Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 363 - Accident in the Rune Experiment

Chapter 363: Accident in the Rune Experiment

Rainbow Valley.

Ms Fairy Dragon was still dressed in a long dress with glasses. When she saw “Richard” appearing in front of her eyes again, Zola showed a charming smile. This charming smile made Chen Rui a little lost in an instant. To be honest, besides her amazing beauty, Ms. Fairy Dragon’s quiet, elegant and intellectual temperament is also full of charm.

However, Chen Rui immediately recovered to normal. He was even vigilant because he knew well how much danger this charm contained.

“You’re back. Must be a long day.” The intellectual beauty’s tone was like a wife waiting for a man to return home, but her next sentence revealed her true intentions, “Did you bring back the stone slabs of ancient runes?”

Sure enough, she is still so direct…

Chen Rui nodded and said, “I have used the requiem fruit to rescue that friend named Moore. As a thank you, he gave me the remaining stone slab…”

Before he finished speaking, the fairy dragon immediately appeared in front of him with bright eyes. She grabbed his shoulder, “Really? Great! Give it to me quickly!”

As the distance between the two parties was too close, he could smell the faint fragrance from Zola. He could even see the two full and well-proportioned gullies on her chest, but Zola did not care. Similarly, Chen Rui did not dare to look for too long. He just asked, “Then, about learning the ancient runes…”

“No problem! Leave it to me! Just because you are my good assistant!”

The most important thing is a good experiment subject. The two said in their hearts simultaneously.

Looking at Zola’s posture, she would strip him naked to find the stone slab. She might even study and crack his space power. Chen Rui immediately took out a stone slab from the storage space.

Zola snatched it immediately and stroked the stone slab emotionally. The stone slab began to show a large number of symbols floating in the air just like previously. Chen Rui immediately turned on [Deep Analysis] and quickly recorded the numerous symbols like a computer.

Zola seemed to be using this method to check the completeness of the stone slab. Seeing Chen Rui staring seriously at the runes of the ancient runes, Ms. Fairy Dragon showed admiration in her eyes. This Richard is indeed a good learner and respectful of knowledge. If he has the talent of ancient runes, I might as well give him some pointers in this regard.

The rune gradually disappeared. The fairy dragon satisfactorily put away the stone slab. Suddenly, she showed a trace of suspicion, “Where did your friend get these stone slabs? Are there any more?”

Chen Rui knew she had this question for a long time. He replied, “My friend is a Demon Overlord powerhouse. This stone slab was obtained by chance hundreds of years ago when he and several partners faced a powerful enemy. They defeated this enemy with great difficulty and grabbed the stone slab from that enemy, but unfortunately, they could only get part of it. It is said that this enemy is a dragon with the power of peak Demon Overlord, but his state is not very well. He was using the power of these stone slabs to heal. Otherwise even if they join forces, they will not be his opponents.”

The fairy dragon spectacles flashed a gleam. A peak of the Demon Overlord dragon? The crystal dragon, Jacob? As for the injury… Maybe it was the old wound caused by the battle with Paglio back then, or he was injured by a powerful enemy after that. Jacob is barely familiar with the Dragon Inscription, so he should be able to use some of these ancient rune slabs’ strange force to heal his special physique. This seems to be no problem, but it is a pity that only 2 pieces are obtained. The rune is still not complete. Many problems remain unanswered.

The crystal dragon, Jacob was Zola’s mortal enemy. When she heard that “Richard” and his friend was also enemies of the crystal dragon, she liked Chen Rui a little bit more as Ms Fairy Dragon felt sorry for the lack of stone slabs. However, the biggest reason for this was naturally the precious stone slab of ancient runes he offered.

“Ms. Zola, there are 7 changes in these 2 symbols, and that… rules are very similar. Are they somewhat related or belong to the same category?” Chen Rui thought for a while and drew a dozen symbols on the ground. One was from the previous stone slab, another was the one just now. Although he couldn’t get an accurate answer in the [Deep Analysis], he could accurately determine the types and changes.

Zola was slightly surprised. An expression of appreciation flashed in her eyes. With her accomplishments, she could naturally see the accuracy of these 14 runes. Those changes could be said to be accurate. I never thought that this “Richard” is really talented in this aspect. Plus the knowledge of magic circle, dragon inscription and mechanics, he can be regarded as an all-rounder.



