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Chapter 1231: Real Pellet State Perfect Stage

Chapter 1231: Real Pellet State Perfect Stage

“Mr. Liu, I know little about elixirs. I can see that the material on it is the tortoise shell of Luwu Beast. Could it be that Mr. Liu is refining the jingang bone tempering pill?” Lan Si stared at Liu Ming closely, and she asked a little nervously.

“I didn’t expect that Savage Wild Continent also has jingang bone tempering pill. Yes, this is indeed the material of the bone tempering pill.” Liu Ming nodded and admitted.

“It really is this elixir! May I know how proficient is Mr. Liu in refining the jingang bone tempering pill?” Lan Si stood up a little excitedly, and she said a little nervously.

“The material for jingang bone tempering pill is extremely hard to find, and I haven’t refined many times, so the success rate is only 20-30%. It is far lower than those 2 elixirs.” Seeing Lan Si’s expression, Liu Ming said calmly.

“I wonder if Brother Liu has ever refined a flawless grade jingang bone tempering pill?” Lan Si asked immediately with anticipation.

Liu Ming nodded after thinking for a while.

“Great! Mr. Liu, I have a personal request. I will try my best to find materials for jingang bone tempering pills for you. Can you help me to refine some jingang bone tempering pills? It’s even better if you can refine some flawless grade. Of course, you will definitely be satisfied with the reward.” Lan Si said with a look of request.

Hearing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help being a little curious,

The jingang bone tempering pill was only valuable to a cultivator who trained in physique, but Lan Si didn’t look like this kind of cultivator at all.

But he didn’t ask any more questions, and he replied without hesitation:

“No problem. The other list of materials are to refine a kind of elixir that replenish spiritual power. Please help me gather the materials too, Miss Lan.”

“Okay, I’ll send someone to search right away. Although our Blue Wood Race is not as good as Savage Wild 8 Races, when it comes to inquiring about information and collecting resources, we aren’t worse than them. I believe there will be results soon.” Lan Si nodded immediately when she heard that it was an elixir that recovered spiritual power.

The wars in Savage Wild Continent battles were frequent. Elixirs that restored spiritual power were also in short supply, even in the Luo City. If he could refine it, it would be a great source of income.

“Blue Wood Race is also good at scouting news? Since that’s the case, I would like to ask your clan to investigate something.” Hearing this, Liu Ming said again.

“Mr. Liu, don’t be polite. If you need my help, just say it.” Lan Si said without thinking.

“I wonder if you have heard of the Qing Ling Race?” Liu Ming asked directly.

“I didn’t expect that Mr. Liu also knew about the Qing Ling Race. The whereabouts of the Qing Ling Race are secretive. Generally speaking, few people know about it. But they have had transactions with my clan, so I know a little about them.” Lan Si was surprised.

“Very good, how much does Miss Lan know about the Qing Ling Race? Please enlighten me.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and said delightedly.

“I don’t know much about the Qing Ling Race. I just know that although it’s a small clan, its inheritance is quite ancient. Moreover, this clan is good at controlling insects and cultivating all kinds of rare insects.” After thinking about it, Lan Si said slowly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming nodded inwardly.

When he came all the way from Sky Rift Valley to Luo City, he met a beastkin cultivator who was good at controlling insects. They fought for some things at first, but out of mutual fear, they stopped fighting soon.

After getting along for a few days, they accepted and appreciated each other.

From that person, Liu Ming heard about the existence of the Qing Lin Race, who lived on Skull Yin Island in the Endless Sea near Luo City, and that the Qing Ling Race had the skeleton silkworm he had been looking for.

Now that he got the confirmation from Lan Si, he was relieved. He planned to go to Skull Yin Island in 2 days to visit this Qing Ling Race.

“Mr. Liu, do you want to buy some spiritual insects from them?” Lan Si glanced at Liu Ming and asked.

“Yes.” Liu Ming nodded without hiding.

“Brother Liu may be disappointed. The Qing Ling Race is secretive and often moves around. No one can find them.” Lan Si shook her head and said.

“A few years ago, I learned from someone that the Qing Lin Race lived in a place called Skull Yin Island in the Endless Sea.” Liu Ming frowned.

“Yes, the Qing Ling Race used to live there, but this should be 60 years ago. According to our information from Blue Wood Race, they have already left Skull Yin Island. No one knows where they are now, but the Qing Ling Race generally won’t migrate too far. They should still be in the eastern part of the Savage Wild Continent.” Lan Si replied after thinking for a while.

Liu Ming’s face became cloudy when he heard that.

“Mr. Liu seems to be in a hurry. I can ask my clan people to inquire about the whereabouts of the Qing Ling Race.” Lan Si said proactively after seeing Liu Ming’s expression.

“Is that true? Then I’ll thank Miss Lan for that.” Liu Ming was overjoyed when he heard the words. He cupped his fist.

“Mr. Liu, you are welcome. You are the benefactor of our clan, and now we have common interests, these trivials are just a raise of a hand.” Lan Si smiled.

