Chapter 27 - My Heart Is So Scared (3)

Chapter 27 – My Heart Is So Scared (3)

Jiyeon prepared to go to work as usual and arrived there by subway.

She was in the special investigation team's office drinking her morning coffee when her cell phone vibrated.

It was a message from Ju-eun, along with an attached picture.

– You know how I don't throw things away, right? I just remembered I have a drawer of old cell phones and I found a treasure!

She opened the picture…

Nine years ago, a moment was captured off the coast of Busan.

The photo was of Jiyeon, who had just turned twenty, and of Minho, who radiated youthful energy.

Jiyeon was resting her hand on her chin, looking into the air, as Minho look at her from the side.


Jiyeon sighed as she looked at the picture.

At least one of Minho's mysterious claims turned out to be true.

They really did have a connection at the beach!

Jiyeon was still staring at the picture when Ganghun called out,

"Let's have a meeting!"

The special investigation team had been granted authority to request additional support, and the team had been reinforced with another prosecutor and three additional police investigators, bringing their number to eight.

Prosecutor Ganghun turned to Detective Nam first.

"Did you finish investigating Seo Minhyeok's cell phone records?"

"I've looked at everything up to last two months."

"Make it the last six, and be sure you have the call and text message history."

"Yes, sir."

"Was there anything special on the records for the past two months?"

"Most of them were business-related. There were a lot of overseas calls. The most noticeable of them…"

The detective stopped speaking for a moment, then continued in a careful voice.

"Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok had a girlfriend."


Jiyeon groaned unknowingly.

He had a girlfriend?

This detail had been completely unknown to them.

It had not come up in any of the family's or secretaries' statements when interviewed by the police.

Could this be the person that Minho said killed his brother?

Ganghun's voice was tense at this new development.

"Who is it?"

"She's… she was his secretary."

"I'm sorry?"

"Her name is Yu Minji…"

The other team members reacted in surprise, and Detective Nam passed out several documents over to the team.

"These are the contents of the messages shared by Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok and Yu Minji. They communicated extensively. She was with him for almost 365 days a year because she was his secretary."

Jiyeon looked at the attached photo of Yu Minji.

She had a graceful face and neatly bobbed hair like a news anchor.

She was cute rather than sexy or cool.

While her face was pretty enough, she wasn't a world-class beauty that could make a man fall in love with her in a single glance.

"As you can see from their conversations, they met in private quite often."

Jiyeon scanned through the messages quickly.

She was so surprised that she covered her mouth with her hand.

It was nothing short of play between lovers.

– U look beautiful today, baby

– *sad face* …what. I'm ugly today

– What day is that? Baby looks beautiful every day *kiss* ♥

– Eeeeh…me too *kiss kiss*♥

As she read through the messages she spoke to Detective Nam.

"Are these really Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok's messages?"

"Yes. I was a little surprised."

The other team members were flipping through the pages with a look of disbelief.

The heir to Eunseong Group wrote these messages himself?

Calling a secretary a baby? And blowing hearts?

And deliberately bad spelling? Was he acting cute?

Jiyeon read through more of the file.

– Do you want to go shopping in Paris?

– Do you have time for that?

– I make time.

– Wow, Oppa is so cool!!! (TN: Oppa is a term used by a female towards an older brother or older male )

– Baby wanted sunglasses, right? Oppa will buy it for you.

– No, I can buy it with my salary. Ojja pays me a lot of money.

– Ojja wants to buy it for you.

– If you keep on doing that, I will think of you as a second-generation conglomerate who seduces his secretary with money!

– Somehow, it is important to seduce you haha

– Please, please don't read on your private plane and get some sleep. Sleep is good for you

– I don't have much time to read books comfortably. Don't try to change my mind, I'd like to buy baby something on this business trip….

– Is Ojja going to keep making money?

– Okay. Then, I'll draw the line. Buy me another one.

– What?

– Lingerie ♥♥♥

– Omg!!

Jiyeon's cheeks turned red.

The date of the conversation was well over a year ago.

One hundred pages of A4 paper.

She thought Seo Minhyeok was a CEO who didn't bleed or cry…

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