Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 364 - The Fairy Dragon’s Decision and the Capital Lord Meeting

Chapter 364: The Fairy Dragon’s Decision and the Capital Lord Meeting

Zola’s eyes slowly opened a gap. She felt a little dizzy as her body seemed to be swaying slightly. When she focused, she was actually held by “Richard” in his arms and walking forward.

Damn man, how dare you touch me?

Aih, my body is limp with no strength at all. Even the elements have become disordered, so they cannot be condensed in a short time… It seems that the commentary of the rune just now should be the disintegration of the elements and space teleportation? Uh… there is also a bit of attack. These sentences seem to be inlaid. They have special power when put forward separately, but when integrated into a whole, they have another restrictive effect…

Aih, why do I still want to do so much now. Quickly crack that damn power of disintegration, condense the elements, and turn this daring guy into a pool of coke!

This guy is actually quite pleasing to the eye. He usually works hard and makes delicious food. He is also a magic circle and mechanic master who has an amazing talent in ancient runes. He is even an experiment subject who is willing to work hard. Wouldn’t it be a pity if he just turned into coke? Maybe rice paste or jam…

Miss Fairy Dragon’s unstable thoughts changed nonstop on “how to deal with this daring man”. Since the elements disintegrated by the power of the rune couldn’t be condensed for some time, she could only pretend to be unconscious and let this guy carry her all the way to the room.

At this time, the scattered elemental power finally began to condense a little bit. Considering this guy’s [Anti-Magic] bizarre physique, she still needed to endure a few minutes in order to defeat the enemy in one fell swoop.

Chen Rui didn’t know that Ms Dragon Fairy in his arms had already woken up. He placed her on the bed carefully, touched her forehead, and frowned, “Is it a bit hot? Aih, she is really a foolish woman. It is so dangerous just now but she will not stop…”

He muttered a few words to himself and covered her with a blanket to cover her slightly exposed alluring body. He then turned and walked out.

Zola’s long eyelashes opened slightly, Damn it! How dare you say that I, Ms Genius, is a foolish woman? You even touched my forehead!

The footsteps were approaching again… At this time, the fairy dragon had recovered most of her strength. It was easy to kill this delusional pervert, but she still pretended to be fainted. She was preparing for a sudden attack when his intentions were wrong.

His hand gradually approached… However, it wasn’t reaching into her clothes, but on her forehead instead. It was icy— It turned out to be a wet towel, and then… it seemed that there were no subsequent actions.

Ms. Zola’s long-standing and powerful magic was prepared in vain like she had hit the cotton with a punch. She felt uncomfortable. Suddenly there was a kind of inexplicable anger- Damn! I am so beautiful and charming…this the guy didn’t make use of the opportunity to take advantage of me? Am I not charming at all? A guy with no vision!

Chen Rui didn’t know the conflicting thoughts of Zola at all. In fact, only Catherine could compare with Zola in terms of beauty and figure alone. Holding this “beautiful and charming” lady, it was impossible for him to be completely indifferent.

However, thinking of the Fairy Dragon’s usual prestige, especially the trauma caused by the experiments, some kind of tempting thoughts were immediately driven away by fear.

If it weren’t for the ancient runes… Even if Chen Rui was given some guts, he wouldn’t dare to touch this horrifying beauty who was even feared by Paglio.

Zola’s experiment was directly related to Paglio’s seal. At this time, Chen Rui absolutely did not want her to have any accidents… Of course he had to be careful.

When Chen Rui was about to change the towel, he saw Zola’s purple eyes opened. He was shocked at that moment. His hands froze in the air. Ms Fairy Dragon said with a vigilant expression, “What are you trying to do?”

“Help you, change… change the towel. You passed out during the experiment just now.” Chen Rui explained quickly. The current situation was indeed easy to misunderstand. If Zola perceived him as some perverted character, it would be impossible for him to clarify himself.

“Really?” Zola touched the wet towel on his head… with a skeptical look, “You didn’t do anything just now?”

“I just… carried you on the back here to rest. I have put your glasses on the side for you.” Chen Rui was afraid that she would overthink, so he temporarily changed “hugging” to “carry on the back”.

Unbeknownst to him, the fairy dragon woke up way earlier.

“Carry on the back?” The fairy dragon’s tone seemed even more doubtful.

Uh... yes!”

“Now, go to the laboratory and get my magic notebook right away! If I can’t see the notebook within a minute… I assume you just tried to harrass me!”

This is unscientific! Your basis for this determination is too outrageous! Chen Rui silently objected in his heart, but did not dare to slow down. He instantly disappeared at the door of the room.

Zola adjusted her clothes and realized that it had turned into a revealing outfit. I must have been taken advantage of by this guy’s eyes just now. She turned the wet towel on his forehead to another side. It was cool and comfortable. This bastard… is not too bad. Forget about my unreasonable behavior toward him. At most, I’ll take good care of him in future experiments.

But this is the last time. If you dare to touch me again or see my body, I must turn him into coke! Rice paste! Jam!

By the way, it looks like… He accidentally saw my breasts when I took a bath last time. I was also determined at that time? That… Forget it. Let’s take this as the “last time” now because of this comfortable wet towel!

Yes, it is the last time!

When she was thinking about it, Chen Rui was sweating profusely as he rushed in with the magic notebook. As soon as Zola saw the notebook, her messy thoughts were immediately put aside. She brushed off the hair on her forehead and sat up. She habitually put on her glasses before grabbing the notebook and started recording.

“Fluctuating changes after 3 minutes. The special effects include elements disintegrating, space teleportation… Then this text should be a composite type. Yes! In this section I can……” Zola carefully recorded and analyzed. She completely forgot the suspect who had perverted intention.

