Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1130: Taboo! The Seventh Silver Box

Chapter 1130: Taboo! The Seventh Silver Box

“Am I missing something?” Ms. Fairy Dragon asked innocently as Paglio faded away.

“No, you came at the right time.” Chen Rui smiled at Zola and turned his attention to Python. “Python, I have a question and I want to get the answer.”

“Sir, please ask.”

“How many days did the Originator use to create this world? You once told me that the Originator took 3 days to destroy everything that was originally, then another 3 days to create everything that is now. But, someone told me today that the Originator created the whole world in 7 days.”

“Just what someone told you?” When Chen Rui asked the question, Python’s eyes lit up a little, but when she heard the last sentence, her eyes dimmed again, seemingly disappointed.

“I wish to know the real answer.”

“It is said that the universe was originally chaotic. The Originator spent 3 days destroying everything that was not suitable for life, then he spent 3 days creating a big universe centered on this main plane.”

Chen Rui frowned. These words were no different from what she said before. Python’s tone changed, “In fact, there is another day between destruction and creation. That is between ‘nothing’ and ‘being’. It shows the supreme mystery of accommodating ‘being’ and ‘nothing’ at the same time.”

Being and nothing?

Chen Rui suddenly thought of the most famous Taoist classic book in his previous life, ‘Tao Te Ching’. There was a sentence at the beginning: ‘Nothing’ is called the beginning of heaven and earth; ‘being’ is called the mother of all things.

The way of being and nothing is the way to spy on the infinite mysteries of the universe.

Tao Te Ching should have nothing to do with this. But no matter which world or plane it is, some things are common.

“It turns out there is still such a day between 3 days and 3 days. It is really 7 days.” Chen Rui nodded slowly. Suddenly, he thought of something, and he was shocked, “That’s right, silver box!”

“Yes!” Python’s eyes brightened. “Sir’s response is quick. That’s why the silver box is called 1/2 and 1/7 of something. Many people know this rumor, but don’t understand the specific meaning. The so-called 1/2 refers to the complete destruction and creation origin respectively. This is the usual explanation and is understood by ordinary people with strength. However, most people do not know what the so-called 1/7 is—— There is actually a third party between creation and destruction. According to the number of silver boxes, the seventh silver box is a real taboo!”

“Taboo?” Chen Rui frowned, “Can’t you say it yet?”

Python shook her head, “Actually, in front of you, there’s nothing I can’t say. It’s just that you have to remember some things yourself.”

“Now I know what it means by ‘repeated rumors become a fact’. There are already many people who think that I’m ‘someone’. Even I, who has always believed that I’m not ‘that person’, am no longer sure whether I am ‘that person’ in this kind of influence. “Chen Rui shook his head, “However, if your judgment is only based on the 7 artifacts or this strange world of stars, then you may be really disappointed. No matter who I’m, I want to know what this so-called taboo is, instead of waiting eagerly for the so-called ‘memory recovery’. Python, please answer me. “

Python stared at him for a moment and sighed, “I’ll just say one thing. You should be able to guess the biggest taboo in this world that is kept secret by all top powerhouses.”

The biggest taboo? Chen Rui fell into contemplation. The Abyss? Or

Isabella, who had been listening, asked tentatively, “God?”

Chen Rui, whose mind was running at a high speed, suddenly thought of the huge ‘corpses’ in the Chaos Realm, and he blurted out, “Twilight of the Gods?”

Could it be that the seventh silver box or the supreme power between ‘being’ and ‘nothing’ caused the death or sleep of the gods?

Python didn’t answer, “Actually, I’m not sure whether this is the biggest secret.”

Chen Rui sighed, “You mean ‘I’ am the one who knows this best?”

“Yes.” This time, Python answered quite firmly, “Perhaps when you can fully control all the 7 artifacts, you will get the answer you want.”

“All the 7 artifacts?” Chen Rui pondered and said nothing. Among the current 7 artifacts, in the order of analysis, they are the God-Eating Mask, Sword of Fallen Angel, Wrath King Armor, Bloody Ring, Breeze Shadow Boots, and Illusive Demon Shield. These 6 pieces have been completely assimilated, and the last piece left is the Dark Shadow Cape, also known as the ‘Void Badge’.

For some reason, this one is a bit different from the previous 6. The progress of [Deep Analysis] is extremely slow.

Judging from the information revealed by Python, the 7 artifacts are likely to be related to the 7th most mysterious silver box? And the ‘master’ of the 7 artifacts is Chen Rui – To be precise, the misunderstood ‘someone’. If I connect this information…

The more Chen Rui thought about it, the more shocked he became.

Seeing that the expression on his face was constantly changing, Python interjected, “Until you have the corresponding strength, even knowing the truth is useless. Instead, you will be distracted by it. It is better to transfer this desire to the pursuit of strength.”

Chen Rui nodded. Python was right. Twilight of the Gods and the 7th silver box are all distant things. The most urgent thing is how to deal with the agreement between the 3 light archangels and Satan.

