Chapter 21 - Room of Mirrors (1)

Chapter 21 – Room of Mirrors (1)

Two hours later. Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office.

The results of Eunseong Group Chairman Seo Geon-u autopsy were to be announced to the largest ever gathering of reporters in the country's history.

Sitting among the reporters was Jiyeon's friend Ju-eun.

Hyeon Ganghun, as head of the special investigation team, stepped forward to address the room.

He was assaulted by a flood of camera flashes that would have disoriented an ordinary person.

Jiyeon stood behind him and watched the scene.

Ganghun opened his mouth to speak.

"The preliminary results confirmed that Chairman Seo Geon-u's death was a heart attack. The final autopsy results concluded that–"

Ganghun took a deep breath then continued.

"In Chairman Seo Geon-u's blood was found to contain a new drug called Gentrix."

The reporters began to murmur among themselves.


Some people turned to their colleagues and others began searching the term on their cell phones.

Ganghun continued with his explanation.

"Gentrix is a new drug that has started spreading in Europe. The primary effect of the drug is to maximize sexual pleasure."

The reporters went wild.

Such drugs were found in the body of a chairman of over seventy!

"There have already been a number of deaths in Europe, and since the drug is a stimulant, heart problems are among the side effects. Chairman Seo Geon-u suffered a heart attack triggered by the drug."

A reporter raised his hand.

"If so, does that mean Chairman Seo was having sex that night?"

"That has not been confirmed yet."

"If there was no sexual intercourse, is there any other reason to take the drug?"

"In general, the use of Gentrix is…for recreational purposes."

After reading the results of the autopsy Jiyeon already knew 100% of its contents.

But it could not reveal if there was a woman at the secret villa of Chairman Seo that night.

"Were there any surveillance cameras in the villa?"

"The police searched everywhere, but there were no surveillance cameras. The same goes for the entrance."

"What about fingerprints?"

"None other than those that worked at the villa."

"Isn't there a camera on the road to the villa?"

"Because the villa was built in a remote area, there's no traffic control camera near the driveway. We're checking every camera on the nearby roads."

"Were the drugs taken for that day or were they taken on a regular basis?"

"We don't know yet. It is true, however, that a significant amount of Gentrix was found in his blood."

Jiyeon was uneasy.

This death would have a colossal impact on society…

The top businessman in Korea died while taking drugs?

Furthermore, drugs used to maximize sexual pleasure?

With the reporters clamoring to ask their questions, Ganghun raised his voice over the crowd to make himself heard.

"I'll now announce the autopsy results of Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok."

The reporters quieted at his words.

"The preliminary results found that his death was caused by excessive bleeding from over ten stab wounds. The finale autopsy revealed…the use of hypnotics."

Sleeping pills.

It partly explained why Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok was killed in such a defenseless state.

"In the case of Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok, a suspect was captured on a surveillance camera. We will investigate and identify the suspect as soon as possible."

"Release the picture of the suspect!"

"Make it public!"

"The people have a right to know!"

With the reporters' demands pouring in, Ganghun displayed a screenshot of the video and waited.

"The suspect was wearing a helmet and his face is not visible. If any citizen has seen anyone that looks like this person that night, please report it immediately."

"Is there any other evidence?"

"For security reasons these are the only things I can announce right now."

Ganghun firmly concluded the press conference and bowed to the reporters.

He evaded them through an entranceway behind the press room.

Jiyeon followed behind.

She as felt nervous as if she were the one standing in front of the reporters herself.

Ganghun looked unshaken by the cameras and Jiyeon looked at him admiringly.

"Sir, you're amazing."

At her praise he laughed and said,

"I'm hungry. Let's go eat something."


"How does sashimi sound?"

"Sounds great."

"Why don't we eat while watching the sea?"

In the midst of this he wanted to go to the seaside to eat?

Jiyeon tilted her head at his words.

"Follow me."

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