“Can you…”

“Huh?” Ms Fairy Dragon showed a habitually dazed expression. She gave an irrelevant answer, “I’m a little hungry.”



Sure enough, she started again. Fake daze, pretentious foolishness, blackhearted…

Thus, the lives of chefs, handymen, and experiment subjects began…

Perhaps due to the 2 ancient runes slabs or the strong learning talent shown by Chen Rui, Zola’s attitude toward him had changed slightly. This change was mainly seen in her more careful and persistent experiment. She would never rest until she got a satisfactory conclusion- I believe this studious assistant will definitely be moved by my research spirit.

In fact, the studious assistant almost burst into tears every time. Of course, he was not moved to tears, but it was due to the tortures of some experiments. Many of Ms Fairy Dragon’s experiments looked brilliant and colorful. It was 100 times more beautiful than the capital’s Secret Prison. However, in terms of danger, the secret prison was simply a leisure resort.

Speaking of the secret prison, the fat man warden, Kabang, who stole Chen Rui’s space ring, rushed to the palace after learning about the palace meeting. He waited outside the palace for the sir high rank consultant who had just left from inside. He carefully returned the space ring to Chen Rui.

In fact, the treasures in this ring were just to deceive others. The value was not particularly huge. It was originally a huge income for the fat man. He was complacent for several days. However, after learning that this prisoner defeated the Lincoln Family and the Minister of Military Affairs, the fat man shuddered continuously as the fear in his heart was maximized. He immediately returned the ring intact. He also added a lot of gifts in it.

“Isn’t there…” Chen Rui checked the ring, and he suddenly frowned. It made the fat man uneasy, then the sir consultant shook his head, “Forget it, I said it’s your reward previously. Work hard, I’m optimistic about you.”

After saying this, the sir consultant walked away. The fat warden was stunned there on the spot. He was almost crying because when Chen Rui said this. Many people next to him heard it. Most of them were important members of different families, some were even from elder families, who were also waiting and planning to invite “Charles”. These people appeared shocked simultaneously. No wonder “Charles” is able to break through Prison 13, it turns out he bribed the fat man!

Whether it was a blessing or a curse, the fat man was finally caught in the whirlpool by this sentence. Even if he could climb ashore alive, he would lose tons of fat.

In the following days, although both Chen Rui’s body and spirit were “ruined” by a certain beauty, he finally had the opportunity to come into contact with the ancient runes.

Zola still had 12 of the same stone slabs. Plus the 2 from Chen Rui, it was a total of 14 slabs. According to Zola, these stone slabs were obtained from a ruin many years ago. They were 18 in total. Later, 6 were snatched by her enemy.

Ancient runes were called the language of gods which were very mysterious. It was said to be able to get a glimpse of the mysteries of the gods. However, many years ago, after a certain terrifying battle, the gods suddenly disappeared without a trace. Then, there were almost no traces of gods. A fraction of this battle could only be seen in many historical materials. Some people call it the “Twilight of the Gods”.

Of course, the gods had eternal life. Tens of thousands of years were just a sleep for the gods, so the believers still had faith in it. Even Roman would say his mantra, “Demon God”, from time to time. It was unclear whether his faith was positive or negative.

Each piece of stone slab was equivalent to a basic sign just like the basic strokes of Chinese characters in Chen Rui’s understanding. They could derive a large number of “radicals” to form various “texts.” Of course, text understanding was only the first step. There were words, phrases, sentences, and specific applications after that. They were complex and profound. If he could really master the inner profound, he might also get a glimpse of the mystery of the Demi-God realm.

Zola was praised by Paglio as the top person in the Demon Realm in terms of ancient runes. She had studied this path for thousands of years, but according to her words, she had only mastered some of the most basics. If she could get all the stone slabs, perhaps she could take it to the next level.

Chen Rui didn’t dare to take out all the stone slabs at once. Firstly, the story was already compiled last time. If he rashly changed his words, it would arouse suspicion. Secondly, he was afraid that Zola would get rid of him after she no longer needed him. Ms Fairy Dragon’s negative integrity was evident. Plus, she was Paglio’s enemy. If he made her more powerful, perhaps it would be dangerous for Paglio in the future.

At present, it was better for him to follow Zola to try and learn the knowledge of the remaining stone slabs. After he had mastered it to a certain level, he could comprehend the last 4 stone slabs by himself.

