Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1046: Dark Divinity Temple! Unexpected Crisis

Chapter 1046: Dark Divinity Temple! Unexpected Crisis

The Palace of the Fallen Angel Empire.

Shea on the throne had stood up and was watching the 3 people in front of her vigilantly.

2 men and 1 woman.

Among the 2 men, 1 was tall and the other short. The burly man with short purple hair had a beard, a high brow bone, and darker eyes; the other long-haired man was thin and had a sharp face. He looked at Shea with malicious eyes.

In the middle of the 2 men was a blond woman with a plump figure. Judging from her position, she should be the leader. Her eyes were closed, and her expression wavery arrogant as if she was disdainful to open them.

“The defense of this palace is much stronger than I imagined. It seems that the Fallen Angel Empire has a little more background.” The burly man looked around and nodded approvingly, “The defense magic circle seems to contain ancient runes. The mystery is not simple. Ordinary kingdomized powerhouses may not be able to break through.”

“So what?” The skinny man had a disdainful expression on his face. He was fiddling with a hint of cold air in his hands, “In such a solid nest, it’s just a bunch of ants.”

At the entrance and outside of the main hall, there were ice sculptures everywhere. There were frozen lamp spirits including the strongest maroon lamp spirits, Manlace with strength S++. It could be seen that the strength of these 3 people had far exceeded the scope of ordinary powerhouses.

The blond woman still didn’t speak, and the thin man spoke up, “First, let us introduce ourselves. This is Madam Esqui, my name is Tram, and his name is Cromandis. We are here today to visit Your Majesty Empress.”

Shea took a deep breath, “Breaking in is not the proper etiquette for a visit. Furthermore, according to a certain convention, 3 of you shouldn’t be here in this way.”

“Don’t be too arrogant. If you weren’t on the throne, you wouldn’t be qualified to see us at all.” Tram sneered.

Cromandis smiled indifferently, “It seems that Her Majesty Empress also knows something about super powerhouse. This saves us the trouble.”

Shea asked calmly, “What is the purpose of the 3 of you coming here? Please tell me directly.”

“The 3 of us were ordered by a great being to announce something to Your Majesty Empress.” Tram said proudly, “From today, the Fallen Angel Empire will be blessed by the Dark Divinity Temple. All the people in the country will be faithful to our Dark Divinity Temple.”

“Dark Divinity Temple?” Shea was taken aback by the new term.

“Dark Divinity Temple is a holy church that serves the Demon God. It has been hidden from the world previously. Now the Demon Realm’s 3 empires have concluded an alliance. The Demon Realm presents a rare peaceful atmosphere. The Demon God specially casts a miracle. The Dark Divinity Temple will guide all the people of the Demon Realm in one faith. They will forever be favored by the Demon God.”

“For countless years, the people of the Demon Realm have been advocating the faith of the Demon God, but I have never heard the name ‘Dark Divinity Temple’. Who is the ‘great being’ you are speaking of?”

“That great being is the real oracle under the Demon God; an existence above all powers in the world.” Tram showed awe when he mentioned ‘that person’.

“It seems that the Fallen Angel Empire is not the only destination for the 3 of you?”

“Yes, the 3 empires will become the vassal of the Dark Divinity Temple. This isinevitable.” Cromandis nodded, “The Fallen Angel Empire is currently the most powerful of the 3 empires, so it is also our first stop.”

“As far as I know, the super powerhouses above the Demon Overlord cannot simply interfere in the world of ordinary people.” Shea frowned slightly, “That ‘great being’ blatantly interferes with the order of the entire Demon Realm, isn’t he afraid …”

“You don’t seem to understand a thing,” Tram interrupted Shea impatiently, “Strength determines order. When the blessing of the Dark Divinity Temple has spread throughout the Demon Realm, the true order will be re-established. The Dark Divinity Temple will become the defender of the entire order and protect all blessed forces. These things have nothing to do with your level. You just need to convey the will of the temple to ordinary people, and ensure that the faith of Demon God can spread to every corner of the empire. That’s it.”

“With all due respect, Demon God has always been the highest faith of the vast majority of the Demon Realm, but it is not controlled by some unidentified organization. As the empress of an empire, first of all, I cannot enforce the faith of all, and also I will not accept such a request from the 3 of you.”

“Foolish and ignorant woman!” Tram said ghastly, “Although you are an empress in front of others, you are nothing in front of us! For those ignorant ants, we don’t mind erasing them. At most, we will support a more obedient puppet to ascend the throne.”

“Yes, Your Majesty Empress. Please note that we are not here to negotiate with you, but to announce… or to order.” Cromandis’ tone sounded more polite, but not at all polite.

“Sir Cromandis, you are the royal family of the Fallen Angel Empire.” Shea stared at Cromandis’ purple eyes closely, “Although I don’t know if you are a member of the royal family or which generation are you from, but as a royal family, are you willing to let the Fallen Angel Empire fall under such control?”