Liu Ming was now the person that Blue Wood Race absolutely wanted to win over, so it would be even better if she could sell him a favor through this matter.

In the following time, they chat for a while, leaving each other’s addresses and communication methods, then Liu Ming returned to Little Huan Courtyard.

The next morning, Liu Ming didn’t give up and went to Skull Yin Island.

As a result, he searched the entire island for 3 months, but he found nothing and returned dejectedly.

After more than a month, Blue Wood Firm delivered the first batch of materials for cold condensing pill and yun spirit pill as promised.

Qian Rupin, who was originally devoted to studying the totems, finally knew Liu Ming’s plan to earn spirit stones until now.

She didn’t expect Liu Ming to not only have tyrannical strength, he was also an alchemy master. While being surprised, a thought in her mind became more and more firm.

Liu Ming had long been extremely skilled in the refinement process of cold condensing pill and yun spirit pill. Now that his cultivation had improved, he could refine even more easily. Soon, the first batch of elixirs was produced.

As soon as the cold condensing pills and yun spirit pills were launched by Blue Wood Firm, they immediately set off a huge craze in Luo City. More and more people were willing to buy them.

However, within a few days, both elixirs were sold out.

Seeing this, Blue Wood Firm naturally stepped up the process of collecting the spiritual materials and sent the second batch soon.

After doing this several times, Blue Wood Race found a fairly stable source of material supply, and the following materials were continuously sent to Liu Ming.

Batches of high-quality elixirs began to appear frequently in Blue Wood Firm, attracting a large number of customers including the people of the Savage Wild 8 Races. At the same time, the major forces naturally noticed these 2 elixirs and secretly dispatched their informers to inquire about this mysterious alchemy master from the Blue Wood Firm.

However, Blue Wood Firm did a good job of keeping Liu Ming’s identity secret. Qian Rupin was even more amazingly talented. She used the totem transformed by a kind of space beastkin and refined a short teleportation array to deliver the items. The 2 portals were set respectively in Liu Ming’s cave house and the Blue Wood Firm.

In this way, whether it was providing materials or sending elixir, it could be done through this teleportation array.

Although the other forces tried their best to investigate, there was no result at all. As time went by, the forces investigating it became less and less.

Liu Ming began to get busy. Apart from alchemy, he practiced every day. Qian Rupin was also benefited from this. Her cultivation rose quickly after taking the cold condensing pills.

Time passed day by day, and 40 years passed in a blink.

One day, in the Little Huan Courtyard’s cave house, Qian Rupin was reading a yellowed book while gesturing something in the air in her secret room.

Suddenly, her beautiful eyes moved as if she had sensed something. She went to another secret room with a look of worry.

Since Liu Ming and Blue Wood Race reached a deal 40 years ago, except for some necessary outings, he spent the rest of the time in the secret room or the ground fire room.

But just half a year ago, after Liu Ming suddenly instructed Qian Rupin about some important matters, then he stayed in the secret room without coming out until now.

As early as more than 20 years ago, with the help of elixirs provided by Liu Ming, Qian Rupin broke through to the Condensation Periodlater stage without any hindrance. Now she had reached the Condensation Period perfect stage. She was only one step away from the Crystallization Period.

During this period of time, apart from the low-key trips to Luo City to buy a few items and the daily maintenance of the enchantment in the cave house, she spent all her time studying totems.

In the secret room, Liu Ming was sitting on the stone bed with his upper body naked. His muscular arms were exposed, and his body was covered with black light.

In the black light, one could vaguely see streams of black and incomparably solid liquid faintly flowing.

Suddenly, Liu Ming raised his head and shouted.

The next moment, all the black liquid trembled violently. They turned into small black snakes, burrowing into his body.

During this process, Liu Ming showed a painful look. As the black snakes moved in bit by bit, the pain would aggravate more and more.

The little black snakes submerged into his body at an astonishing speed. After only a moment, all the black liquid that had originally covered his body was absorbed into his body and disappeared without a trace.

Accompanied by an extremely comfortable long whistle, Liu Ming felt as if his whole body was full of strength. His cultivation improved by leaps and bounds, reaching the realm of the Real Pellet State perfect stage.

He stretched out his hands, feeling the coercion emanating from his body. He immediately showed a hint of joy, but he was only happy for a while before falling into contemplation.

Although he was only one step away from comprehending the nature aspect and advancing to the Celestial State, according to the information he had collected, the difficulty was beyond what ordinary people could imagine. What’s more, he had no other way to support to the breakthrough process.

After Liu Ming thought for a while, he closed his eyes, made a few gestures and seemed to have fallen asleep.

“Senior Luo Hu, I have something to ask.” In the gray and mysterious space, Liu Ming cupped his fist forward and said so.

But as the sound gradually faded away, the entire prison space did not have a single response.

Seeing this, Liu Ming smiled bitterly.

Since entering the Savage Wild Continent, Liu Ming tried to wake up Luo Hu several times, but there was no response. Now that he was about to break through the Celestial State, Luo Hu still had no intention of showing up.

TL: What would his phantasm aspect look like?

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