Zola had spent most of her time immersed in the research on the 2 lost and later recovered stone slabs. She was not very suspicious. Although it was only 2 stone slabs, nearly 1000 “radicals” had evolved from them. These could intersect with 12 stone slabs to form countless texts. It could be described as extremely complicated.

As an assistant, Chen Rui learned a lot of knowledge of the ancient runes. The “[Deep Analysis]” had played a full role. Many changes and combinations that were almost unrememberable had become unforgettable imprints under the powerful functions of [Deep Analysis]. They were carved into Chen Rui’s mind. The more he came into contact with the ancient runes, the more he could feel the majestic and boundless mystery as if they could contain all things in the world.

If the original understanding of Dragon Inscription and magic circle made him stand on the peak of a mountain, then he was now in deep space, seeing the entire planet. Of course, outside the planet, there was a solar system, planets and even the boundless universe. The mystery was endless.

Although Chen Rui only occasionally showed a little intelligence, it was enough to surprise Zola. Especially his accurate calculation and analysis ability. Ms. Fairy Dragon needed to rely more and more on the power of this assistant.

At this time, Chen Rui took the opportunity to take out something which was an item made according to the changes in the Paglio’s runes. He said that it was something that he had accidentally obtained at a trade fair many years ago. It was originally something that he could not understand. After he learnt the ancient runes now, he realized that it might be related to it.

Zola suddenly became interested. She quickly recognized that it was a certain kind of seal. There were many texts and phrases in it that she could not understand at her current level. It was very complicated, but she did not give up. Instead, she started to experiment and research eagerly.

As an assistant, Chen Rui was sincerely willing to assist her in completing the research this time. As long as he could break this seal, Paglio would completely get rid of the restraints on his body and recover to his strongest power at peak of the Demon Overlord. This strength was at least the crystal dragon Jacob’s level.

Even without considering the situation of the Dark Moon, it was a huge surprise for the poison dragon himself.

What surprised Chen Rui was that Zola became the experiment subjects of the ancient runes most of the time. For example, she was now among the 7 stone pillars, each of which had a constantly changing rune text. This experiment simulation was one of the unclear sentences in Paglio’s seal. The entire laboratory, including stone pillars, magic circle and other settings, were special products made by Zola years ago for the study of ancient runes. It could imitate and detect the effectiveness of these mysterious runes to a great extent.

The 7 stone pillars glowed mildly. Zola was taking a pen to record the changes while savoring the feeling.

In all fairness, the fairy dragon is indeed an extremely good researcher and scholar. She does not hesitate to take risks in many experiments personally. She is just like those great scientists I learned about in another world.

However, if the degree of fanaticism can be appropriately calmed down, the moral value can be increased by a little, and the fake daze attribute weakens a little…

However, is this still Zola?

As he was thinking about it, the symbol of the stone pillar suddenly began to jump quickly. It shone with a kind of uneasy light as the beating became more and more intense. The light instantly became extremely strong.

“Oh no!” Chen Rui was taken aback. He was about to forcibly suspend the test.

“Don’t stop it!” The fairy dragon shouted. A magic shield instantly appeared around her body.

The magic shield of the fairy dragon could be regarded as the Demon Realm’s most powerful defensive magic, but the strong light seemed to carry a strange law. The elemental power of the magic shield was quickly absorbed and disintegrated. Before the fairy dragon could launch the next magic, the light had completely swallowed her.

Just when Chen Rui used forceful means to urgently stop the test, the fairy dragon in center was gone.

Chen Rui was taken aback. Could it be space magic just now? Zola is exiled to a different space… or maybe she crossed over?

This should be something to be celebrated initially, but the problem is that it is an important research period for the removal of Paglio’s seal now. If the fairy dragon is teleported by the Time and Space Administration in this way, wouldn’t my previous pain be in vain?

Chen Rui’s mind shifted and he began to search in the Rainbow Valley. Sure enough, he found Zola who was unconscious on a hillside.

A slightly horrible fact was that the long skirt on her body had been damaged. Not only her shoulders, even most of her chest was exposed. Even if she was lying down, he could clearly see the full and attractive white arc, even… a little pink bud.

No, this scenario is too unscientific!

Did Zola finally solve the mystery of Paglio’s seal?

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