Chapter 11 - The First Woman (3)

"You were a law student. Your grades have been good since high school."

The story Jiyeon heard from Minho about that summer nine years ago did seem to stir some vague memories.

Oh right.

That summer was the most difficult period of her life.

She had memories of going to Haeundae with her friend Ju-eun.

They stayed there for three days and two nights, and would go out to the beach and talk to other men, like many of the other women there.

It was a place for young people to get drunk, then get drunk at night, then talk to other people and get drunk some more.

Haeundae's summer nights were like that every year, so there was no special memory about Minho.

For Minho, meeting a woman like Jiyeon was a first…

But she couldn't afford to think of men at that time.

Those days so so terrible…

Everything had collapsed around her…she didn't even want to think about it again.

Jiyeon looked straight at Minho.

"You said that we were seeing each other for a year, what happened then?"

"Did it sound like that? I only meant that I've been watching you for a year. I was speaking from my point of view."

He…watched her?

Jiyeon's mind became dizzy at this unexpected answer.

Why? Why in the world was this man watching her for a year?

"I apologize if it makes you feel uncomfortable."

Jiyeon was not feeling comfortable.

However, she had to show courtesy to the family members that just experienced a tragedy the day before.

She tried to calm herself down as much as she could.

"By the word 'watched', are you saying you were stalking me?"

"The word 'stalking' sounds a little harsh. Sometimes I went to your university. Even when I trespassed I never approached you."

"And I never spoke to you when you watched me for a year?"


"Can I ask why?"

"That's because…"

Minho tried to say something, but then shut his mouth. His lips were shaking for a moment.

"I'll tell you a secret."

Minho, who was much taller, bent down until their faces were nearly touching.

His whispers brushed against Jiyeon's ears, who had become rigid at his sudden closeness.

"I can see things that are invisible to others."

"What? You mean you can see ghosts?"

"Not ghosts, but things that are to come."

Minho's expression was as serious as ever.

"I saw our future nine years ago. So I kept watch and didn't say anything to you."

"This future…what was it?"

"The future I saw then…was not good."

Jiyeon could not think of a response. This whole situation was ridiculous.

Why was he spouting nonsense, here where his father's and brother's dead bodies were just examined?

"Prosecutor Cha! Where are you?"

She heard prosecutor Hyeon Ganghun call out from beyond the corner of the hall.

"Yes! Right here, sir!"

The bewildered Jiyeon finally came to her senses.

"It's good to see you again, Prosecutor Cha Jiyeon."

Minho's strange smile was the last she saw of him before Ganghun entered her field of view.

His face was tight with tension.

"The autopsy results are out."

Jiyeon quickly followed the other man's footsteps.

Minho's mysterious words were still echoing in her ears.




The two bodies that had been autopsied were taken away in preparation for their funeral rites.

The group gathered together again in the examination room, where the smell of disinfectant hung in the air like a harsh fragrance.

All nine people who viewed the autopsy earlier were present.

The forensic doctor spoke with a heavy expression on his face.

"I'll begin with the results of Chairman Seo Geon-u's autopsy. The cause of death was a heart attack, but it's confirmed that it was triggered by external means."


Min-seok yelled.

"So someone murdered my father?"

Jiyeon covered her mouth in astonishment.

If the chairman and vice chairman of the Eunseong Group were all killed in one night…

"That is inconclusive. We still have to determine the causal link. It could be physical assault, or it could be a drug. It can also be an electrical shock, but it is rare."

Ganghun held up his hand and asked,

"What about any injuries?"

"There are no visible signs of any injuries."

"So it's not likely his heart attack was caused by physical assault?"

"That's correct. We will know for sure when we get the final results."


Minseok's clenched fists shook.

"Then there's the results of the autopsy of Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok. A total of twelve stab wounds were located on the neck, chest, and abdomen. As you have already seen, there's also a long laceration across the face."

Prosecutor Ganghun asked another question.

"Is it possible for this to be a murder by grudge?"

"Yes. It's also possible that it was intentionally designed to look a grudge, but it’s not easy to do so while killing them. Also, there is no sign of resistance. "

Jiyeon's deductions began to form.

Twelve stab wounds with no sign of resistance…

Did he die while he was sleeping?

Minho's face was cold after hearing the results of the preliminary autopsy.

What was that expression? What on earth was that man thinking?

Could it be true he could see events that would happen in the future?

This was the first time in her life she wondered about a man's heart.

Minseok, struggling through his sobs, turned to Prosecutor Ganghun.

"Prosecutor! May I see the crime scene?"

The prosecutor firmly shook his head.

"That will be difficult. I'll be going to the there right away, and I'll let the family know any information as soon as I can."

The prosecutor nodded at Jiyeon, and she followed him out of the autopsy room.

She could feel Minho's gaze on her back.

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