Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1129: New ‘Gods’

Chapter 1129: New ‘Gods’

In the Super System, Paglio looked curiously at the Galaxy Divinity Temple.

Although he knew the scene of this strange world from the descriptions of Zola and Catherine, when he saw it with his own eyes, he still felt a considerable degree of shock, especially the endless galaxy. The poison dragon was no longer a rookie who had just entered the super-level. He could clearly sense the vast momentum, which seemed to be a real universe containing endless faith and life force.

This is Chen Rui’s kingdom?

Back then, that human, who was a powerless weakling back then, actually reaches a state that even I need to look up to!

Although we usually bickered fiercely, I actually don’t have much jealousy in my mind. Instead, it is more like the fighting spirit to catch up, plus a trace of inexplicable pride. Maybe this is what it feels like to be a ‘partner’…

While Paglio was sighing, Chen Rui had appeared in front of him without warning.

“Cunning human, look at me. I finally did it!” Paglio raised his eyebrows and said proudly.

After the last [Moon Kingdom] battle, the poison dragon immediately started closed-door training, fully digesting and comprehending Sariel’s soul power. Of course, this guy might also be escaping Ms. Emerald Dragon’s forcing of marriage.

No matter what, his training was now complete as he completely comprehended the power of 2-star evolution. This meant that a new God would be added to this kingdom. The power of the strongest ultimate move [All Star God View] would also be multiplied.

“Thank you, Paglio.” Chen Rui knew very well how desperate Paglio had been during this time. The desperate effort was not just for the poison dragon himself.

“Stop being self-assuming, I’m doing it for myself!” Paglio gave him a disdainful look.

As expected, a stubborn mouth. No doubt he is still the dead duck dragon. Chen Rui shrugged, “I know you only have Ms. Betty in your heart, you have proved this with great actions. Everyone at Dark Moon Estate knows it.”

“Can you not say this?” The corners of the poison dragon’s eyes twitched, “What should I do next? Can I be a God like a friend of beauty and king of the harem?”

“Unfortunately, only the source of faith that best suits your nature will appear by your side. There are no such God positions. This is the difference between ideal and reality. Not every loser can rise. “

“Chen Rui.” Veronica’s voice sounded from behind, “Is this the new God?”

Ravishing beauty! Paglio’s eyes lit up. He took a few steps forward, “Beautiful lady, may I ask…”

Veronica pursed her lips and smiled, “My name is Veronica. Now I’m the oracle of this Galaxy Divinity Temple.”

Oracle? The poison dragon rolled his eyes. Before he could flirt with her, Chen Rui walked over and held Veronica’s hand, “Don’t bully a friend’s wife, understand?”

The jealous, envious and hateful poison dragon was furious, “Oh, you sly human! You actually hid a beautiful woman here! I’m going to expose you!”

“You should be Paglio, right? I heard Chen Rui talk about you before, his best friend and brother.” When Veronica heard the word ‘friend’s wife’, her face flushed and she bowed, “Very happy to see you.”

Facing the polite Veronica with extraordinary temperament, Paglio bowed back honestly while muttering ‘All the good looking girls have been taken by the ugly<a h<="" a="">ref=””> men’ and so on.

Hey, dead duck dragon. Forget about the bad idea of ​​whistleblowing. Veronica is not a stranger I hid. She is friends with Zola, Catherine, Isabella, Tiffany, and Python.”

Zola? Python? Master Poison Dragon couldn’t help shuddering, Veronica is actually friends with the 2 madwomen?

Veronica smiled, “Let’s go to the Tower of Faith first.”

The 3 came to the Tower of Faith which was flashing a strong light. Paglio, who was close to the Tower of Faith, also had a resonance power.

The various sources of faith in the Tower of Faith began to merge and interweave into various forms. Paglio was covered by a ray of light and absorbed into the Tower of Faith.

On many planets of the solar system, the huge phantasm of Paglio appeared, indicating the creation of the new God.

Like Zola and Catherine’s ‘God conferring’, the name of this god and the faith he had automatically appeared in people’s minds. The believer obtained the corresponding power and enlightenment. Temples and god statues emerged one after another.

