Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 23 - Body Cleansing! Initial Evolution

Chapter 23: Body Cleansing! Initial Evolution

Chen Rui glanced at one of the screens, then the screen suddenly enlarged as he thought about it. “Bang!” the screen shattered into light dots and quickly condensed into a three-dimensional image of a human body. It was translucent and dressed just like Chen Rui. It can be turned around with mind. There was a floating text description next to it, which was actually in Chinese that he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Title: None

Evolution Level: none

Experience Value: 0%

Aura Value: 0

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: Value is too low; ignored

This should be the status bar right? Aura? Title? Why is there experience value? Is this a game? Chen Rui only felt slightly familiar. Is Super System made by the Lord God [1]? Where’s infinity reload? Where’s the sub-plot? Where’s the bloodline of the Super Saiyan?

He immediately became furious, What is “Value is too low; ignore”! After so much hard work, I get this shaming shit state in return?

The system prompted again, “Do you want to activate <Automatic Aura Absoprtion> function?”

Chen Rui eagerly confirmed the activation. There wasn’t any special reaction other than the aura value increased from 0 to 1. He then waited for a long time and there was no change. It is really another damn lie!

Chen Rui changed his mind. The “status” screen returned to its original state and he looked at the other screen. This … seems to be a skill tree. A tree-like figure, except for the roots flashing with light, others were all grey. The lights at the roots were two icons. When the consciousness focused on the icon, it would become the corresponding motion video.

The first one was a changing light in the human body:

<Breath Holding> (passive ability – shows the lowest level of oneself strength; make other parties can’t see through the user’s mind; can be canceled.)

The second one was a hand placed on a stone, and the stone was turned into a pile of powder:

<Aura Conversion> (active skill – able to convert various special energy substances into aura and absorb; each time costs 1 extra aura value, lasts for 30 minutes.)

It would be useful if Chen Rui was actually strong, but he was now at the weakest level in the Demon Realm. The skill <Breath Holding> had no practical use at all; as for the <Aura Conversion> was also of little value. Aura couldn’t be eaten and couldn’t use to fly. It was completely useless!

Chen Rui’s dream of having an instant success was completely broken. His mood was hitting the bottom; he was extremely depressing.

This is the Super System? The playability is too bad! What is the use of gorgeous and realistic graphics?

At this time, the abominable prompt sounded again, “High-purity life energy is found in the body; Do you want to convert it into aura?”

Chen Rui was quite resentful toward the “Aura” and replied angrily, “Yes!”

At the same time, a man lying on the hillside of the blue lake suddenly opened his eyes, and his face was full of unbelieving. The symbiotic contract in the body suddenly changed as if a bottomless abyss quickly devouring his power, even his life. It couldn’t be stopped.

After a long time, the terrible devour force finally faded gradually. Paglio’s face had already become pale. He felt that both his life and strength were reduced a lot. He was even terrified that he never heard of the symbiotic contract having such abnormality!

“How could this be?” Paglio gasped with lingering fears. “Did something happen to the human? It’ll be nice if I can check him out. Fuck this damn seal!”

Chen Rui, who was the initiator, had no knowledge of Paglio’s fears. He could only see that the aura value was rising rapidly and the experience value was increasing. In the translucent image of the human body, a key part at his groin began to flash in white light.

Chen Rui was totally speechless. Which perverted guy designed the Super System? Why is “that” part shining? Is the so-called “high-purity life energy” some kind of…essence? If so, then there is a lot, at least 100 million…

Before he could continue thinking in the wrong direction, the prompt sounded again, “Aura Conversion was successful! The aura value is at 2000, and the experience value is at 100%! Initial evolution requirements are met. Do you want to start “Body Cleansing” and complete evolution?

“Start!” This prompt ignited his hope and he immediately agreed.

Right after he confirmed, he felt that the space outside the temple was emitting extremely dazzling light. It seemed that there was a huge explosion in that space. The explosion was so strong that there was a quake in Chen Rui’s brain. He instantly lost his consciousness.

Early the next morning, Alice who was dedicated to solving the mystery of Sandro’s death took Athena along and rushed to the lab excitedly, but she was told by the imp that Chen Rui was still asleep in the room.

“I’m already up, but this guy is still sleeping?” Alice grumbled in dissatisfaction. “Wake him up for me!”

Slee dared not defy. he came to the door of Chen Rui’s room together with Alice and Athena. At this time, Chen Rui had already got rid of the dungeon treatment and lived in the “standard room” in the lab.

“Master, Alice is here. Please wake up!” The imp knocked on the door and deliberately shouted, looking hardworking.

However, there was no response in the room The imp knocked hard again, but there was still no response.

“Chen Rui, I’m waking you up personally, bit you actually dare not listen?” Alice slammed on the door, “If you still don’t open the door, I’ll enter and molest you!”

