Chapter 15 - That Face, Those Eyes (3)

Chapter 15 – That Face, Those Eyes (3)

"My friend, I'll answer anything you like."

"Do you remember when we went to Busan nine years ago?"

"Yeah. It was my first trip without my parents."

"Did we ever have drinks with two guys there?"

"I think we met up with guys several times at Haeundae?"

So it was. Many times.

Jiyeon thought back Minho's story and remembered a name.

"Do you remember a man named Dongsik?"

"Dongsik? Are you joking? How should I know? The men I dated in college also had unmemorable names like that."

"Then Minho? Seo Minho."

"Seo Minho? Seo Minho…hmmm. You don't mean the second son of Eunseong Group, right?"

Jiyeon felt a prick at her conscience.

After graduating from the Department of Newspaper Broadcasting, Ju-eun became a program director for a broadcasting station.

She was in charge of the investigation program "I'll Let You Know" for a few years now.

She had a keen intuition, a pulse on current events, and a sharp eye for observation.

There was one thing Jiyeon knew about Ju-eun since their close friendship in high school.

Jiyeon couldn't lie to her.

"Uhhh…that's right."


Ju-eun paused to think for a moment.

"We met the second son of Eunseong Group at Haeundae when we were twenty years old? And you want to probe me about it now?"

"It's not a probe…"

"What makes you ask? Are you…are you in charge of this Eunseong case?"

Jiyeon was spooked.

"Well. I'm on the special investigation team."

"Wow! Our station was in a mess because of this incident. Hey! Give me the all the details. What the hell happened?"

The noisy background on her end started to fade away.

She was either outside the bar or in a bathroom.

"I can't tell you because there's no official press release yet."

"Cha Ji Yeon. Are you really going to do this? Don't you trust me?"

"I believe in my friend Jang Ju-eun, but I should be careful about program director Jang Ju-eun."

"Do you think Chairman Seo Geon-u is a murder victim too?"

Although Jiyeon admired Ju-eun's keen sense,

"No comment."

"You're saying two of the wealthiest people from the nation's largest conglomerate were murdered in one night? Oh my God!"

From one comment Ju-eun was already convinced that Seo Geon-u was murdered.

"But how did you meet Seo Minho again?"

"I ran into him for the autopsy exam and he recognized me. He said we met at Haeundae nine years ago…"

"Wow! Wait. You said you met nine years ago, but he still remembered your face? That doesn't make much sense. I don't really remember that much at all. My power of memory doesn't work for anyone."

Jiyeon did not tell her that Minho watched her for a year.

She didn't want to believe it. She can't believe it.

Jiyeon sidestepped the issue.

"I guess I have better memory than you."

"If you go out to meet another guy like that, do you want me to come along?"

"Wow. Sure. I'll call you again then."

"Hey, wait a minute! Please give me more information as you go on."

"When the press release is finalized I'll be the first to let you know."

"The director is going to make a special feature of the Eunseong Group!"

"The family tree is certainly interesting to look at."

"We are a fantasy couple, too. I love you, Jiyeon."

Jiyeon, who was about to hang up the call, was at a loss for words.

"Ah…as a heads up. You're probably going to hear a lot of ridiculous stories."

"Well, I got a tip that Michael Jackson is alive. And living in Itaewon."

"Can a person see the future?"

"Like psychics?"

"For example, something that hasn't happened yet."

"Is this about Eunseong?"

Again! Spooky!

"Not really…"

"If there's a man that talks crap like that, be careful."

"Well, okay. Good night, my friend."


Jiyeon took another long drink of her beer.

A man's face came to her mind.

Minho. A man still shrouded in mystery.

There was more to him than one or two suspicious details. There was ample motivation.

The height and body of the man who appeared on the surveillance footage were similar.

"I need to find an alibi."

She did an Internet search on her laptop on Eunseong Group's second son Seo Minho.

As already shown in the report, his activity as the president of Eunseong Food was limited.

Most of the articles were related to scandals with celebrities, even from years ago.

"Supermodel actress Genie, dating a Eunseong Group son?" declared one headline.

Underneath this was a story mostly filled with speculation and little substance.

In this article was this description of Minho.

-Unlike his older brother Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok of Eunseong Group, and his younger brother President Seo Minseok of Eunseong Motors, Seo Minho has little interest in the business and not much is known about his personal life. According to him he is an all-around sportsman and enjoys racing cars and competing in the F1 races.

Minho's eyes emerged in her vision.

The dark, deadly colored pupils seemed to be looking at her right now.

Come on! Stop thinking about it.

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