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Chapter 1230: Deal

Chapter 1230: Deal

“It turns out to be Senior Liu. Does senior want anything from our firm for coming here with VIP token?” The middle-aged man glanced at the blue token that Liu Ming was playing with, and he said respectfully.

“I’m not here to buy anything, but to make a deal with your firm. I don’t know if Miss Lan Si is here. It’s better for me to discuss with her in person.” Liu Ming put down the teacup in his hand and said calmly.

“It turns out that senior is a friend of Elder Lan Si. Elder Lan is now in the firm. I’ll go and invite her here.” Hearing Liu Ming’s unkind words, the middle-aged man was not angry, but he looked deeply at him and left the private room immediately.

A moment later, a fragrant wind came into the private room, then a graceful woman in blue dress walked in slowly. It was Lan Si.

“It’s just over a month, Mr. Liu came to visit. Could it be that Mr. Liu has a change of mind and is willing to be the guest elder of our clan?” Lan Si sat opposite Liu Ming and said with a smile.

“Don’t tease me, Miss Lan Si. I’m used to being free. I have no intention of joining one side. I’m here this time because I have another matter to discuss with you.” Liu Ming smiled lightly and said.

Hehe, Brother Liu, be patient. We can discuss that later. I just got a few ounces of top-quality ‘orange gold tea’ 2 days ago. I was looking for someone to taste it together before you show up. Mr. Liu is from Middle Sky Continent and you are knowledgeable, so you must have a deep understanding of spiritual tea. Why don’t we taste the tea while discussing.” Lan Si smiled, raised his arms, and a set of brand-new tea sets were neatly arranged on the table. She took out a small box of golden tea leaves and deftly brewed 2 cups of light golden spiritual tea.

A strange fragrance radiated out and penetrated into Liu Ming’s mouth and nose, causing his throat to twitch involuntarily.

He showed a hint of surprise on his face.

Lan Si pushed a cup of spiritual tea to Liu Ming, and she picked up another cup herself.

“Mr. Liu, you’re welcome. Let’s have a taste. This orange gold tea is also rare in Savage Wild Continent.” Lan Si said with a smile. She first took a sip, then she bottomed up the tea, showing a look of intoxication.

Liu Ming shook his head slightly. He took a sip of the spiritual tea. A cool feeling flowed down his throat. When it reached his lower abdomen, it suddenly turned into a cloud of strong fragrance that surged everywhere in his body.

“It really a great tea.” Liu Ming nodded and said in admiration.

“Mr. Liu seems to understand tea too. By the way, you just said that you have something to discuss. What is it about?” Lan Si put down the teacup and asked.

Liu Ming smiled slightly. He waved his hand and handed 2 jade bottles, one white and one green, to Lan Si, “Take a look, Miss Lan. What do you think about these 2 elixirs?”

Lan Si was startled. She took the jade bottle, uncorked the green jade bottle first, and poured out a green elixir the size of a thumb, which was the cold condensing pill.

The slightly cold spirit and the deep medicinal fragrance emitted by the cold condensing pill showed that this was a valuable and refined elixir.

“A very good elixir. For cultivators below the Crystallization Period, it is a rare top quality elixir.” Lan Si stared at the elixir for a moment, then she said.

Liu Ming smiled when he heard the words, then he pointed to another white jade bottle, motioning for Lan Si to open it.

Lan Si pulled out the cork, and a bright white elixir rolled out of it, which was the yun spirit pill.

A spiritual and rich fragrance emanated from the white elixir, and a white mist visible to the naked eye appeared on the surface of the elixir.

Lan Si looked at the elixir in her hand, and she was astounded. The spirit emitted by the yun spirit pill made the spiritual power in her body faintly feel eager.

“Mr. Liu, what’s the name of this white elixir? Where can I buy it.” She took a deep breath, looked at Liu Ming eagerly, and asked so.

As a Real Pellet State cultivator, Lan Si had a keen sense. She could tell at a glance that this white elixir was also of great value to her.

“The white one is called a yun spirit pill, and the green one is called a cold condensing pill. Both of these are elixirs circulated in the Middle Sky Continent.” Liu Ming said lightly.

“Mr. Liu means…” Upon hearing this, Lan Si’s face showed a hint of strangeness.

“I came here for these 2 elixirs. To be honest, I’m an alchemy master in the Middle Sky Continent. I refine these 2 elixirs myself.” Liu Ming suddenly smiled and said in a calm tone.

Lan Si was startled by his words, then she stood up and looked at Liu Ming with a look of surprise.

“Then, Mr. Liu should still have a lot of this kind of yun spirit pills right? I’m willing to pay a high price to buy them.” Lan Si said hastily.

“Of course, but please calm down and let me finish my sentence.” Liu Ming shook his head and said with a smile.

