Chapter 12 - The First Woman (4)

Chapter 12 – The First Woman (4)

Hyeon Ganghun drove himself and Jiyeon to the crime scene.

Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok was killed by twelve knife wounds to his body.

Jiyeon sat in the passenger seat and was flipping through the case file when she noticed something strange.

"Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok's address is in Cheongdam-dong?"

"Yes, and?"

"But the place where he was killed was in Nonhyeon-dong?"

"It seems to be villa. What kind of chairman would he be if he didn't own several houses? We'll find out what it's like if we go."

Jiyeon continued her perusal of the file as he spoke to her.

"Did you see President Seo Minho's face? He didn't look sad."

"I did! I thought it was a little strange too."

"I see. We have similar eyes."

Jiyeon hesitated on whether to tell Ganghun her connection with Minho, but in the end she stopped herself.

She was still confused and couldn't decide whether Minho's story was true or not.

Did they really have such a connection?

Was there a relationship that passed through that beach on that glorious summer night?

Whatever it was, Minho's claim that he could tell the future was simply unbelievable.

Had thirty minutes just passed? Ganghun gently stopped the car.

They arrived at Nonhyeon-dong, a wealthy neighborhood which was home to luxurious houses.

Through the car window Jiyeon saw a house blocked off by yellow police tape, surrounded by the police keeping a close guard.

Was it true that Seo Minhyeok was murdered in that house?

Jiyeon exited the car with Ganghun.

"I'm Prosecutor Hyeon Ganghun from the Central District Prosecutors' Office."

Ganghun flashed his badge, and the uniformed officer guarding the main entrance gate saluted and allowed them through the pathway.

Jiyeon showed her identification and followed.

It felt like her heart was choking as she made her way to the murder scene.

She observed everything with hawk-like eyes.

They arrived at an iron gate, which only opened after Ganghun entered a code, and the gate swung out to a well-manicured garden.

In the middle of it was a path which led to the front door of the house, which could also only be unlocked by inputting a code.

A policeman guarding the door allowed Ganghun and Jiyeon to enter the house.

Inside was a spacious living room with a polished marble floor, along with a luxurious leather sofa that was large enough to accommodate ten people.

There were several paintings on the wall that gave off a feeling of grandeur.

Jiyeon looked at the artwork as she walked by them.

She knew nothing about art, but she was sure they were expensive.

There were field inspectors were collecting evidence in one area of the large living room.

A detective stood by them with his arms folded, then looked up and greeted Ganghun.

"Hello. I'm Detective Nam Junsik from Gangnam Police Station."

"Ah yes. Nice to meet you."

Ganghun accepted his handshake.

"We've been assigned to your special investigation team. I look forward to working with you."

"Oh, I see. We just came straight from the autopsy examination and I hadn't been informed yet."

"I'm with a junior detective and he's checking the surveillance cameras now. I'll introduce him when he gets back."

"Alright. By the way, this is Prosecutor Cha Jiyeon."

Ganghun introduced Jiyeon to the detective.

Detective Nam was muscularly built and had a presence of someone you could depend on.

"The bedroom is this way."

She followed behind them.

The room had already been photographed and the evidence collected, so it was absent of any field inspectors.


A nasty smell of blood stung her nose and she slapped a hand to her mouth.

It was no exaggeration to say that the white sheets were soaked with blood.

Twelve stab wounds and the victim had bled out overnight.

"Do you have any photographs?"

The detective showed her a picture of the scene on his cellphone.

It was such a horrible image that the mere sight of it almost made her feel pain.

Seo Minhyeok was lying naked while covered with blood, his arms were spread open as if he were being crucified.

It was like a sacrifice in a religious ceremony.

"He was stabbed twelve times in this position? With all of his clothes off?"

Ganghun wondered, and Detective Nam agreed.

"It's uncommon to die in this position. It's very strange."

If that's the case, then right after the murder, it was troublesome to move the dead body…

She was looking through more graphic pictures on Detective Nam’s phone when,

"Sir! Sir! Siiiir!"

The sound of someone yelling out to the detective was getting closer and closer.

"Hey, this time there's a junior prosecutor on the special investigation team too.”

Without thinking this was unusual, Detective So Yudo shouted and ran inside the bedroom.

"A suspect has been captured on the surveillance cameras!"

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