Cromandis smiled lightly, “If one day, you can step into the super-level, you will know that power, bloodline or race are just temporary. Strength is the most important thing. Joining the Dark Divinity Temple will not hurt you. On the contrary, you can also get more unimaginable benefits. Considering that you are in the same bloodline of the Fallen Angel Empire, I will also give you corresponding care.”

Compared with this friendly face, Tram was obviously playing an evil role. The eyes looking at Shea contained strong unconcealed desire, “I forgot to tell you that I’m the royal descendant of the Beelzebub Royal Family, and I’m always particularly intrigued by the royal women of the Fallen Angel Empire, especially a cold-looking woman like you. My favorite thing to do is to turn that seemingly unattainable coldness into pleading and wailing. If you’re really smart, just obey orders honestly. Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to having one more in the collection…”

Tram’s insulting threat changed Shea’s facial expression slightly with intense rage in her eyes. At this moment, Her Majesty Empress’ eyes suddenly lit up. The rage and nervousness gradually faded and were replaced by calm.

“Enough! Tram, put away your so-called fondness! Dark Divinity Temple is the most important.” The blonde woman, Esqui, who had kept her eyes closed, stopped Tram. She finally opened her eyes slowly. A cold light pierced through Shea’s eyes. “Now officially tell me your answer. Shea. Lucifer, you only have one chance.”

That terrifying gaze charged straight toward Shea with a spirit power that made the soul tremble.

Even if Shea didn’t agree, Esqui still had absolute confidence to control the empress with spirit power. Although doing so was only a last resort and would consume a lot of power, she could at least complete the task given by Master.

All of a sudden, there was a warning sign in Esqui’s mind. Before she could react subconsciously, she felt that the gaze with powerful spirit power toward Shea was reflected back by some incredible power. Her eyes felt like being pierced by needles. She grunted and covered her eyes. There was actually blood dripping between her fingers.

That needle-piercing feeling had penetrated into the soul. It’s a spiritual recoil! It should be reflected by the power of several times!

Esqui was secretly horrified. She tried her best to suppress the pain in her soul and struggled to open her eyes. In the blurred vision, Tram’s figure seemed to be retreating step by step, and popping sounds kept coming from him. When she could see clearly, Tram had already fallen to the ground. He covered his head in pain, and the ground was full of blood that splashed all over.

Those ‘blood splash’ were the ‘blood-sucking demonic fly’ created by Tram’s secret treasures combined with the talent and kingdom of the Beelzebub Royal Family. They were connected with his own soul, and they could absorb the flesh and soul of the enemy without being affected by normal attacks; almost immortal. The scene was obviously that the blood-sucking demonic flies had been completely annihilated by some special law power. Tram’s own soul had also been severely damaged.

Although Cromandis was still standing still, his feet sank deep into the ground. The [Holy Wings] that appeared behind him gradually dimmed as his facial expression turned extremely pale. He seemed to have lost his ability to move.

Esqui was secretly startled. Her eyes were set on a figure that appeared out of thin air beside Shea.

This was an ordinary-looking man. Even if she stared like this, it was difficult to leave a definite impression in her mind. She just sensed a vast and huge breath in those black eyes, which needed to be looked up or even worshiped.

Esqui had only sensed this kind of feeling in a certain existence, but that sir was the strongest existence below god. This person in front of her should have the same strength as her at the Demi-God level; just more powerful than her.

Illusion! It is definitely just an illusion!

Esqui secretly channeled her power to quickly recover from the recoil. She calmed down and spoke up, “What a surprise. I didn’t expect such a powerful Demi-God to exist in the palace of the Fallen Angel Empire. Please allow me to apologize to sir.”

The person who appeared beside Shea was Chen Rui who rushed over. Chen Rui gave Esqui a cold look, “Put away that false courtesy. I will never be polite to people who are really rude. I came a little late. I only heard ‘Dark Divinity Temple’ and someone’s ‘fondness’. If you have any last words, say quickly. Otherwise, there will be no chance later.”

“It was just a misunderstanding. I admit that you are a fearsome powerhouse. You should have been the peak stage of the Demi-God.” Esqui said without fear, “But sir should know that Demi-God God is not the end of the super-level. Who I represent is an existence with real peak stage power. We are here today not to fight against the Fallen Angel Empire and sir but to bring good news. With the strength of sir, if you can join the Dark Divinity Temple, you will definitely become an existence that is highly valued by Master.”


Shea on the side explained the situation to Chen Rui in the simplest language. Chen Rui raised his brows – Dark Divinity Temple? Unite faith? Why does it sound so familiar?

This is clearly the behavior of the Holy Light Mountain in the human world!

The reason why the 3 archangels, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, control the Holy Light Mountain is because they have the Book of Creation that can steal and convert the faith for personal use. If this so-called Dark Divinity Temple wants to replicate the ‘stealing’ mode of the Holy Light Mountain, there must be a treasure equivalent to the Book of Creation.

Book of Destruction!

Or, an incomplete Book of Destruction!

Then, the ‘Master’ that she mentioned…

TL: Sariel? Satan? Satan seemed to get a part of the Book of Destruction since the last fight with Sariel…

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