Chapter 22 - Room of Mirrors (2)

Chapter 22 – Room of Mirrors (2)

Ganghun was the leader of the team.

Before going out to eat with him, Jiyeon went to the restroom.

At the sink, she met Prosecutor Lee Yoon Kyeong, who was a year older than her but was in the same batch.

"Hey, how are you?"

Jiyeon greeted, and Yun-kyeong was as happy to see her as if she had met a celebrity.

She had a reputation for being a joker at the Judicial Research and Training Institute.

Her sense of humor was that she was told she could be a comedian instead of a prosecutor.

"Jiyeon! I heard you're on the special investigation team?"


"Wow…I'm so jealous."

"It's good. But there's plenty of work."

"But you get to work with Hyeon Ganghun."


"Kyaaa! How is it like working with Jung Woo-sung every day?"


It took Jiyeon a moment to understand what Yun-kyeong was talking about.

"He's good-looking."

"Good-looking? Hey! The rest of the prosecutors' office is a country of ugly squids! I bet he's the number one man in the history of Korean prosecution. Just good-looking? He's amazing at his job too. Not a scandal in sight."

"You like him? He seems to be very popular."

"I watched his press conference. Sitting in a cubicle."

Yun-kyeong looked at her cell phone with the expression of a high school girl telling a story about an idol.

"You're so pretty yourself."

Li Yun-kyeong lightly tapped Jiyeon.

"I was too busy to put on makeup."

"Natural is attractive too!"

She looked at Jiyeon and suddenly pinched her arm.

"Good luck."


"You don't have a boyfriend."


"And Hyeon Ganghun doesn't have a girlfriend, I checked."

"What are you talking about? Do you think Hyeon actually sees me as a woman?"

"Why not? You're beautiful."

"When I tell the men I know that I'm a prosecutor they take a step back. They think I might charge them with something."

"Then if I were you I would go in and do it. There won't be another chance in squid country."

"After this case is over, do you want me to introduce you to someone?"

The large smile on Yun-kyeong's face dropped to the floor.

"I see. I'll tell you."

"Tell me?"

"I'm getting married next month."

"You are?"

Yun-gyeong pulled up a picture of her fiance on her phone.

He was a researcher-like man with glasses and a trustworthy face.

"Do you think he's ugly?"

"No! He looks good to me."

"I only really like to look at his face. It was my dream to care for a gorgeous-looking guy! How can I find a man like that?"

At the sight of Yun-gyeong's sullen face, Jiyeon burst into laughter.

"What does he do?"

"He's a researcher. For semiconductors."

"Bingo! I thought he looked like a researcher."

"Should I break up with him and meet up with Hyeon instead?"

Yun-gyeong's expression was so serious that Jiyeon laughed again.

"My fiance is on vacation today so I'm here to have lunch with him. If you're not doing anything would you like to come join us? I could introduce you."

"Sorry. I'm on my way to met up with someone and eat right now."

"With who?"

"With Hyeon…"

"Just the two of you?"


"What a surprise! Big bang!"

After Jiyeon barely managed to stop Yun-gyeong from ditching her fiance, Jiyeon left the bathroom.

If she had revealed she was going to the beach to eat sashimi with Ganghun she wouldn't be able to get rid of her.

Was it because of Yun-gyeong's words that she looked good with Hyeon?

Jiyeon felt awkward as she rode on the elevator with Ganghun to the underground parking lot.

The subtle male scent of him in the car made her feel even more awkward.

Jiyeon suddenly wondered about something.

Why would he suggest going to the beach to eat sashimi during this busy time?

Was he sneaking out?

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