The Tower of Faith’s light was getting stronger and stronger, and Paglio’s Galaxy Divinity Statue in the Star Conferring Platform also emitted a strong starlight full of life and faith power. The composition of the entire projection had become a subtle and meticulous stardust, An independent solar system gradually took shape.

Chen Rui clearly felt that his own strength was further enhanced. No doubt, this was the best way to improve the ‘Purple Pole Star Emperor’.

In a flash of light, Paglio reappeared in vision.

At this time, the breath of the poison dragon’s whole body was completely different from before. The most notable thing was the silver and green armor, which exuded an elegant and majestic momentum.

The ‘solar system’ of the Galaxy Divinity Statue was completely stabilized. The appearance of the God statue also had this set of star armor.

Hahahaha!” Paglio was overjoyed when felt the huge power from the vast galaxy and the powerful breath of his [Armor of Faith].

Previously, he finally broke through to the realm of Demi-God due to the constant hard work in the Ghastly Floating Land and the ‘torture’ of Python and Zola. However, due to the considerable flaws in the ‘real’ kingdom, he had been unable to truly grasp the mystery of the Demi-God power and, so he could not gain the [Armor of Faith].

Now that he comprehended 2-star evolution, he immediately had an unimaginable solar system kingdom and such a powerful [Armor of Faith]. He completely made a comeback in one fell swoop. The poison dragon was definitely euphoric.

“Plague God?” Chen Rui looked at Paglio with a weird face, “No doubt weird people have weird choices?”

Plague God reminded Chen Rui of Lu Yue in ‘Investiture of the Gods’ that he had read in his previous life. Later, Jiang Ziya seemed to confer him as a plague god. Although his reputation was tarnished, his lethality was quite amazing.

“I don’t know either. I originally wanted a highly poisonous faith, but there is no faith source of highly poisonous. Instead, the plague flew over. I can feel that this ‘disease’ itself contains a highly poisonous power that will make my poison power even stronger. Hehe, no matter what, I’m a God now!”

Paglio smugly shook the [Armor of Faith] on his body, “Let Little Betty see my heroic style when I go out!”

“Fortunately, the helmet is not green.” Chen Rui nodded solemnly.

“Bastard, what did you say?” As the first friend who came into contact with Chen Rui, he already knew the meaning of this word.

“I mean… um, your heroic appearance was already fully revealed when you ran in a wooden barrel.” Chen Rui grinned.

Hmph! I’m in a good mood, so I won’t be bothered by you.” Paglio was in a really good mood now. Not only had the kingdom and faith been resolved, but he could also activate the Demi-God kingdom power and use the artifact, Thunder Flail, freely without having to exhaust the power of bloodline riskily as much as before.

“Come to think of it, your status doesn’t seem to have changed. You can’t beat Python, me nor Zola… By the way, Catherine’s small realm seems to be breaking through again, and Nirvana power has complete advantage over your poison, so you can’t beat her too.” Chen Rui counted, “You’re still in 5th place as usual.”

“I could easily beat you badly back then!” The poison dragon suddenly thought of something, “Speaking of Python… I am now a Plague God, and that madwoman told me not to be a burden at the [Moon Kingdom]. Up till now, she herself has not become a Goddess here. Next time I see her…”

“What are you going to do?” An indifferent voice came over, and Paglio shuddered. No way!

The voice appeared in front of him in an instant, “Go on, Master Paglio.”

A madwoman indeed!

In line with the principle that a good dragon does not suffer immediate losses, Paglio swallowed some harsh words with difficulty and put on a smile, “It turns out to be Ms. Python! I knew that you can always be one step ahead! I don’t know what god elder sister is? Beautiful Goddess? Wisdom Goddess?”

“Wisdom Goddess is Catherine, Python is Doom Calamity Goddess.” Veronica kindly explained.

Doom Calamity? It fits this ruthless madwoman! Master Poison Dragon slandered in his mind, but a surprised look appeared on his face.

“Sariel’s soul has the power of [Doom Calamity], but unfortunately I can’t use it. Now that I have the power of [Doom Calamity], I have another powerful might.” Python said indifferently, “Actually, I am not the fastest to comprehend the 2 -star evolution. In addition to Zola and Catherine who have been successful before, there is another one ahead of me.”

