Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 362: Devil’s Snare and Snow Dalle

Chapter 362: Devil’s Snare and Snow Dalle

Isabella’s mansion.

Chen Rui was blocked at the door. Isabella did not want to see him.

In fact, the female guard who stopped Chen Rui was also a bit puzzled. This sir had always been a frequent visitor to the mansion and often lived in the mansion. His close relationship with madam was by no means comparable to ordinary people. She didn’t know why he was listed as an unwelcome guest now.

In any case, the guards faithfully implemented the orders their owner instructed.

Chen Rui frowned. He told Obsidian that he would leave the capital and return to the human world today. He also declined invitations to banquets and dances. He must uncover Isabella’s background. It would be a headache since she refused to meet now.

He was now playing “Charles” who had a deep love for her. Should I really break in?

Just as Chen Rui was thinking about the “story”, a familiar voice sounded from behind, “Hey, Charles, why are you at the door?”

Chen Rui looked back and realized that it was Krobelus. It seemed that Miss Emerald Dragon came to meet her best friend.

“You came to find Yini? Why don’t you go in?” Krobelus was a little surprised.

Unless it was a day like giving out welfare and money, Ms. Emerald Dragon would never attend any boring meetings. She strolled around as a high rank consultant all day long to look for suitable targets for looting. As for the recent political affairs, it could be said that she had no idea about it and didn’t bother to ask too.

Chen Rui smiled bitterly and tilted his head toward the female guard who stopped him, “Yini refuses to see me. I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“Is that so?” Krobelus asked the guard curiously.

The bodyguard nodded and said, “Ms. Krobelus, madam had instructed that she is not willing to meet Sir Charles at any time.”

“It turned out to be so.” Ms. Emerald Dragon naturally stood firmly on the side of her good friend. She immediately stared at Chen Rui dissatisfiedly, “It must be you who did something that disgusted her. Since she didn’t want to see you, then you quickly…”.

With that posture, she looked like she was about to chase him away.

At this moment, Krobelus’ eyes flashed suddenly. Shee saw that “Charles” made a gesture to her with his palm. It was as if he was holding something. Ms. Emerald Dragon’s natural sensitive sense of smell immediately noticed that this was a huge gemstone. It was bigger than the one he gave her previously. She immediately changed her tone, “Then… I will lead you in to have a good talk with her.”

Chen Rui breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, in the face of wealth, the dragon’s morality almost has no lower limit.

Seeing Krobelus leading Chen Rui in, the few guards were anxious. They stopped her hastily, “Miss Krobelus! Please don’t make it difficult for us, madam has instructed us…”

“Isabella said that I can go in and out of this place as I wish. It’s just that I bring a follower this time.”

Well, I’ll be a follower then. Chen Rui shook his head like he was enduring a humiliation to accomplish his task.

“No, miss!”

Ms.Emerald Dragon’s overbearing and suppressive eyes made the guards unable to move. She then swaggered into the mansion with her entourage.

Ms. Emerald Dragon still had professional ethics (More importantly, she had long term plans for big returns). After taking the gem, she led Chen Rui all the way to Isabella’s study room.

Isabella leaned on the bench. She was wearing a set of very casual long skirts. Her full and mature temperament was undoubtedly revealed. One could even faintly glimpse those two seductive bulges on her chest under her bra. Seeing Krobelus rushing straight into the area with Chen Rui, Isabella’s brow couldn’t help frowning.

“Yini, I caught this nasty guy who offended you. You can punish him as you wish!” Ms. Emerald Dragon turned her image from a betrayer to a friend with a single sentence.

I have to say that the dragons are still quite wise. A more accurate adjective should be cunning.

“Ms. Betty, let me talk with Yini alone to solve some minor misunderstandings?”

Krobelus walked a few steps back and forth like she was thinking, but the hand behind her back stretched out a “v”-shaped gesture toward Chen Rui. Of course, she did not mean “victory”, but…. 2 gems.

Sure enough, she took advantage of the difficult situation as expected.