At this time, there are only more than 2 years left before Gabriel’s 3-year period. This will be the biggest test. Time waits for no one. I must comprehend the mystery of the Purple Pole Star Emperor as soon as possible and possess the strength to confront the peak stage of the Pseudo-God head-on.

“1 more thing; it’s about Athena’s child.” Python’s words immediately diverted everyone’s attention, especially Chen Rui.

Paglio couldn’t help but ask, “Does Athena’s child also have the bloodline of God?”

“The bloodline of God is not inherited by every child. I don’t know if that child has the bloodline of God, but I can basically confirm 1 thing now- Destruction.” Python looked at Chen Rui’s nervous expression, “Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing. I mean this kid is born with a strong talent for destruction origin.”

“Destruction origin talent.” Zola mused, “In this way, the child’s training of attack power will be multiplied with half the effort. And the child may also have special talent skills.”

Isabella thought in a different direction than Zola. She immediately grasped another key point, “Why does Athena’s child have the gift of destruction origin? Does this have any direct connection with her pregnancy?”

When Python said this, Chen Rui remembered it and calculated the time of conception. It was exactly when he and Python reached an agreement to comprehend the complete destruction origin.

Python had already said the answer, “As we all know, the stronger the strength, the more difficult it is for a person to give birth to offspring. Even a human whose fertility rate is stronger than that of the demons cannot avoid this rule. With the strength of both of them, It is not easy to give birth to offspring. The reason why Athena is pregnant is directly related to the complete destruction origin that sir comprehends. It should be under the action of some mysterious power that the power of the destruction origin promotes the creation of the descendant. At the same time, it is also inheritable.”

It suddenly dawned upon Chen Rui. No wonder Athena suddenly became pregnant. It is actually the effect of the destruction origin!

“However, the inheritance of this origin is unique. If you want to give birth to other descendants, you can only rely on normal combination.”

“By the way, doesn’t Chen Rui still have a complete creation origin?” Isabella’s blue eyes flashed movingly. “Does this mean that at least 1 child with the gift of creation origin will be born?!”

As soon as these words came out, Zola’s eyes lit up.

Python smiled indifferently, “Theoretically, this is the case, but the reason Athena can get pregnant, of course, luck is one aspect. The most important thing is her own physique. She should be the most capable of carrying the power of the destruction origin. Creation origin also needs the corresponding bearing physique. Unfortunately, you don’t have this kind of physique.”

“Light-element physique?” Isabella responded immediately, then she showed a frustrated expression.

Light-element physique was common in the human world, but in this Demon Realm, especially in the harem troupe, there was no such thing. Even the holy relic of the Snow Dallet could only stimulate the power of the light element to cause mutation. It couldn’t really convert the completely opposite dark element physique into a light element.

Python emphasizes a sentence, “Accurately speaking, it is pure light-element physique. In fact, the destruction origin should not be compatible with the bloodline physique of 7 great royal families, so it chose the great demon body of pure dark element.”

The destruction origin is incompatible with the bloodline of the 7 great royal families? This sentence made Isabella ponder.

“Then, what about her?” Zola’s eyes turned to a person.

Veronica was taken aback, “Me?”

This time, all eyes turned to her.

“Veronica was originally a human, but unfortunately she is now a soul entity.” Python thought for a while, “If I use my secret technique to transfer her soul entity to another human body, it is theoretically feasible. But first, we need to find the best body. It is not an easy task to fit the light element body of her soul. Besides, my soul fusion secret technique can only ensure that the battle effectiveness will not be affected. As for the birth of a child, there is no guarantee.”

Isabella and Zola looked at each other and spoke up, “I think we can try it if there is a chance.”

Veronica was Chen Rui’s earliest first love, and she was amicable. Anyway, this relationship was already there. It was better than the guy who used the child as an excuse to go to the human world to mess with ladies.

“It’s getting farther and farther. This kind of thing, let’s talk about it later.” Chen Rui mediated.

Even Veronica, who had always been generous, couldn’t help blushing so much at this time. She immediately made an excuse, “Paglio has just become a God. I will go to see the status of the new Plague Temple and god statue, I’ll also select some oracles to represent him.”

Watching Veronica hurriedly disappear into the Tower of Faith, Zola and Isabella gave Chen Rui an implicit look as they followed Python toward the training ground.

How could Chen Rui not understand the meaning of the 2 madam wives’ gaze. He rubbed his temples, let out a long breath, and put the rest aside for now – Zola, Catherine, Isabella, Python, Paglio. Now there were 5 people who became a God/Goddess of the Super System. Not only their power and Chen Rui’s had been enhanced, but with the increase in the number of Gods of the Super System, he had also begun to vaguely feel a trace of the path.

Although it was impossible to describe what it was, Chen Rui had a hunch that this might be the key to completely mastering the [Pole Star Transformation] and even the entire 6-star enhancement.

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