Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1045: Signal

Chapter 1045: Signal

The moonlight turned purple. This was Tiffany’s first feeling after opening her eyes.

“7 days ago… um, it should be morning.” Chen Rui’s voice sounded, “Actually, it’s half a day earlier, just in case.”

Judging from Tiffany’s silent expression, this explanation was simply unnecessary to her.

“Tiffany, your next stop will be the Bloody Empire.” Chen Rui went straight to the point, “Are you ready?”

Tiffany was still silent. Although her gaze was not as numb as before, it was still indifferent. Just when Chen Rui thought the conversation was about to end prematurely, she finally asked, “Would you still save me without that person’s entrustment?”

Chen Rui thought for a while and replied, “I’m not an indiscriminate good person. My hands are covered with blood. Kindness to the enemy is cruelty to myself. If we are in a competitive relationship, when vying for the silver box in that mysterious When the Ghastly Floating Land… I probably won’t show any mercy to you. But if it’s the Holy Light Mountain… I wouldn’t stand idly by in that situation; even without someone’s entrustment, purpose or repayment. It is not a high-sounding righteousness, I just feel like I want to do it. It is like when you are helping those people in that world. I have heard a saying that people travel thousands of miles just to go back inside one’s heart. I’m so glad that your experience didn’t take you away from your heart, but brought you closer.”

Although Chen Rui did not deliberately spy on Tiffany’s actions, as the controller of the Galaxy Divinity Temple, he only needed to move his thoughts to know every move of an ‘oracle’ from the Tower of Faith. Tiffany’s actions these few days made him feel relieved. At least, he didn’t save the wrong person.

Tiffany’s gaze finally changed a little, “What should I do?”

“The path you are going to take will take on more responsibilities. The fate or life and death of more people will be changed because of your decision. In fact, I have no qualifications or ability to teach you how to do it. It all depends on yourself. I will give you the greatest support and help within the scope of my ability.”

Chen Rui remembered a classic line from a movie in his previous life, ‘Hannibal Rising’.

“Tiffany, I have a word for you, ‘Anything that can’t kill me will only make me stronger; whatever pain you are suffering now will become your most solid strength in the future’.”

Hannibal in the film was a character who became crazy and twisted by pain and hatred. Tiffany, in contrast, suffered deeply, but she did not pass on or inflict the pain on others. She was more suitable for the meaning of the sentence.

Tiffany stared at Chen Rui deeply, and there was a special meaning in her indifferent eyes. From birth, she was brought to the Mountain Seckred as a bargaining chip or a tool. The ‘key’ was the value of her existence. No love, no friends, no other; just value, the only value.

For 100 years, in that lonely and indifferent environment. Her personality had been split into 2. 1 was longing to accept others and to be recognized. This was the personality during the first time Chen Rui met Tiffany in the Bloody Empire’s trade fair.

Another 1 sealed herself protectively and refused all who approaches, Chen Rui had seen this Tiffany in the Mountain Seckred, the Mysterious Land and the Holy Light Mountain where she was imprisoned later.

The man in front of her was the first to touch her heart. It was not some kind of love, just a simple touch.

That ‘longing’ personality had a very sensitive mind and could detect that the reason why the former Second Prince Edmund or Young Prince Teris approached her had a special intention or purpose. In fact, even in the face of ‘mother’ Eudora, she felt a shuddering fear in her heart, but she was more blinded by the longing for family affection for many years. It was not until she was subdued by Eudora herself that she really gave up.

Only this person really wanted to help her. Even if there was no entrustment or political marriage, his previous answer was sincere.

Chen Rui was his name.

The indifferent gaze gradually faded, replaced by a soft look, “Can I still go to that world? Can I still see her?”

Veronica, who was also someone who purely wanted to help her and get close to her, was already the person she trusted most even though it had only been 7 days.

“What is certain is that it is no longer possible to use the power of [Soul Taking] to enter… Maybe we can use another method. If there is a chance, I think this wish can be realized.” As the 2-star enhancement had not produced any result yet, Chen Rui couldn’t be sure of some things, so he could only answer vaguely. Of course, if Tiffany really became his wife, then he would certainly not be stingy with the powerful benefits of the Super System.

“Thank you.” Tiffany bowed and saluted. This was obviously the first time Chen Rui had seen the girl. She looked timid, and her pale blue eyes contained undisguised sadness. It was 1 thing to figure things out, and it was another thing to really let the pain fade away. No matter what, she finally took the first step.

“What you need most now is to go back to your room and get a good night’s sleep.” Chen Rui nodded, “When you are completely ready, I will take you to the Fallen Angel Capital. First meet Empress Shea, and then … I will send you back to the Bloody Empire. I don’t want to give you a time limit. However… since you’ve chosen your own path, there are certain things that you have to face sooner or later.”

