Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1128: Entrustment

Chapter 1128: Entrustment

“This kind of wine is really strong enough!” Bernd took a sip from the wine cup, and his red nose became even redder, “This is the wine that really suits the hobbit! After drinking it at the Stone Fist Village last time, I have never forgotten the taste of this white wine that even the best aromatic millet wine can’t compare to!”

“Aromatic millet wine and white wine have their own characteristics. I still prefer the taste of aromatic millet wine. In fact…the Demon Realm’s miao fruit wine and purple berry wine are also very good.” Finoia, the old friend of the hobbit grand master echoed. The elf grand master’s face was also a little red at the moment. Obviously, he was not used to the kick of white wine. He was a little overwhelmed by it.

Chen Rui laughed as he took out a bottle of purple berry wine and handed it over, “The 2 kinds of wine you like are the specialties of the Dark Shadow Empire. This bottle is the last one I have in stock. But you guys should be staying at least another week here. I will go to the Dark Shadow Empire palace to get a batch of the best royal fruit wine for you to take away.”

“I shall not refuse then. Who asked you to be the prince consort of the 3 empresses, just ‘use power for personal gain’.” Finoia immediately replaced white wine with purple berry wine and raised her glass, “My friends, I don’t know what the future will be like, but let’s have a toast now.”

The three of them clinked glasses together and smiled.

It turned out that the 2 mysterious grand masters who participated in the alchemy academic conference were Chen Rui’s 2 grand master friends in the human world, Finoia and Bernd.

The 2 grand masters were insiders of the Abyss, so Chen Rui did not expend much effort and successfully invited them to the Demon Realm through the Tower of Glory. They attended the alchemy academic seminar as mysterious guests.

After learning that the Demon Realm actually formed a unified alliance and that his friend’s “true identity” was actually the prince consort of the 3 empires, even the well-informed elf Finoia couldn’t help being stunned: A human, actually became The Demon Realm is a real controller in a sense, what does this mean? Especially after more than a hundred years, it will be the war between the two worlds. Will there be some changes in the future because of this?

The prosperity of the Demon Realm also surprised the 2 grand masters. In the past, the Demon Realm in legends or cognitions was often associated with nouns such as barrenness, ferociousness, and evil, but what they had seen and heard today was quite different—the prosperity of the Demon Realm was no less than that of the human world. There were even many novelties that the human world did not have.

Aside from looks, demons didn’t feel much different from humans. For the elf and the hobbit, who are also different in appearance from humans, it was easier to accept. Although the elf tribe on the human world had considerable rejection of dark elf, as Finoia, who had a calm temperament and had seen the vicissitudes of life, even half-elf was acceptable. He didn’t have any mental block against them. In fact, this time he participated in this pure alchemy academic conference as a mechanic. After brainstorming, he gained a lot too.

Chen Rui has promised the 2 that he would synchronize the upgrade of the magic game of the human world with the Demon Realm, and the research results obtained by magic weapons would also be shared.

The Tower of Glory was severely damaged in the previous battle with Sariel. Although Chen Rui tried to repair it with various methods, the Tower of Glory also had a certain special attribute of automatic recovery, but it was still not completely repaired. It could only be used once every 10 days, so Finoia and Bernd would temporarily stay in the Demon Realm until the next use time.

“Finoia, are you really going to accept that demon girl as apprentice?” Bernd asked.

“Yes, I’ve been studying magic array for most of my life, but unfortunately I haven’t found a suitable successor. Beluan’s talent in magic array is something I’ve never seen in my life. Even the elf tribe doesn’t have this kind of talent. Maybe she won’t be able to achieve the realm of grand master in her lifetime, but I can bet that in the field of magic array, she will definitely become the top existence. Knowledge has no borders or race boundaries. I must not miss such an apprentice, even if she is a demon.”

Finoia’s remarks at the academic conference were not for Merak Turia. After the conference, Finoia, who had always been unhurried, took Chen Rui to visit Turia immediately and met the magic array genius girl.

After several tests, the elf grand master became more and more satisfied. Under the witness of Chen Rui, he accepted Beluan as an apprentice on the spot, which made Master Turia and his wife Master Mavinna overjoyed. Finoia left a magic array note written by himself for Beluan to study by himself. In the future, whenever there was a chance, he would go to the Bloody Empire to guide Beluan from time to time.

Although it was inconvenient to reveal his true identity, Chen Rui was also relieved to see Turiave and Beluan happy.

“Yes, knowledge has no borders.” The hobbit grand master nodded at first, then he suddenly thought of something, “Cunning elf! I will also accept an apprentice, and I will be able to enjoy wonderful white wine from time to time!”

The elf grand master was stunned for a moment, then laughed, “You finally realized it? It seems that there are also cunning mutated people among the hobbits who have always been single-minded.”

“That’s called wisdom!” The old hobbit said angrily with widened eyes, and his nose even redder.

“Bernd, if you really want to accept apprentice, of course I fully support it,” Chen Rui laughed. “I can’t say I have everything else, but I can give you white wine for free. You can even take them back.”

“That’s what you said!” the old hobbit was overjoyed and took another gulp of wine. The hobbit had always been bold in drinking wine, but the power of white wine was obviously different from that of aromatic millet wine, which needed some time to take effect. After drinking for a while, the hobbit fell asleep on the sofa.

