Chapter 6 - Summer, 9 Years Ago (2)

Chapter 6 – Summer, 9 Years Ago (2)

At the same time when the chief prosecutor was lost in thought, Jiyeon was wrestling with a dilemma of her own.

She only just met Seo Minho in this elevator.

And they've known each other for over a year?

No matter how hard she tried she could never recall ever meeting this man.

This was the first time she'd actually seen him!

"Do you mean I was your girlfriend?"

She didn't get a chance to receive an answer.

At that moment the elevator door opened.

"Are you Prosecutor Cha Jiyeon?"

It was a National Forensic Service staff member sent to greet her.

"Yes. Pleased to meet you."

"Ah, President Seo Minho."

The staff member bowed to him.

"My condolences to you and your family."

Minho politely bowed back.

Only after seeing this exchange did Jiyeon realize something.

She really didn't know if she dated Minho for over a year or why he seemed to believe that.

But his words, actions, and expressions in the elevator…

It was like he never lost his brother in father in one night.

What if…

She felt her hair prick on the back of her neck.

Jiyeon began to observe Minho with a completely different perspective than before.

She stared at the back of his head as he walked along the hallway with the staff member.

His gait was smooth and confident.

This was like a man going out for something to eat, not to see the bodies of his father and brother.

With his pressed suit, classy tie, and polished shoes that matched his outfit…he looked like a fashion show model.

Not a man who rushed out in a hurry.

They arrived at the office, Jiyeon's gaze still fixed on Minho.

There was paperwork to sign before the autopsy.

"Hello. I'm Lee Myeongse, director of the National Forensic Service."

Director Lee greeted both Jiyeon and Minho at the same time.

This case was so important it required his appearance.

"I'm sure you have many things to attend to, but thank you for your personal attention in this matter,"

Minho greeted politely.

The director bowed again before Minho.

"It must have come as a terrible shock to you. We hope the autopsy will help us catch the criminal and ease the pain of the family."

"Thank you. By the way, is it necessary to examine my father's body? Even with a heart attack?"

"It may be a heart attack, but we don't know the exact causes. We have to rule out the involvement of outside parties."

"I see."

Minho nodded calmly then turned his head to the side.

He caught the gaze of Jiyeon who was observing him.


Jiyeon said in surprise.

She felt like she was caught peeking. No, not just a feeling but the truth.

Minho tilted his head at her.

"Why are you so surprised every time you see me?"

"I'm sorry."

She bowed her head, her cheeks glowing.

She would figure out his identity in the future, but her first impression was that he wasn't rude.

Appearance, eyes, tone, and everything were overwhelming to an opponent.

Was it the charisma of the conglomerate family?

In reality, that was how Jiyeon thought after meeting a one for the first time.

And what were the strange words he said earlier?

"Do you believe in love?"

"That was the last question you asked me."

"I knew you for over a year, did you really forget about it?"

No matter how much she tried to remember the past, she had no recollection of having been his lover.

No, she had never met him! Ever!

She had to concentrate on the autopsy. This was the biggest job of her life.

She was getting her thoughts in order when,


The office door burst open and a man rushed in.

His hair was disheveled and he lacked a tie with his suit jacket, but Jiyeon recognized the surprise visitor right away.

Seo Minseok. President of Eunseong Motors. The third son of Chairman Seo Geon-u.

It was only today that she had heard that Seo Minseok and Seo Minho were born from different mothers.

This man could end up as the successor to Eunseong Group.

Which means…this man could also benefit from these murders.

"You're here."

Minho moved to shake hands, but Minseok pulled him in for a hug instead.

"How could this happen? Brother…how could this be!"

Tears poured out of his eyes.

The sight of it made Jiyeon's chest clench.

Yes. This was normal.

Their family members died overnight, and it was normal to cry like this.

Even the president of the biggest car company in Korea wasn't immune from such emotions.

Minseok had been hugging Minho for a while, mucus dripping from his nose.

Minho's flat expression was a dramatic contrast to Minseok's.

When Minseok finally calmed down the director handed them some documents.

"If it's possible we'd like to begin the examination soon. We need both of your signatures as representatives of the family."

Eight people were involved in the autopsy.

A forensic doctor, the two Seo brothers, two outside doctors designated by the family, two detectives from the Gangnam police station, and Cha Jiyeon from the Public Prosecutors' Office.

After all the paperwork was signed, the group headed to the examination room when someone rushed in the corridor.


Another man appeared.

He was wearing a suit jacket that was half falling off, a sleek tie, and matching shoes.

He ran in front of the group going to the examination room and bowed and introduced himself.

"I'm Hyeon Ganghun from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. I'm in charge of the special team investigating this case. I look forward to working with you."

Then he said politely,

"I will do my best in the investigation to ease the suffering of the family."

Minho and his brother Minseok expressed their gratitude.

"Prosecutor! Please catch the killer!"

Minseok grabbed Ganghun's hand.

"Yes, we will."

Ganghun turned to greet Jiyeon.

"This is our first time meeting, sir. It's Cha Jiyeon."

"Ah. I heard from the chief prosecutor. I look forward to working with you."

He gave her a gentlemanly smile.

Jiyeon suddenly knew why Ganghun was nicknamed the Jung Woo-sung of the prosecutors' office.

"Very well, then please sign here."

With Ganghun's final signature the pre-autopsy procedures were finally completed.

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