Chapter 20 - No Matter What It Takes (4)

Chapter 20 – No Matter What It Takes (4)

"If I had the ability to see the past instead of the future, then we could have become friends."

"You've been saying strange things like this since last time. You mean you have psychic powers?"

"You'll see. No, you'll know. Some people don't believe it until they experience it. Especially smart people like you, Jiyeon."

He smiled as he bit his cigar and chuckled.

"It's your turn."

Jiyeon was reminded of a phrase she saw on a movie poster.

"Don't be deceived!"

Even though he's here for a witness interview, he could be a suspect!

Jiyeon took several deep breaths to control her emotions before asking her question again.

"Where were you two nights ago?"

He was not phased at all this time.

He sucked on his cigar slowly and breathed out a swirl of smoke.

"I went out driving. I often drive through downtown Seoul late at night, which I did the day before yesterday."

"Was anyone with you?"

"No. You have to drive alone to really feel the car."

Jiyeon swallowed.

He drove alone?

So what Seo Minho said…that means he has no alibi.

Was he reading her mind?

Minho slowly tilted his head at Jiyeon.

"Is this really a witness interview? Or do you think I’m a suspect?"

Oh no. Jiyeon felt her stomach jump.

"It's not like that. Only…"

Only…there was nothing else she could say.

"If this is a witness interview, shouldn't you be asking me something else? Like 'do your dead brother and father have any enemies?'"

"Do they?"

"Yes. Too many."

Many. Too many…

That was what she was supposed to ask.

"Okay…now it's my turn."

Minho locked his gaze onto Jiyeon and asked,

"Miss Cha Jiyeon. Are you a good prosecutor?"

Jiyeon felt pinned by his intense stare.

What was the purpose of this?

She didn't know his intent but this was a question Jiyeon asked herself countless times.

She answered confidently to him.

"Yes. I believe in myself as a prosecutor."

"What do you think makes a good prosecutor?"

"They're someone who finds out the truth and punishes evil in the name of the law."

"Are you such a person?"

"I'm doing my best to be that."

"No matter what it takes?"

"No matter what it takes."

Minho didn't say anything more and simply watched Jiyeon.

Jiyeon was dying to turn her eyes but she couldn't look away.

Whether it was a snowball fight or a horse fight…she wouldn't lose.

This fight took place in the secret room of the club Gomorrah, full of energy and temptation.

Jiyeon did not intend to lose. She did not intend to be misled.

The investigation was on.


The final autopsy results for Chairman Seo Geon-u and Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok were released several days earlier than expected.

As soon as the results came in from the National Forensic Service, a meeting was immediately convened in the prosecutors' office.

Prosecutor Hyeon Ganghun's face was more tense than ever, as he would be the one to announce the results to the media at an official press conference later.

In the preliminary autopsy report, it was said that Chairman Seo Geon-u's heart attack may have been caused by external factors.

According to the testimony of people around him, Seo Geon-u was in good physical condition a few days before his death, and even enjoyed jogging and swimming every day even at over seventy years of age.

Chairman Seo's heart was healthy, so what could have stopped it?

The media was waiting with bated breath for the final autopsy results.

The report was copied and distributed to the members of the special investigation team gathered in the conference room.

"The report before you…please read it then destroy it right here."

The prosecutor's voice was cold.

His voice, so different from normal, was grim.

What was the story…

Jiyeon's eyes widened as she read the autopsy results in full, as if she had seen a ghost.

She wasn't surprised that she wasn't the only one.

Detective Nam shook his head in shock.

"Man! How did this happen…"

It was an unbelievable result even though she saw it herself.

What were they going to do? How could they release this to the press

Minho's voice echoed in her ear.

"Miss Cha Ji Yeon. Are you a good prosecutor?"

She said yes. And then she had said this.

A good prosecutor is someone who finds out the truth and punishes evil in the name of the law.

No matter what it takes.

How could she dare reveal the truth of this case? At what cost?

Why did President Minho ask her such a question?

Did he know in advance that this would happen?

Now in Jiyeon's hands were the autopsy results, which shook her hands, and would shake the entire country.

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