Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 22 - Make the Best out of Mistake! Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 22: Make the Best out of Mistake! Beautiful Misunderstanding

Shea’s concerns weren’t unreasonable. If Chen Rui truly swore loyalty to Prince Obsidian, not only he would reveal the secret of today’s challenge, but also the power of the grand master that would redouble Prince Obsidian’s strength, making Dark Moon unable to rival.

Initially, she had the intention of warning Chen Rui, but she felt somewhat uncertain as she continued, and the murderous intention was gradually richer. From the incident of Prince Obsidian sending Sandro, the current situation was already quite dire. No more mistakes were allowed. As her father once taught, if one can’t be used, then the enemy can’t use as well!

Chen Rui never thought it would have such development. He shouted, “Wait! If I want to betray, why didn’t I leave with those from the capital?”

“Perhaps, you have a certain promise to stay as a spy.”

This reasoning is too strong, right? This pair of sisters are so ruthless! Seeing that the murderous intention became increasingly intimidating, Chen Rui quickly argued, “With my identity as a grand master’s successor, I will definitely be valued by Prince Obsidian if I go to the capital! Why would I stay and be a spy?”

Shea sneered, “Yeah. If that’s the case, why are you still staying?”

Chen Rui was speechless at once. According to that statement, staying even being clear with the situation. If I am not a fool, what am I?

Do I really need to tell the truth? The ending might be even worse, I might die including Paglio.

“Yeah, why would I stay in such situation?” Chen Rui tried to delay while thinking of an excuse desperately. “Princess Royal, don’t you think it’s weird?”

His tension couldn’t escape the sharp eyes of the Iceberg Royal Sister. Shea was more certain that he had a problem. The boiling water in the pond was gradually getting higher, and the appearance of a monster was faintly revealed. The stress that Chen Rui felt was getting bigger and bigger. This move was bound to be an earth-shattering killing move. Not to mention that he didn’t have the protection of the grand master’s inheritance, even if there was, he would probably still die.

Super System, damn delay! Unscrupulous time and space administration!

“Princess Royal! Don’t force me!” Chen Rui knew that it was a moment of life and death, and he shouted with all his strength. “I never wanted to say this, but I guess I have to be clear now!”

After pondering, he could only threaten with Alice being “poisoned”. However, in this way, the poison dragon would be exposed. With the situation of the poison dragon being sealed now, the result was likely to be worse; but if he didn’t say anything, he would die immediately.

Sure enough, the behemoth stopped in the air, concentrated but still. Chen Rui took out the small leather bag and said loudly, “The first thing to explain is that Kemp did try to win me over today. He even invited me to return to the capital city together with the purpose of finding out the recipe that killed Sandro. Although the recipe is fake, the grand master’s inheritance is true. I can definitely go, but I did not!”

“I swear. I have never betrayed Princess Royal! Also, I will never leave the Darkmoon!”

This resolute tone moved Shea and made her began to ponder. Since this is the case, what is the purpose of this human being in staying? Why is he doing such a stupid thing with his wisdom shown in the Master Challenge?

“What I’m gonna say next, if I am brutally honest, perhaps Princess Royal will hate me.” Chen Rui felt that the pressure around his body was much smaller, but it probably would be stronger later. He secretly smiled bitterly, trying to make his wording euphemistic, “This kind of thing is like… it’s like some feelings; it comes without alarm; it’s impossible to control… it begins when I…”

Shea seemed to think of something, and her eyes looked increasingly strange. When Chen Rui clenched his teeth and prepared to tell the blue lake incident, she suddenly spoke up, “Wait! Don’t say it!”

The murderous vibe around suddenly disappeared; the water gradually subsided; the moonlight resumed its faint purple coldness.

Shea’s sudden change of attitude was totally out of Chen Rui’s expectation, “Princess Royal…”

Shea showed a bit of anger, “Don’t say it! Stop having such wishful thoughts.”

Wishful thoughts? It’s supposed to be a threat. What’s strange is that I didn’t even mention the threat?

This unexpected turn stunned Chen Rui’s brain at once, “This…”

“Chen Rui, listen to me,” Shea’s breathing became gradually normal and said calmly, “It is my fault to misunderstand you today. I would like to express my most sincere apology. I promised that when you reach a certain achievement, I will grant you Kia. As for me…and you, it is impossible. If you are staying for this, I am very sorry.”

When Chen Rui heard the last sentence, he thought of his inappropriateness the first time seeing Shea; and when he left the palace, dark elf’s advice. He finally realized what Shea had misunderstood.

Wonderful misunderstanding!

It came at the right time!

Thanks to the powerful deductive skills of the Lucifer Family! Otherwise, it’s all over!

Since that’s the case, he should no longer be silly and said the threatening incident. The best way now was to make the best of the mistake and further consolidate the impression as an admirer in her heart to avoid being suspicious again.

