Chapter 7 - Summer, 9 Years Ago (3)

Chapter 7 – Summer, 9 Years Ago (3)

Nine people filed into the examination room.

There were two metal beds in a spacious area that looked similar to an operating room.

Two bodies were covered with white sheets.

They were the father and son, the chairman and vice chairman, and their bodies had become cold overnight.

They were ready for the scalpel.

'This is life and death.’

Jiyeon exhaled, dread gnawing at her insides.

The forensic doctor stood beside the bodies with a tray of medical equipment.

"If you could please identify the body."

The sheet was pulled away from one of metal beds.

Underneath was Seo Geon-u, who looked as if he were peacefully asleep.


Minseok began to tremble uncontrollably.

The forensic doctor also removed the sheet covering the body of Seo Minhyeok.


A shocked gasp rippled through the group, including Jiyeon.

Unlike Seo Geon-u's serene expression, Seo Minhyeok's face was gruesomely disfigured.

His face bore the signs of extreme agony at the time of his death.

There was a large gash extending from his forehead down to his left cheek and chin.

The wound was so awful that you would wish you were dead.

What the hell happened?


Minseok sobbed, and his trembling body couldn't support him anymore and he sat down, unable to contain his grief.

Jiyeon glanced at Minho's face.

He had said strange things in the elevator, but here his jaw was clenched tight.

He did not show as much expression as Minseok, but it also looked like grief.

‘What? Is that supposed to be a sad face?’

She had to observe him more. The investigation was now.

Cha Jiyeon would take control of this.

"Seo Geon-u and Seo Minhyeok, is that correct?"

The forensic doctor omitted their titles and asked their names as shown on their resident registration.

"Yes…that's right, my father! My brother can confirm it!"

Minseok cried.

Minho also nodded, his lips calm.

"The family members have been identified. We'll begin the autopsy on Seo Geon-u first."

The forensic doctor picked up a sharp scalpel.

Jiyeon's fist was clenched tight.


The same time. Chief Prosecutor Han Junggwon ran to the prosecutor general's office for a private meeting.

"Have the autopsy results come out yet?"

asked the prosecutor general.

"The autopsy is probably taking place right now. The preliminary results will come out this afternoon. I requested the National Forensic Service to complete the final report as soon as possible."

"No suspects yet?"

"No. We are still investigating the murder scene."

"We need to resolve this quickly. Look at this. This is a mess.

The prosecutor general pointed to a TV screen on the wall of the office.

"The Tragedy of the Eunseong Group: What's Inside?"

After the news broke thirty minutes ago, all the the broadcasting stations and portal websites had headlines about the death of the father and son of the Eunseong Group.

The death of Chairman Seo Geon-u was top news itself, but his eldest son's death on the same day shocked the public.

At this moment, the crime scene was being examined at the same time the autopsy was being conducted.

They didn't have any information yet, but the details of the case would soon be revealed.

The circumstances were so shocking and abnormal that the prosecution felt pressure to solve the case as soon as possible.

The chief prosecutor left the prosecutor general's office with heavy steps.

He was walking in the corridor when his cellphone rang. It was an unknown number.

He ignored it because he didn't want to take it unless it was an urgent call, but he called back right away.

The chief prosecutor spoke on his phone while he was moving.


"Chief Prosecutor Han Junggwon?"

It was the voice of a woman.

She had a clear and high tone, but he could sense her age and maturity in her voice.

"Yes, speaking?"

"I wanted to say hello to you in person, but I'm sorry that it has to be by phone like this."

"Who is this?"

"My name is Jang Eun-a."

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