Chapter 14 - That Face, Those Eyes (2)

It was almost 10 P.M. when Jiyeon returned to the office and handed in the autopsy and the crime scene reports to the chief prosecutor.

She didn't eat a proper dinner.

Instead she satisfied her hunger with a four thousand won canned beer and kimbap from a convenience store from the first floor of the office.

She read over the case file as she ate her meager meal.

She had to memorize all the members of the Eunseong Group family.

Seo Geon-u, the late chairman, married three times.

His first wife was Lee Jeong-ok, now seventy years old.

She was the daughter of the director of Hyein Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the world. She married Seo and gave birth to Minhyeok and Minho.

She lived as his wife as part of the Eunseong Group until their divorce thirty years ago.

Looking at the year, the two sons were still young children at that time.

Jiyeon wondered what Lee Jeong-ok's relationship with her children was like.

Did she continue to see her sons or did she cut off all ties to them?

Lee Jeong-ok was also a patron of the arts and built concert halls and was currently the director of Inwoo Art Museum.

President Seo's second wife was Nam Yunjeong. Currently fifty-eight years old.

She was a college student when she had an affair with Chairman Seo Geon-u and became pregnant.

In other words, Lee Jeong-ok, the first wife, was pushed out.

The third son born was Seo Minseok.

Nam Yunjeong divorced him after five short years of marriage. That was twenty years ago.

She was said to be living in considerable wealth from the stocks and real estate she received as alimony.

Jiyeon gave a sigh over the sheer amount of information in the case file.

“Oh, it's complicated, it's complicated…"

Why did him and his second wife Nam Yunjeong divorce?

It must've been an epic romance if he had driven her away and remarried again.

Jiyeon read on, taking note of any suspicious details.

The third wife was Jang Eun-a. Forty-nine years old.

She was considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses of the 80s.

Ten years ago she married Seo Geon-u, when she was at the age of thirty-nine and he at the age of sixty.

Jiyeon remembered this detail because their marriage caused quite a stir with the public.

Unlike Seo Geon-u who was on his third marriage and already had three sons, this was Jang Eun-a's first marriage.

After three years she became pregnant and gave birth to their son, Seo Ha-neul.

Considering Chairman Seo's age, his now seven-year-old son could've been his grandchild.

Ha-nuel was still very young compared to his brothers, who were already working at the business front.

In any case, Jang Eun-a would have the greatest authority over the chairman’s legacy as his legal widow.

If the chairman had written a will, she could be the one to receive the largest inheritance after his death.

Jiyeon paid attention to that point.

She wrote a note next to Jang Eun-a's name.

"The most to benefit from this case?"

She would need to further scrutinize the three wives as well as four sons. The youngest was seven years old, so she knocked it down to three.

Seo Minhyeok, the eldest son who died, was the spitting image of his father Seo Geon-u.

He was undeniably the successor of the Eunseong Group.

A detail that caught her eye was that even though he was in his late 30s, he was still single.

Most of the sons of conglomerate families had political marriages around their 30s.

Jiyeon wrote this next to his name: "Find out relationships with other women when still alive."

Then there was the second son Seo Minho and third son Seo Minseok.

In Seo Minseok's case, he was active in the family business.

His performance for Eunseong Motors was brilliant.

As a young CEO, he developed his company with outstanding leadership and drive.

Unlike Jang Eun-a, who passively exercised her legal authority as Chairman's Seo's wife, Seo Minseok could actually be the biggest beneficiary of this case.

On the other hand the second son, Seo Minho, was a mystery.

Despite being the child of Lee Jeong-ok, he hovered around the outskirts of the Eunseong Group.

His business activities as the president of Eunseong Food, which managed several restaurant chains, were minimal.

He owned several clubs, but Eunseong wasn't an entertainment company and it didn't fit in with the business.

Although not in the data, Jiyeon thought of something even more inexplicable.

Did she really meet him at Haeundae nine years ago?

He didn't show any signs of surprise or sadness even after his father was killed.

And most of all…

She remembered the conversation she had with him earlier.

"I can see things that are invisible to others."

"What? You mean you can see ghosts?"

"Not ghosts…but things that are to come."

Jiyeon sighed over the case file.

"Ha! That's ridiculous!"

She took a long sip of her beer then took out her cell phone.

She had to call her friend Ju-eun.

"Hi, Prosecutor Cha!"

Ju-eun sounded like she was receiving the call from somewhere noisy.

Jiyeon thought it could be a bar. Ju-eun did love her alcohol.

"I have something to ask you."

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