Chen Rui felt lucky and looked serious on the surface, “I am the one that should be sorry. I am just a human; a powerless weakling, but I brought such troubles to Your Royal Highness. Today I wasn’t sure whether I can overcome Sandro’s Soul-Eating Poison at the end. The grand master’s power isn’t omnipotent. I once thought that I might die… but at that moment, I suddenly felt that the farthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death; it was when I am standing in front of you, but you don’t know that I…”

“Stop it!” Shea’s eyes had a glimpse of coldness, “I am going to say this once. If you dare to say such again, die! If you dare to have this thought again, die! If today’s conversation is spread, die!”

Shea revealed a murderous vibe as she spoke, but as compared with the previous true murderous vibe, it was just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Chen Rui felt that she was puzzled. Since he reached his objective, he would certainly not challenge Shea’s bottom line.

Shea’s cold eyes gradually became lonely and her cold voice came, “Leave before I change my mind.”

Chen Rui who had always been observant took a sigh of relief and knew that he had passed the test. However, he was scolding the designer of the Super System in his heart: the farthest distance in the world isn’t that I’m standing in front of the royal sister, but the royal sister doesn’t know that I like her; it’s that there are still seven or eight hours before the damn Super System starts!

Once I get past these hours, hehe, the Super System will burst. Then, my underwear will reverse, and I will have a superpower. No matter how powerful is the royal sister, she will have to admit defeat.

“From now on, you can decide to stay or leave the Dark Moon City. I will not stop you.”

Shea’s voice stopped Chen Rui’s footsteps. When he looked back, Shea had turned and faced the pond. Her back was still graceful but it was rather lonely. Chen Rui suddenly realized that the back of her strong appearance was miserable solitary.

“I’ll stay.” Chen Rui took a deep breath and said faintly. Wasn’t sure if he was answering her or reminding himself, then he went out.

Shea stared at the surface of the water motionlessly. It was just like her loneliness when he first arrived.

Upon returning to the lab, the dark elf master who was in the limelight today scolded him badly. Whenever he thought of the scene of releasing poisonous gas under the gaze of millions, Aldas couldn’t help but want to kill this guy who gave the shitty idea. The problem was that even Sandro’s poison couldn’t do anything to Chen Rui, so this impulse could only be buried in his heart.

However, the agitated dark elf was much easier to handle as compared to Shea. Chen Rui explained the cause of Sandro’s death without much effort. Although Aldas was indignant for the stupid idea by the human, he was more appreciative of his help in killing Sandro. The only regret was that the Soul-Eating Poison was no longer available and cannot be studied.

At night, Chen Rui still didn’t fall asleep, but he was waiting for the Super System to start.

Time passed bit by bit when Chen Rui’s eyelids were heavy, and he couldn’t help but sleep, a notification sound, “Ding!” rang in his mind.

(Refining spirit back into emptiness! Nascent Soul accomplished! Immortal Sword Unsheath, Million Swords Return! Prince Obsidian, die; Bloody Empire and Dark Shadow Empire, destroy; royal sister loli, siren, and the violent girl become my concubines! Unify Demon Realm, no one dare to disagree. The above plot was pure fantasy, it was impossible if there were similarities.

The actual situation of was – “Super System has started, do you want to enter?”

Chen Rui’s drowsiness was immediately gone and instantly confirmed, “Yes.”

Right after he answered, Chen Rui’s brain rang a “Boom!”, then a strange scene appeared.

There was no sky nor land; everywhere was dusky. Chen Rui’s consciousness was floating inside for a while. It felt like an endless three-dimensional space without life and vitality. It was full of a strange deathly stillness.

This is the long-awaited Super System?

The prompt sounded, “The initial 100 spirits were obtained. The requirement to activate Galaxy Divinity Temple has met. Do you want to activate?”

Galaxy Divinity Temple? That name sounds decent. Chen Rui confirmed with hope, “Yes!”

The surrounding scene changed again. Chen Rui was in a large hall. The hall was ancient and simple in style; the floating mist sparkled with a star-like brilliance; exuding a mysterious and fascinating temperament.

This hall seemed to be suspending within that space. Looking down from the stairs, it had a mesmerizing feeling of overlooking the entire space.

Chen Rui just thought of going into the Galaxy Divinity Temple and checked it out, then he was instantly teleported to the temple. It seemed that Super System’s “interface” was very user-friendly; no keyboard or mouse was needed; he could just use his thought to move.

The wide space in the hall was beyond imagination. The huge embossed columns and the neat, square tiles were magnificent. However, the entire hall was empty, except an ancient throne at the center.

Chen Rui came to sit on the throne and felt that the hall was transparent as he could clearly see everything from the space outside.

At that moment, strange lights were flashing, and two shining ultra-thin screens levitating before his eyes.

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