Seeing the human nodded without thinking, Ms. Emerald Dragon was overjoyed. She found an excuse and strolled into the hall.

Isabella leaned sideways. She held her palm lightly on the other arm and changed to an elegant posture. She covered the bumps on her chest naturally. She smiled faintly, “Are there any urgent matters for Sir Charles to be here today?”

Although this smile was still beautiful as before, it was more of an official expression. It was completely different from the previous one, but she was also acting previously. Now… it should just be a different script.

So, let’s try this script.

Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “Do I have to have an urgent matter to meet you? I have never had a place to live in the capital. This is considered my only home.”

Isabella shook her head slightly, “As everyone knows, Sir Charles is now the popular figure in front of the Regent. If you just request it, more than one major family will immediately give you mansions and beauties.”

Chen Rui sighed, “No matter how luxurious the house is, it can’t compare to my own home. This is the only place where the Demon Realm gives me this feeling. Although it is only a little bit, it is precious enough. ”

“Home”, Isabella directly ignored the last sentence. There was a hint of sarcasm in her smile, “Home is where the family is. Doesn’t Sir Charles have your own home already?”

“I do have my own home. I now… I just can’t help myself… or it should be called foolish.” Chen Rui said sadly, “You’re right. Home is where the family is. This place is just your home.”

“My home…” Isabella was a little lost, and then her expression recovered again, “I feel a little tired talking to sir.”

This was undoubtedly an order to evict guests, Chen Rui was silent for a while, “Yini, I’m here to say goodbye to you. Don’t you want to say something?”

“It’s Lady Isabella.” Isabella corrected him, “What do you want to hear from me? Some boring words? Or some kind of insincere apology?”

“Do you really hate me so much?”

Isabella shook her head and said, “Women are ever changing. Many things don’t need a reason, plus… some feelings are sudden.”

“Really?” Chen Rui looked around and saw that there was no one. He lamented softly, “Then before leaving, I, an ignorant nasty guy, would like to tell you one last thing, or should I say confess. My real name is Charles Roland, not Charles Kemplot. Roland is the surname of the Dragon Bright Empire royal family. Originally, I just wanted to use the identity of the heir of the Kemplot Family. I didn’t expect that Nero saw through the royal family’s Body of Light…”

Chen Rui told the “secret” of the illegitimate son of Emperor Roland and added the “extra chapter” of the grand master teacher. He came to the Demon Realm for help this time not only to resolve the crisis of the Kemplot Family, but also for a greater purpose. He wanted to use the power of the Fallen Angel Empire to use the black potion resources to gain the true approval of Emperor Roland in order to defeat the rest of the princes.

Chen Rui didn’t know how much Isabella learned from Obsidian, so he told the whole story. The only real thing was “Arthur’s” [Body of Light Blessing].

“I also have the highest [Body of Light Blessing] in the royal family, but I was forbidden to learn light magic since childhood. I am also the royal family’s direct line, but I can only be used and humiliated forever by those Royal Highness who are my actual brothers. I… am not willing!” When Chen Rui replayed the drama, he was already quite familiar with the storyline. His emotions and narration were in place.

“So…” Isabella listened very seriously, but shook her head at the end, “I should congratulate you for attaining your purpose now. I have lost value to you.”

Chen Rui sneered in his heart. As though “Charles” has been using her. Although it is true, her methods are more vicious. If I hadn’t prepared for a backup plan earlier, even if I didn’t die during the ambush, I would die in the secret prison.

The drama still had to be continued, so his face showed a self-deprecating smile, “Originally, it should be like this. At today’s meeting, I… I should accept Rommel’s favor who is acting on behalf of the elder family… but I don’t know why, I finally chose the ‘should not’ decision.”


“There are too many ‘should’ and ‘should not” in this world. I don’t want to ask you why you did that. I only know that without Rommel now, you can do more things that you want to do… It’s just that, except for the regent, you are the only person who knows this. Please keep it secret for me. ”

“Only the dead are the most credible secrets-keepers. Besides…” How do you know what I want to do?” Isabella smiled charmingly, but her voice was cold, “Perhaps it is to make some nasty guy disappear forever?”