“Sorry, I lost my composure. Please continue, Mr. Liu.” Lan Si blushed slightly, and she quickly regained her composure and sat down.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, took out a jade slip, and handed it to Lan Si.

Lan Si took it and read with Divine Thought. There were 2 lists of materials on the jade slip.

“Could it be…” Lan Si immediately asked with some uncertainty.

“Miss Lan guessed it right. These 2 lists are exactly the materials needed for refining the cold condensing pill and the yun spirit pill.” Liu Ming said indifferently.

Lan Si calmed down at this moment. Up to this point, she naturally already understood Liu Ming’s reason for coming.

“I came this time because I want to cooperate with Blue Wood Firm. You will provide the materials, and I will refine these 2 kinds of elixir, then you will sell them. You and I will share the profit equally. Are you interested?” Liu Ming took another sip of spiritual tea and asked calmly.

Lan Si’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

The materials required for the 2 elixirs, although some were relatively rare, with the influence of Blue Wood Race, it was not difficult to get them.

Although some of these materials were quite precious, compared with the value of cold condensing pill and yun spirit pill, they were just the tip of the iceberg.

Savage Wild Continent often lacked this kind of elixir which was helpful for cultivation, so the sales of cold condensing pill and yun spirit pill were not a problem at all. Lan Si could imagine that once these 2 elixirs were circulating in the market, the commotion would be huge.

Not to mention the value of the cold condensing pill and the yun spirit pill itself, the accompanying fame could also bring huge benefits to the Blue Wood Firm. If it was used properly, it could also greatly increase the strength of the entire Blue Wood Race.

In addition, the yun spirit pill was also extremely valuable to her. If she could ingest a large amount of this elixir, there was great hope for her to break through the current bottleneck.

Thinking of this, Lan Si couldn’t help feeling a little excited; her heart beat faster and faster.

Liu Ming saw all the changes in Lan Si’s expression, and there was a hint of smile in his eyes. No one would refuse such a win-win situation.

Lan Si took a deep breath and managed to calm down her excitement. These predictions were naturally excellent, but she still needed to make clear some questions.

“Since Mr. Liu can refine these 2 types of elixir, I’m naturally very interested in the proposal. However, may I know Mr. Liu’s success rate in refining them? “Lan Si asked thoughtfully.

“I’m very good at refining these 2 elixirs. The success rate is above 80%.” Liu Ming replied flatly.

When Lan Si heard this, there was an unbelievable look in her eyes. She looked Liu Ming up and down, and she suddenly bowed with a solemn face, “I didn’t expect Mr. Liu to be a true alchemy master. Please forgive my disrespect.”

Blue Wood Race had developed quite rapidly over the years, and they had also supported many alchemists. Lan Si also had a little knowledge in alchemy. If one could achieve a 60% success rate in any kind of elixir, he could be called an alchemy master.

And such an alchemy master, Blue Wood Race actually only had one. The elixir he was good at was also a relatively non-popular elixir, but in terms of efficacy, it was indeed far from being comparable to Liu Ming.

“Miss Lan has overpraised. Since that’s the case, it’s a deal between us.” Liu Ming sat up straight and said solemnly.

“Of course, I will immediately inform my clan, and let them start collecting these materials. I believe that the first batch of raw materials will be delivered in less than a month.” Lan Si smoothed the hair next to her ears and said with a solemn expression too.

“By the way, regarding my identity, please keep it a secret. I don’t want this matter to spread in Luo City. It will be very detrimental to you and me.” Liu Ming nodded, then he added.

“Of course I know, Mr. Liu. Don’t worry.” Lan Si nodded in agreement.

Naturally, she was even more unwilling to let this matter spread. If other forces found out, it would cause a lot of trouble. There were quite a few informers of the 8 races in the Luo City.

The woman immediately made up her mind that Liu Ming’s identity, apart from herself, should only be known to the patriarch of the Blue Wood Race.

Next, they also discussed the sale price of the 2 elixirs and tentatively decided to sell 30,000 spirit stones for the cold condensing pill and 250,000 spirit stones for the yun spirit pill.

As for the flawless grade elixir, the price would skyrocket by several times.

Liu Ming calculated that if the materials were sufficient, with his level of alchemy, he believed that he would be able to earn enough spirit stones in less than 50 years.

Then he handed another jade slip to Lan Si.

“The alchemy materials in here, please help me to gather them as well.”

The jade slip contained materials for the golden yuan pill and the jingang bone tempering pill. When he searched by himself before, he couldn’t gather enough. The Blue Wood Race would gather much faster than him.

Seeing this, Lan Si was overjoyed. This meant that Liu Ming was also good at other elixirs. She was of course most welcome.

She took the jade slip and read with Divine Thought. Soon, her face became serious, and she opened her eyes abruptly.

TL: Just for the normal yun spirit pill, he just has to sell 80, and he will have enough ticket fees… No wonder he rejected those 3 guys without thinking…

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