Chapter 26 - My Heart Is So Scared (2)

Chapter 26 – My Heart Is So Scared (2)

The next morning, Jiyeon woke to the sound of a loud ringing.

On her cell phone display was the name Ju-eun.

"My friend. Give me something that's not an official press release."

"Ah…it's morning! You know I can't."

"Nothing big! What about the suspect who killed Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok? Is there anyone on the list?"

Jiyeon recalled Minho's face.

He wasn't officially a suspect, but she couldn't help but automatically think of him.

"It's still early on in the investigation and I can't tell you anything."

"What about the case of Chairman Seo Geon-u? Have you gotten anywhere?"

Yes, but she couldn't tell her that either.

"You're not even a reporter and you're digging for a scoop?"



"You're scary like a ghost."

"What are you talking about? Tell me."

"I've transferred divisions. I've gone from public education to media coverage."

"What? So you're a reporter instead of a program director now?"


"Didn't you like being a program director? You had a lot of pride in it."

Ju-eun's informational program "Tell It" received high ratings and widespread praise.

It was considered to be the best program on current affairs and it uncovered corruption in every corner of society and revealed mysteries viewers were curious about.

Because of it Ji-eun left her childhood dream of being a journalist and joined as the program director.

"It was because of this case."

"What? You changed departments because of this? Why?"

"I decided to investigate the case as a reporter, then go back to the education division to create a special program. I even got a contract from the company."

"So you've been dispatched."

"I guess so. So you have to help me as well."

"Well, my nose is three feet long."

"Don't be so hard. The other day you were really cool."


"When the autopsy results were announced a few days ago, it was biggest press event in the country's history. My friend was standing right there with her prosecutor's badge on and it made me so happy."

"I didn't even say anything."

"Someday you will lead an investigation team and do a press conference in front a large gathering of reporters."

"If I don't get cut by then."

"You have nothing to lose."

"You don't know the world. Who would have thought that Seo Geon-u and Seo Minhyeok would pass away at once like that?"

"You're right. It's a world I can't really understand. I'm sure you're busy, but take care of your health. Whenever I take a drink I'll think of you. Okay?"

"Yes, Ms. Program Director!"

The call had interrupted her sleep for a while.

She had another half hour to spare. Should she go back to sleep? Or should she get ready for work?

In such cases the answer was always in the middle.

Jiyeon lay in bed for a while, drifting between wakefulness and sleep.

She remembered Minho from the night before at the funeral home, then the day when his father and brother died at the same time.

There was no sign of strong emotions on his face.

She remembered when he ignored Ganghun and spoke to her instead.

"I know who killed my brother."

He then said he would go the prosecutors' office after the funeral was over to reveal the killer.

From the moment they first met, Minho had always been enigmatic.

There were dangerous seeds that should not be kept in one's heart.

The red roots would creep in, the red stems spread out, and the flowers would bloom with colors that had never been seen before.

Jiyeon has reasons to be wary of him.

He spent an evening at a beach with her nine years ago,

Then he watched her for a year,

And he said he could see certain moments in the future.

He had the same motorcycle as the suspect,

Which was a rare model with only two hundred of them in Korea,

He knew who killed his brother,

And soon he would go to the prosecutors' office to reveal the criminal.

Seo Minho. Who on earth are you?

She wanted to know his identity as much as she wanted to know the killer.

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