“That is your freedom. Similarly, my choice is also my freedom.” Chen Rui’s resolute face showed a firm expression, “As a man, I don’t need to explain more, plus I won’t regret it.”

“This man seems to be a bit foolish, but sometimes being foolish is wiser than being clever.” Isabella gazed at him seriously, “Your narration and expression are very convincing and contagious, but maybe because I’m too sensitive, I always feel… as if something has been overlooked. Perhaps things are not that simple? Please forgive me, this is just a woman’s intuition. ”

Chen Rui was secretly wary. This woman was in a sense more difficult to deal with than Obsidian. He didn’t know exactly what she wanted, and he couldn’t grasp the essentials. Yet, she was extraordinarily wise. These kind of words seemed true and false at the same time. It was hard for him to put his guard down.

Therefore, he immediately changed the subject, “Actually, I also have an intuition that even if Rommel’s plan at the meeting today succeeds, Yini seems to have a way to get out. Maybe… it’s a man’s instinct.”

“Lady Isabella.” Isabella did not explain. Instead, she deliberately emphasized the problem of his title.

“No matter what happened in the past, it is over. I hope… we can have a new start, can we? Miss Isabella? If you really feel that I’m not qualified, then I will not trouble you. I will disappear before the eyes of the young lady.”

The title “Miss” was exactly what “Charles” used when he saw Isabella for the first time in the Red Spirit. Isabella’s eyes moved slightly. She asked without replying, “Even if there are a lot of dangers… and accidents?”

“‘Even so, yes… But I hope to fulfill a promise before these dangers and accidents.” Chen Rui looked into Isabella’s eyes, “Snow Dallet. In the near future, I will go to the Holy Light Mountain and personally pluck the Holy Flower to present it to you.”

Isabella’s pupils shrank suddenly. Her eyes were instantly filled with complex expressions. This was a request she made to “Charles” at the beginning. She didn’t expect the other party to remember it all the time. Just before he was being taken away by General Doren, he still held her hand and said this.

“I haven’t gone to Holy Light Mountain to personally pluck the Snow Dallet and give it to you yet! So, I will never leave like this!”

Chen Rui was just looking for an excuse initially, but he unexpectedly discovered her abnormal mood swings. I remember that when I was holding Isabella’s hand to “confess” before Doren came, she seemed a bit strange too. At that time, I thought it was because of the sudden incident and ignored it. Thinking of it now… is this Snow Dallet really famous? Or is it an entry point?

Isabella returned normal in an instant. There was a strange brilliance in her smile, “Then… I look forward to this day, Sir Charles.

The title “Sir” had improved much more than the indifferent mister (actually both should be “sir”, but it doesn’t make sense in this sentence). She did not make him “disappear.” At least it was a good beginning for the “relationship” between the 2 parties.

The promise was just to stabilize her. During the probing this time, he proactively informed Isabella of his “secret” by way of confession. Perhaps it was equivalent to telling the mysterious organization about the “source of the black potion”. The organization most probably would not mess with him again before trying to win this unique resource. This left him a valuable buffer time. As long as the Fallen Angel capital plan succeeded, the identity of “Charles” would be like “Master Arthur” who “vanished into thin air” completely. Even if the organization had various schemes, he was just an illusion.

After Chen Rui’s purpose was achieved, he made a sensible gesture and left without bothering her.

“Snow Dallet…” Isabella’s palm which was holding her arm trembled a bit. Her nails were deeply pinched into her fair jade-like skin. She did not realize that blood had oozed out. There were a few traces of rare grief and pain in her trembling sound. She seemed to remember an unforgettable hatred.

It wasn’t until Krobelus’ voice sounded that she gradually recovered normal.

Chen Rui didn’t know Isabella’s true emotions. The capital’s strategy had come to an end. He had to go to see another beauty.

The charm of that beauty was even better than Isabella, but for him, the degree of danger was still 10 times more dangerous. (To be continued)

Was he going to the empress again?

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