Chapter 23 - Room of Mirrors (3)

Chapter 23 – Room of Mirrors (3)

Only after they had reached the highway towards Incheon did Jiyeon realize his intention.

"Aha! We're going to Chairman Seo's villa?"

"What, did you think we were going to see the ocean on a date? In the middle of this situation?"

Incheon had perfect Korean scenery.

She had no personal feelings towards him, but she still felt a little let down.

"The crime scene must have already been cleaned up by now?"

"Yes, but I believe you can still gain some inspiration by going there. At least that's how I feel."

"I agree, sir."

At first the prosecution did not visit Chairman Seo's villa because it was believed that the cause of death was a natural heart attack.

The detectives and field investigators had been dispatched to the scene, and they looked around and took enough pictures.

But things had changed now.

They had to go to the scene even if they were overdue.

Jiyeon checked the news as Ganghun continued to drive.

After the announcement of the autopsy results, the media was going wild.

Portal sites were dominated with articles raising suspicion surrounding the death of the father and son.

There were also many stories about Eunseong Group's complex family history.

The three women who lived with Chairman Seo Geon-u, and the children they gave birth to…

Excluding Seo Ha-neul, who was not even in elementary school yet, there was great interest in the Minho and Minseok brothers.

Eunseong Group had quickly put out a statement.

They announced that they would cooperate with the investigative authorities but would fully protect the privacy of the deceased.

They also made it clear that they would sternly deal with media speculation and slanderous comments.

They also responded to the Gentrix controversy.

-Eunseong Group will investigate the possibility that the drug found in the body was used for medical purposes.

While the official statement itself was delivered calmly, the atmosphere within the company was grim.

The man who left the greatest mark in Korean economic history would be remembered as the man who died of a heart attack under those circumstances.

In fact, there were plenty of sarcastic comments in the articles.

-You don't need to watch the video. He takes drugs and calls a woman to play and has a heart attack *scared*

-the man is the head of the nation's top business boohoo

-I can understand why he has the power to change wives three times

-Adultery + prostitution + drugs is the top combo

-Gentrix used for medical purposes? the passing dog laughs

Jiyeon shivered as goosebumps sprung up on her arms.

She couldn't believe she was in the middle of such a huge event.

"Do you think Chairman Seo Geon-u was killed?"

"It depends if he knew he was taking the drug or not. If he knew about it then he would have taken it himself, but if he didn't, then someone must have planted it there."

"Even if it wasn't a murder, someone had to be there at the time of death. Let's think logically."

Ganghun's voice was steady as he explained.

"If I had known about the drug, I would take it right before I had sex, and if I didn't know about it, then someone else would have to give it to me. Is there any other scenario?"

Jiyeon thought for a moment then answered.

"This could be one situation. If Chairman Seo regularly took Gentrix, then there is the possibility of him dying alone while waiting for a woman, even if the possibility is not very high."

"His personal life was kept concealed. It won't be easy to find out what his life was like."

As they exchanged ideas about the incident, they finally arrived at Chairman Seo's villa.

There were already a number of reporters at the entrance along with several vehicles.

When Ganghun exited from the car the reporters came running to him.

"You're Prosecutor Hyeon Ganghun? Eunseong Group stated that the death was of natural causes. What is your opinion on this?"

"Was Gentrix used for medical purposes?"

"Do you have any evidence from the villa?"

"Was Chairman Seo the only one to use the residence?"

Ganghun entered the villa, leaving the reporters' endless questions behind him.

Jiyeon followed as close as a shadow.

The police guarding the entrance verified their identities and opened the door.

Unlike Chairman Seo's modern home in Nonhyeon-dong, his secret villa was very old-fashioned.

She could believe that it was the home of European nobility a hundred years ago.

Lavish paintings hung inside the wooden interior, and exquisite sculptures stood in every corner.

The taxidermy animal trophies also made an eerie impression.

"This must be expensive, right?"

"I believe so. Isn't the first wife a director of an art museum?"

"Yes. Lee Jeong-ok is the director of the Hyein Art Museum. She was the only daughter of the head of Hyeon Hospital and is also now the president of the foundation,"

Jiyeon explained without missing a beat.

"Inspector Cha, you have a sharp memory."

"I'm not a genius but I'm good at memorizing things."

Ganghun gave a chuckle.

"Do you know how to make jokes?"


"You're different from what I heard about you."

"What do people say about me? Oh, here we go. I haven't heard much good things since the incident."

"When the department chief was accused of sexual harassment…"

Ganghun closed his eyes and clapped his hands.

"When I first heard you did it, I really did clap."

Ganghun's eyes were as moist at the first snow as he looked at her with a smile.

This was why the female prosecutors were in love with him.

"I wanted you on the team because you have a good reputation and networking skills, and facing this challenge won't be easy."

"Yes, it's like that. I feel like the chief prosecutor is trying to tear me apart right now."

"During situations like these just believe in your principles. If someone whose job it is to administer justice does something bad, he should receive a bigger punishment, don't you think?"

Ganghun clapped Jiyeon on the shoulder.

"Don't get frustrated and pursue it to the end. I'm proud of our prosecutor."

Our prosecutor…Jiyeon felt a rush of emotion.

She wanted to say that she was honored to work with him, but she couldn't get the words to come out.

Meanwhile, Ganghun was looking around the house with hawk-like eyes.

Jiyeon followed him quickly.

The bedroom where Chairman Seo was found in was far from a normal bedroom.

The room itself was very wide, and covering the walls and the ceiling over the king-sized bed were large mirrors. The effect was dizzying.

"This is a mirror room?"

Jiyeon looked at her and Ganghun's reflections.

One, two, three, four…

The endlessly repeating images were enough to disorient her.

"I wonder why he would decorate the room like this."

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