it.

The bloody Hellish-Insect was startled. It shrilled and burst into bloody light. 2 rows of fine claws emerged on both sides of its body, then it swiped.

The yellow lights shrouded the Hellish-Insect was cut open, then it was about to escape out of the yellow lights.

At this moment, long black river phantasms suddenly appeared above the yellow mountain, entangling the bloody Hellish-Insect.

The bloody Hellish-Insect struggled hard, but these black rivers were extremely tough, entangling the Hellish-Insect.

An earth-shattering loud sounded as the yellow mountain slammed to the ground. A 30 meters giant hole appeared on the ground.

After this blow, the yellow mountain disintegrated and turned back into 5 yellow Mountain River Pearls, which flew back to his hand.

In the giant pit, bloody Hellish-Insect was crushed into a meat pie.

Liu Ming killed 3 bloody Hellish-Insects in 1 goal, and he didn’t seem exhausted. All people were both shocked and delighted.

When the rest of the bloody Hellish-Insects saw this scene, they let out a furious roar. 3 bloody Hellish-Insects pounced toward Liu Ming while the remaining bloody Hellish-Insects were still frantically attacking the black defensive array.

A bloody Hellish-Insect opened its mouth wide and shot a bloody blade at the dimmed black defensive array.


A crack finally appeared on the black magic circle, and the dozen Crystallization Period cultivators in the array instantly looked dreadful.


Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy. If the defensive array was broken, the Crystallization Period cultivators would not be able to resist the insects, and even the 4 sub-arrays would collapse.

After making a quick decision, he chanted obscure incantations, then he cast all 12 Mountain River Pearls.

The 3 bloody Hellish-Insects had already come before him, but Liu Ming just waved his hands and launched symbols.

12 Mountain River Pearls flashed and released a yellow mist. It spread for a radius of 300 meters, wrapping Liu Ming inside.

The 3 bloody Hellish-Insect shrilled at the same time. They spurted 2 light beams and a wave of bloody light blades at Liu Ming.

The yellow mist rolled for a while, then it shrank. Liu Ming was no longer there

At this moment, the rolling yellow mist rolled and covered the 3 Hellish-Insects.

In a corner of the yellow mist, Liu Ming quickly chanted and launched yellow symbols into the yellow mist.

The next moment, the yellow mist surged wildly. Through the mist, one could faintly see yellow mountain phantasms rising from the ground and long black rivers swirled around the mountain phantasms.

Looking from a distance, the radius of 300 meters around Liu Ming became a magnificent scene of mountains and rivers wrapped in black air.

“Mountain River Great Array!”

Liu Ming silently chanted in his mind and launched the last symbol.

At this moment, his face was faintly pale. This was the first time he channeled 12 Mountain River Pearls and laid out the Mountain River Great Array created by the owner of the Mountain River Pearls at that time. His spiritual power surged out like a dyke burst, losing almost 40% of his spiritual power.

The 3 bloody Hellish-Insects were like a headless fly, scurrying around in the Mountain River Great Array.

Liu Ming took a deep breath and grabbed with 1 hand. One of the mountains in the Mountain River Great Array, phantasm, was lifted up and thrown out again.


The mountain phantasm pressed toward a Hellish-Insect with a rumbling sound. The bloody Hellish-Insect wanted to evade, but the yellow mist seemed to have entangled, slowing down its movement.

The mountain phantasm slammed on the bloody Hellish-Insect, making it shrill in despair. It was immediately suppressed. Although it was not killed on the spot, it was unable to move.

Liu Ming took a deep breath, grabbed with both hands and suppressed the other 2 Hellish-Insects with 2 mountain phantasm.

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