Demon's Diary

Chapter 1229: Skull Yin Island

Chapter 1229: Skull Yin Island

After shopping around for a whole day, Qian Rupin still looked unsatisfied. After returning to the cave house, she took a lot of books about the totem arrays and beastkin runes, greeted Liu Ming and returned to her room happily.

Liu Ming also returned to his room and sorted the purchased books, then he sat down cross-legged.

For some reason, he first looked at the book that contained Sky Fox Race information, picked it up, and read it carefully.

This book recorded the origin of the Sky Fox Race and its current sphere of influence in the Savage Wild Continent.

It was said that the Sky Fox Race originated from a divine beast called the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox in the archean era. The Nine Tail Sky Fox Race naturally became the totem of the Sky Fox Race. Its people were especially proficient at illusion and charm technique.

Both men and women in Sky Fox Race had good appearances. There were many women who looked like ethereal fairy. Naturally, they had become the targets of dual cultivation for cultivators of other races. However, because Sky Fox Race was second only to the Blood Vine Race’s transcendent status, most other cultivators could only think about it in their minds.

Sky Fox Race people would accept the baptism of sacrifices in the clan to awaken the Sky Fox Race blood in their bodies after they become adults. Their bloodline purity would be determined according to the number of fox tails that awakened. This was also directly related to their future status and achievements in the clan.

Savage Wild Continent respected strength, and Sky Fox Race was no exception.

Generally speaking, those who had awakened less than 3 fox tails could only be classified as peripheral clan members, helping to take care of some trivial matters in the clan. Only those who had more than 4 fox tails could be designated as core clan members and enjoy expensive offerings and cultivation resources. Those who had 6 or more, could generally reach above Real Pellet State, becoming the pillars of the clan.

As for the previous patriarchs, all of them were eight-tailed or above and had reached the Mystic Comprehending State. It was just that such a person couldn’t be found in ten thousand years.

Seeing this, Liu Ming had a complex look on his face.

Although he learned about Yao Ji’s amazing talent from Lan Si before, but after learning about it in detail today, he only realized how extraordinary this woman was to the entire Sky Fox Race.

Speaking of which, since he came to this Savage Wild Continent by chance, he had wanted to see Yao Ji more than once.

It was no wonder. After all, Yao Ji had a close relationship with him by accident. This woman’s bright teeth and starry eyes and her stunning beauty left an indelible deep impression in his heart.

It would be a lie to say that he was not moved at all.

But after thinking about it, he never thought about what to say when he met her. Under such a conflicted state of mind, he was naturally unwilling to meet her rashly.

After reading the information about the Sky Fox Race at this moment, he was slightly moved, because the sphere of influence of the Sky Fox Race was located in the southeast of the Savage Wild Continent, not too far away from the Blood Vine Race. The Wan Bo Palace was only 8 months away from Luo City at the speed of the Daiyue Jade Boat.

However, when he remembered what she said when leaving, he gave another wry smile and suppressed the thought again.

After Liu Ming thought about it, he finally decided to stay in Luo City and try to improve his cultivation first. Then, he would consider meeting her.

In addition, how to make up the cost of boarding the giant boat in this hundred years was also an urgent task that needed to be resolved.

After making up his mind, he put down the book that recorded Sky Fox Race information and began to look through other books.

He rummaged through the pile of books for a while, and he took out a green jade slip the size of a palm. It took him a lot of effort to find a detailed map within a million miles of Luo City.

Liu Ming put the huge jade slip on his forehead, and a huge and clear map image appeared in his mind.

His Divine Thought quickly scanned the names on the map. After a quarter of an hour, he looked joyful.

“Found it. It’s really near Luo City. That person didn’t lie to me.” Liu Ming murmured excitedly. His Divine Thought locked on an island named “Skull Yin Island” which was more than 100,000 miles away from the Luo City”.

“It’s much easier after finding this place, but I don’t have time to go there now. After the matters in hand are finished, I will go to Skull Yin Island. I hope what that person said is true…” Liu Ming took off the jade slip and muttered to himself.

In the following month, Liu Ming frequently went to all the shops selling books in Luo City. He selectively searched for information about the elixir refinement of various races in the Savage Wild Continent as well as the distribution of various materials.

After bringing them back to the cave house, he would quickly scan through the contents recorded in these book at an appalling speed as if he was looking for something.

After some deliberation, Liu Ming basically determined the next plan.

He was also an alchemy master now. If he wanted to make quick money in this unfamiliar Savage Wild Continent, the only way was refining pills.