“This method of drinking wine is also suitable for the hobbit. For other races, it will hurt the body.” Chen Rui shook his head. The hobbit’s physique had a special ability to absorb wine essence. After getting drunk, he would be in good spirits instead.

“The Demon Realm’s wine is generally stronger than the human world, let alone Bernd, even I’m almost drunk.” Finoia shook her head, “Although it’s a little rude, I have to remind you, Chen Rui. That entrustment, please remember…”

“Don’t worry, isn’t it just being a villain of not keeping promise? I’m not a good person anyway.” Chen Rui laughed at himself, “I just don’t know why Sir Alucier suddenly has such an entrustment.”

“I don’t know, I just told Sir Alucier what I said. In fact, when I first heard about this entrustment, I was very surprised.”

Finoia came to the Demon Realm this time with an entrustment of the legendary prophet Alucier. That was to temporarily detain the Tree of Nature and not return it to the elf tribe.

This entrustment was a bit weird. It was Alucier who asked Chen Rui to go to the Tree of Nature. After eliminating the avatar of Quilliana, the Tree of Nature was also reborn and turned into a sprout inside Chen Rui’s body. Since the Tree of Nature had been eroded by the Abyss power, even with the 3 springwaters provided by Chen Rui, it would take 2 years to recover.

Chen Rui promised the elf empress to take care of the Tree of Nature. After 2 years, he would return the Tree of Nature to the elf tribe. He also got the honorary title of the Elf King. Now the legendary prophet had given him such an entrustment, which was surprising to him.

But the Tree of Nature was a good thing. It was of great benefit to Chen Rui’s training and faith. Of course, it was better to keep it.

“I only believe that Sir Alucier will not harm the elf tribe. Maybe it’s because of the inconvenience to disclose to the tribe. Sir Alucier is still half of my teacher. He saved my life…” Finoia pondered. “Actually, you only need to get in touch with Sir Span first, then if you don’t show up in the elf tribe within 2 years, you will be regarded as missing. In this way, even if the elf tribe finds Sir Span, they will not know your whereabouts.”

“Understood.” Chen Rui shrugged, “I’ll call you decide on a meeting place when I get to the human world, then we will go to the Demon Realm together. You have an apprentice here.”

Finoia smiled, “Of course, a toast to the great invention of the telephone.”

“For a great invention.” Chen Rui recited the names of the 2 original creators of the telephone and the wireless telephone in his heart.

Finoia looked at the purple moonlight outside the window, “I didn’t expect the moonlight in the Demon Realm to be so beautiful and moving. It’s a pity that Patricy is not here. Otherwise, listening to her piano and drinking wine to appreciate the moon will be the greatest enjoyment in life.”

“Patricy?” The image of a beautiful and generous female the elf elder came to Chen Rui’s mind. The elder was also the teacher of Little Elf Princess Michelle, and suddenly said, “So our elf friend has an affair with Elder Patricy. I remember that she seems to be single at the moment.”

“Actually, she and I…” Finoia showed a rare embarrassed expression, “It’s just friends.”

“Friend? I thought it was you who spoke the truth after wine. It seems that I misunderstood.” Chen Rui smiled strangely, “In order to express my apology, I will take you to a good place in a while. But I can’t guarantee, When you wake up tomorrow morning, will you lie naked in the arms of some succubus or some other beautiful demons.

Finoia was stunned and smiled bitterly, “Okay, you won. I’m really drunk.”

This was equivalent to admitting to telling the truth after getting drunk, Chen Rui clinked glasses with Finoia with a smile, “For the beautiful Ms. Patricy.”

The elf drank a glass of wine, and his ears moved, “What kind of song is that? It’s beautiful.”

Chen Rui also heard the voice of magic television in the distance. He replied, “It should be a replay of the capital’s last magic concert. There will be a large-scale concert at Dark Moon Estate in a few days. We can watch it live.”

“Moonlight, beautiful wine, delicious food, beautiful music…” Finoiagaze became a little hazy. Mixing wine was the easiest to get drunk. First white wine and then fruit wine, even the elf couldn’t hold it, “I should confess to Moonlight Goddess, because I love this Demon Realm.”

“The Moonlight Goddess may have fallen asleep, but pray to the great Originator for creating this wonderful world worth protecting.”

“Yes, great Originator.” Finoia opened her eyes reluctantly. “You know Originator?”

Chen Rui asked back, “You know that too?”

“I once heard Sir Alucier say that the great Originator created this world in 7 days…”

Chen Rui nodded. It was nothing at first. Later, he always felt that something was wrong. After thinking about it for a while, he woke up suddenly. I remember that Python once said that Originator took 3 days to destruct everything, and then he took 3 days to create the current one. 3 plus 3 equals six.

Why does Alucier say 7 days? Not 6 days?

“Finoia, are you sure it’s 7 days?”

“Of course, 7 days…” Finoia said, but he was finally unable to hold it any longer and fell asleep on the sofa.

Chen Rui was about to wake Finoia to ask what was going on, and he suddenly felt a special sense in his mind. This sense was no longer unfamiliar now, 2-star enhancement! Someone did it again! RT

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