“Who is it?” Paglio was surprised again. He thought he could take third place, but unexpectedly Python appeared out of the blue. Now there was actually another person who was faster than Python, he was ranked fifth again.

“It’s me.” A familiar voice sounded next to Paglio.

“Isabella!” Master Poison Dragon was stunned. “How could you possibly be faster than us?”

Python said dismissively, “This is not unusual, I got 2-star evolution much later than you guys. Shame on you, Paglio! Yini is only at the Kingdom Level, and now she owns a kingdom and becomes a Goddess in this space. Her training path is smooth sailing. It’s only a matter of time before entering Demi-God. If you get complacent with a little achievement, you will soon be overtaken.”

“Demi-God… is still far away from me. In fact, Zola and I were the first to get the power of 2-star evolution. Coupled with Zola’s guidance, I somehow succeeded after getting the soul power given by Python, “Isabella laughed, “It’s just a coincidence. There is still a part of the soul power that I haven’t fully absorbed yet, so I have no choice but to work hard.”

Paglio knew that the so-called ‘Zola’s guidance’ was just an excuse. Yini was Little Betty’s best friend. It was obvious that she was saving his face for the sake of Little Betty. He shook and sighed, “All the good looking girls have been taken by the ugly<a h<="" a="">ref=””> men.”

Chen Rui rolled his eyes: This dead duck dragon. Isabella gave you face, you just need to appreciate it. Why go back to this sentence?

“By the way, Isabella, what Goddess are you?” Paglio asked curiously. Isabella was resourceful and scheming. She should be able to become a Goddess of the wisdom type, but Catherine was already Wisdom Goddess.

“Deceit Goddess. In charge of deception, lies, blackmail, and so on. There are too many good women around a guy. It’s easier to get attention if I turn bad.” Isabella smiled, “Actually… in my life, I died because of a lie, and I resurrected because of a lie. I’ve been swayed by deceit all my life, so I want to deceive others.”

Chen Rui felt the tenderness in those blue eyes, and his heart warmed. Isabella’s meaning was clear to him. The deception of the first death was that Eudora deceived the Breeze Shadow Boots, resulting in the tragic death of her family. She sank in hatred like a living dead. The second deception was that Chen Rui pretended to be ‘Charles’ and deceived her heart. The subsequent incidents of the Snow Dallet and the Breeze Shadow Boots completely untangled the dead knot in her heart and let her regain her true life.

Cheh, exchanging love glances. You think I don’t exist?” The poison dragon put away the [Armor of Faith], “By the way, why are you all here?”

“Similar to your current situation, a trace of our souls has been separated and merged with this world forever. It is like a connection that can transcend the limitations of space. For example, my main body is still sleeping in [Moon Kingdom], digesting Sariel’s power and kingdom. If my consciousness leaves, my soul is still here, but it is just unconsciously accepting the faith power back to the original body. As long as we get the permission of the controller, we can enter this world at any time through the connection of this soul. “

With that said, Python looked at the galaxy in the distance and sighed, “I didn’t know if the real Kingdom of God has this kind of power, but obviously, this world is very close to the Kingdom of God. Taking God conferring into account, maybe one day, there will be an existence beyond the Kingdom of God. Of course, now Chen Rui and us are far from being strong enough to be called ‘God’, so don’t carry the slightest self-confidence. This time of day, Yini, Zola and I will all enter the training ground for various kinds of training. Zola should be here soon. Although Catherine is busy with state affairs, she will also come to training from time to time. After you are familiar with the newly acquired power, you can also join the training. I will ‘guide’ you well.”

Hearing the last sentence, Paglio shuddered and muttered, “You want to take revenge on me again? Madwoman, I won’t…”

“What?” It was clearly the voice of Ms. Fairy Dragon, which startled Paglio again.

If there was anything worse than running into a terrifying madwoman, it was running into 2 terrifying madwomen at the same time. Master Poison Dragon unhesitatingly excused himself to familiarize himself with his newfound power, and he immediately withdrew his consciousness from the ‘world’.

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