In Yunchuan Continent and Middle Sky Continent, alchemy master was a scarce profession. Some sects often expend sect’s power to improve the strength of their disciples.

In the Savage Wild Continent, alchemy master were even rare. Even the most common recovery spiritual power and healing elixir cost 10 times more than that of the Middle Sky Continent, and there was often no supply.

If it was to improve spiritual power, enhance physique, or help break through the bottleneck, the elixir was even scarce.

Most of these elixirs flowed out from the hands of Savage Wild 8 Races, and a small portion were produced by some medium-sized tribes, but in terms of quantity, they were extremely restricted.

But on the contrary, the spiritual herbs and fruits for making these elixirs were relatively easy to obtain.

In view of this situation, most beastkin cultivators could only choose to take the spiritual fruit directly. Due to the special physique of beastkin, the absorption of medicinal properties was much stronger than that of humans.

In this way, the 4 elixirs that he was good at, cold condensing pill, golden yuan pill, yun spirit pill, and jingang bone tempering pill, should be able to meet the needs of many beastkins. After all, the efficacy of elixirs after removing impurities would far exceed directly ingesting the spiritual materials.

According to the information collected by spending a lot of spirit stone, the main materials of cold condensing pill and yun spirit pill had been found. In the southeast sea area of ​​Savage Wild Continent, there was an island rich in green condensing fruit. There was also a place called Beehive Mountain. There were a lot of five light bee beastkins living in this area. There was often a lot of high-quality five light bee honey.

As for the other materials of these 2 elixirs, it was not too difficult to get them.

The light in Liu Ming’s eyes slowly lit up.

Luo City’s east district, this was a rather prosperous trading area in Luo City.

Linhai Avenue was the street with the most traffic in the east district. The street was nearly twice as wide as other places. Both sides of the street were full of spacious and large-scale shops.

Many cultivators came in and out of the major shops, looking very lively.

Among the crowd, Liu Ming strolled to the door of a large commercial shop with a width of more than 30 meters. From a distance, the commercial shop looked like a towering blue tree with luxuriant branches and leaves. The large plaque above the door was written with “Blue Wood Firm” in golden lacquer.

To be able to open a shop on Linhai Avenue, Blue Wood Firm naturally had a decent backer.

In Luo City, anyone with a little knowledge knew that Blue Wood Firm was a shop opened by Blue Wood Race.

Blue Wood Race had developed extremely rapidly in the past few decades. It was rumored that it had some connection with Blood Vine Race, so in Luo City, no one dared to underestimate Blue Wood Firm.

Liu Ming looked up at the plaque of Blue Wood Firm and walked in.

Blue Wood Firm had fine decorations, clean doors and windows, giving people a very grand feeling. The firm was huge. It had many counters, and the things placed on them also included everything such as elixirs, talismans, spiritual weapons and spiritual materials.

But generally speaking, in Blue Wood Firm, there were still various kinds of spiritual herbs. Many cultivators were browsing in the firm.

As soon as Liu Ming entered the firm, an attendant in blue short clothes immediately greeted him.

“Senior, what do you need? Our shop deals in all kinds of spiritual materials and treasures from the east, west, north, and south of the Savage Wild Continent. There are many items that are unique to our shop. I guarantee that you will return with satisfaction.” The attendant seemed to have discerning eyes. He could see that Liu Ming’s cultivation was not low, so he said in a respectful tone.

Liu Ming took out a blue token with the word “Wood” on it.

“Forgive me for my poor eyesight. It turns out that senior is our distinguished guest. Please come with me.” The attendant was a little surprised when he saw the blue token. He glanced at Liu Ming and immediately led him into a private room at the second floor.

“Senior, please wait here for a while. I will ask the shopkeeper to come here.” The attendant saluted Liu Ming and immediately retreated.

Liu Ming played with the token in his hand with a calm look.

Not long after, a Blue Wood Race woman dressed as a maid served a glass of green spiritual tea with 2 pink petals floating on it. A fresh fragrance wafted out immediately.

Liu Ming took a sip of the tea. A refreshing feeling spread in his mouth. Although it was slightly different from what he drank in Lan Si’s cart at that time, it should also be a rare good.

Haha, can I have senior name? I’m Lan Xin, the second shopkeeper here. Forgive me for not being able to receive you.” A middle-aged man in a blue robe came in from the outside and said with a smile.

“I’m fine. My name is Liu Ming.” Liu Ming glanced at the middle-aged man indifferently and nodded slightly. He was just a cultivator at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

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