Tiffany obviously had quite a bit of resistance to ‘going back’ in her mind. She bit her lip lightly, and gave a muffled ‘en’.

Whoops… who did I see? Isn’t that the future Royal Majesty Empress?” A charming voice sounded from behind, raising her pitch deliberately.

“Yini.” Chen Rui naturally didn’t have to look back to identify the master of this voice.

Isabella stepped forward leisurely and looked at Tiffany a few times. Just as she was about to make a few sarcastic words as usual, she suddenly noticed some kind of change, and she shut her mouth and didn’t say any more.

Tiffany didn’t know the past between Isabella and Eudora. She gave Isabella a deep bow timidly before she walked toward the house.

“Your Royal Majesty Empress, it seems… she has finally come out of the hidden trauma.” Isabella took Chen Rui’s arm as she teased, “In this way, you have collected all 3 Royal Majesty Empress, the one and only Royal Highness Prince Consort in the entire Demon Realm.”

Chen Rui smiled slightly, “Beautiful Ms. Yini, there seems to be something you didn’t say just now?”

Isabella gave a light snort, “I seem to be a little soft-hearted. It should be only natural for the daughter to repay her mother’s debts.”

“This is my Yini; truly unique.” Chen Rui wrapped her arms around her waist and sniffed the seductive fragrance, “I suddenly want to drink a ‘bitter drink’, I wonder if I can invite the pretty lady to accompany me?”

Hmph hmph, if you are making tea…”

“Your wishes are in the direction of my sword, beautiful lady.”


Under the moonlight, 2 two figures walked slowly, leaning against each other, and the shadows merged into 1.

In the next few days, Tiffany no longer sat blankly in the shadow, but she hid and ate in the room most of the time every day. It seemed that she did not dare to come out to meet everyone.

The opportunity for change occurred 1 afternoon when Ms. Duoduo shouted to play the role game, but one person was missing. Tiffany finally joined the game under the invitation of Ms. Duoduo herself.

Although it was just a few lines and even though she said the wrong word because she was nervous, it was the most relaxing and happiest afternoon Tiffany had ever remembered.

That day’s dinner, Tiffany first appeared at the table in the yard.

Since then, although Tiffany rarely spoke, she was no longer an outsider in this yard after all.

7 days later, Tiffany finally decided to follow Chen Rui to the Fallen Angel Capital. As Chen Rui said, some things had to be faced sooner or later, but she would never forget those days as an oracle, which would affect her lifelong experience.

When saying goodbye to everyone, Tiffany cried.

Crying very sadly.

Duoduo naturally cried a lot with her.

Then, Tiffany followed Chen Rui and entered the space from the Rainbow Valley to the outer suburbs of the Fallen Angel Empire, accompanied by a certain princess loli.

Alice was originally asked by Shea to enter the new Fallen Angel Empire college to study, but a certain loli obviously didn’t want to live that kind of ‘controlled’ life, so she came to the Dark Moon to visit Athena and never went back. The original 3-day deadline was delayed to more than 10 days. Shea, who couldn’t bear it, finally issued an ultimatum. This time, Chen Rui caught her and brought her back together.

Alice held Chen Rui’s arm tightly, which was equivalent to announcing some kind of ownership, but Tiffany on the side didn’t seem to care. Princess Loli couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. Her gaze toward Tiffany was full of vigilance – Why can Tiffany become brother’s wife? Just because she is Raizen’s daughter? The future empress of the Bloody Empire? Brother and I are childhood sweethearts (self-assumprion)) , After all the hardships, it has not been completely successful so far. The book says that kissing is just a prelude to the sex, the sex has not yet succeeded, and the girl still has to work hard.

But but but… why is Tiffany ‘reaping without sowing’?

In fact, Alice was not that kind of pure malice. She shed a lot of tears with Tiffany just now.

As the ‘flat chest girl’, she was also friendly to the mortal enemy of the ‘big breast girl’ like Tiffany. They could conclude a strategic association, but it involved an important marriage with the ‘big brother”, so she must not show weakness.

Just when the ‘flat chest girl’ was thinking wildly, Chen Rui suddenly rolled up his sleeves and looked at an ornament on his wrist, which was flashing a strange light.

Chen Rui showed a surprised expression because this was a distress signal!

And the one who sent the signal was Shea!

It was so sudden that he could hardly imagine what kind of emergency would cause Empress Shea, the Fallen Angel Empire, to activate this signal!

Chen Rui’s response was extremely fast. He immediately activated the space artifact, the Tower of Glory, and put Tiffany and Alice into the space, then he started shifting with all his strength toward the palace of the Fallen Angel Capital.

TL: What danger could she face? She shouldn’t be just sending the distress signal due to loneliness right?

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