Those words made the imp sweat. Athena rubbed her nose and felt that something was wrong. She stopped the little princess from banging the door. She pushed the door, and the poor wooden door was shattered by the monstrous power of the swordswoman.

However, the scene inside surprised the three. They saw Chen Rui lying on the bed, didn’t know if he was alive or dead; the bed was drenched in dark juice; giving off a bad smell.

“Chen Rui (Master!)” Three of them exclaimed in unison.

Outer courtyard of the royal palace, Aldas’s lab.

Princess Shea frowned and asked Aldas, “How did this happen?”

“I’m not sure either,” Aldas looked like he was pondering. “It’s very likely that it was caused by yesterday’s challenge. The title of the first genius of the empire that Sandro got wasn’t for his luck. The last bottle of poison was very likely to be far beyond the ordinary scope. Even if Chen Rui had the protection of the grand master, he couldn’t be completely immune to it. That’s why there are symptoms of such unconsciousness.”

Gauss also nodded at the side. Based on the black juice overflowing from the human body, this explanation should be the most reasonable.

After Chen Rui left last night, Shea was still irritated by some of the things he expressed. Now that she saw him being poisoned and fainted, and his life or death was unknown, she finally reflected upon herself. Initially, the human was risking his life to help the Dark Moon, but he was almost killed by herself. For him, it was indeed unfair.

Shea sighed and asked, “Master, when will he wake up?”

Aldas replied, “The most dangerous moment should be last night, but even I didn’t notice. Fortunately, it is over. At present, his state is relatively stable. Except for some fever, there is nothing unusual. Maybe the grand master’s power is slowly controlling and neutralizing those toxins. He’ll probably wake up after a while. Since we don’t know the specific ingredients of Sandro’s Soul-Eating Potion, it’s not suitable for him to take any potions.”

Shea nodded and stood up, “I am going to deal with government affairs. Report to me immediately as soon as he wakes up.”

Aldas nodded. Gauss was a little surprised. He seemed to be a little surprised by Princess Royal’s special attention toward this human apprentice.

Alice and Athena were at the side of Chen Rui’s bed. Even on the face of the blackhearted little loli showed uncommon anxiety. At this time, the dirt on the human body was cleaned by Slee. His breathing was also normal. It’s just that his face was still flushed, and the low-grade fever still lingered.

Ultimately, the abnormal blush on Chen Rui’s face gradually faded, and his breathing increased. Athena who was always keeping an eye on him first discovered the abnormality, then Alice and Slee rushed to get close.

Chen Rui opened his eyes. He looked at Alice and Athena’s face in surprise and asked, “Why are you guys here?”

Athena said, “When we came, you had fainted on the bed. You took almost a whole day to wake up…”

“I was extremely worried,” Alice said with tears in her eyes, wasn’t sure how true the tears was, “There was so much black juice coming out of your body. When I help you to wipe your body, I’ve seen everything. You have to be responsible for me…”

Even Athena’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch when she heard those words. Slee at the side admired his master’s pursuing skills to the level of Demon God. After Athena, even the little princess…

Although the complicated-thinking imp was very eager for those gossips, at the same time he was afraid that he knew too much, and he would be killed by the little princess, so he decided to leave and notify Master Aldas.

Aldas rushed in. When he saw Chen Rui awake, he quickly asked, “How do you feel?”

“I’m fine,” Chen Rui felt a huge change in his body, but he didn’t dare to try before them. He muddled through, “I don’t know why, but it just happened suddenly.”

The black juice that Alice and others mentioned should be the result of “Body Cleansing”.

“It seems that Sandro’s Soul-Eating Poison is indeed powerful. It actually caused such an effect. Yesterday I was negligent. Fortunately, you are fine.” Aldas was more certain with his assumption and tried to explain it. Seeing his master helping him to find an excuse, he naturally went along the line and acted as having a sudden realization.

Chen Rui was desperate to learn more about the initial evolution, so he pretended to be tired, “I still feel a little tired; I want to sleep for a while more.”

“You just woke up and you want to sleep again?” Alice protruded her lips in dissatisfaction.

Chen Rui then realized that he still owed Alice a story. He quickly said, “I’m sorry, little princess. I am really uncomfortable today. Can I tell you tomorrow?”

Athena said, “It’s fine. It’s getting dark. Let’s wait until you recover.”

“I have been quite satisfied with you for all these while. You should rest your body first,” Little loli showed her rare understanding, but she also raised her small fist. “Don’t forget to tell me something interesting by then!”

Aldas gave Chen Rui a few words of encouragement, then everyone left the room.

When the door was closed, Chen Rui eagerly entered the Super System in his consciousness, only to see a slight change in the space that exploded in his memory.

Within a dusky space, there was a cloud-like gas. There was some tiny dust floating slowly around the gas. Other than this group of things, Chen Rui instinctively felt that there was a deeper change.

That’s right, it’s time. This space which was originally dead and endless finally has the concept of “time”.

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