“Okay! It’s finally done!” Zola jumped up, unaware of her exposed private area. She excitedly waved the magic pen in her hand, “Come and take a look!”

Chen Rui came over quickly. Zola explained the detailed meaning and usage of this sentence to him. He suddenly realized it and nodded repeatedly.

Chen Rui had to admit that Zola was indeed a genius among geniuses. Even if he has a skill like [Deep Analysis], but in terms of the inspiration and comprehension in this area, he could only look up to the fairy dragon. “This section can be divided into 3 parts…”

Chen Rui (nodding): Yes.

Fairy Dragon: Then this text should be expressed with “potential”…

Chen Rui (continue to nod): Yes.

Fairy Dragon: If the following texts are reversed, they will have different effects… This should be one of the main paragraphs in the seal…

Chen Rui (nodding successively): Yes.

Fairy’: Did you just want to do something to me just now?

Chen Rui (nodding inertially): Yes…

Fairy Dragon (sneered with a strong aura): Hmph!

Chen Rui (recovered):…

I’m innocent!

Chen Rui had always used words to trick others, but he was finally trapped in it now. Sure enough, karma would pay back sooner or later.

“It’s not…” Before he could finish the sentence… he saw lightning lingering, and his whole person flew up. When he fell to the ground, he had changed an explosive hairstyle.

Blackhearted! Too blackhearted!

He was filled with grief and anger. He secretly vowed that he would never ignore this terrifying attribute hidden under the fake daze in the future!

However, Ms Fairy Dragon controlled her power well. Although someone’s appearance was somewhat similar to the art performer with smoky makeup, he did not suffer much injury in essence.

(Forget about you hugging me… how dare you call this lady a foolish woman? Plus… indifferent to my beauty? Hmph!)

“I’ve decided! From now on, you have to go in with me in every experiment of ancient runes from now on!” A sparkling light flashed past Ms Fairy Dragon’s glasses. Her tone was extremely firm.

“…” (I even lost my strength to protest)

There might be gains and losses. While Chen Rui was risking his life in the Rainbow Valley for the study of ancient runes, his other plan was proceeding smoothly.

On this day, all the lords of the Fallen Angel Empire gathered in the capital to participate in the emergency lords meeting convened by the regent obsidian.

In the palace hall… Obsidian wore the crown of the prince and a lavender luxurious robe. He showed extraordinary power… He looked at all the lords under his seat with the eyes of the ruler. He nodded in satisfaction.

After a few routine opening remarks, Obsidian began to go straight to the subject.

“There is a very important thing in summoning all the lords to come this time. It can be said that it is related to the Demon Realm potioneer competition that will be held in the capital soon.” Obsidian paused, “For some special reasons, I need all lords to provide enough funds to sponsor this contest until it is successfully completed.”

As soon as they heard that the purpose of this meeting was to ask for money… many lords suddenly looked down. The taxes paid by each estate to the capital each year were already very high. Particularly the lords of small estates who generally didn’t have a lot of funds, they were silent at that moment. No one wanted to take the lead in responding.

The lords’ reaction was as Obsidian expected earlier… These guys only had their own interests in their eyes. A lot of black crystal coins were tightly held in their hands. Not even one would leak out of their fingers.

“You need to be clear of one thing first. This time, I’m not asking you for money again. I’m going to make your money increase in amount! This is giving you money! It is equivalent to a huge reward!” Obsidian His tone was full of powerful arrogance and confidence. In fact, this was also a true portrayal of his heart. Once the black potion came out, it would definitely be a huge benefit by multiples.

“I know that many lords are not very wealthy. The money in your hand is slowly accumulated. Now there is an excellent opportunity to double this wealth in a short time! If I’m not sure, I will never convene a formal meeting of lords at such a time! Some things are inconvenient for me to disclose, so you should not ask for the specific reasons. Just trust me, Obsidian Lucifer.”

Doubling the wealth? For a while, the lords whispered. It sounds attractive, but I can’t even ask the reason. Will there be any problems?

If it’s just a potioneer contest, wouldn’t it be necessary to spend more money? How could it be possible to make a big profit?

However, the tone of the regent Royal Highness just now was clearly a guarantee.

“White Feather Estate will put out 2 million black crystal coins in response to the edict of the Regent Royal Highness.” White Feather Estate’s Lord Sicali considered for a while, and he took the lead to speak. The lord who seemed to have a deep love for Shea actually gained advantage from both sides. He was also very appreciated by Obsidian on the capital side. This time, he would definitely be commended by the regent for willing to take a good lead.

2 million was definitely an astronomical figure for civilians, but for investment plans… this amount of money was a meagre sum. Obsidian frowned. When he was about to speak, a powerful voice sounded, “A mere 2 million… you’re not embarrassed to speak up? The Red Spirit Estate had always spared no effort to respond to the call of the Regent Royal Highness. I, Josh Alvin, invest… 1 billion black crystal coins!”

After this sentence was said, the audience suddenly became quiet.

Is it a billion? Not a hundred thousand?

Many lords thought they had heard it wrong. The Red Spirit Lord Josh glanced at the shocked Sicali with a touch of arrogance. He calmly accepted the shocked gazes of all the lords. With Josh’s keen sense… he had sensed that this must have something to do with “Charles”.

Josh knew what happened to the capital recently. In fact, after the “Charles” case, his “brother” Samuel was hidden by Josh; not escaped. Josh’s original intention was to observe for a period of time. If it was true that “Charles” couldn’t turn the tables, then it was not too late to present Samuel to the capital to show his contribution. Anyway, the person was in his hands.

As a result… When Charles appeared again in the capital, he unbelievably brought down the elder family and the Minister of Military Affairs. He became a popular man in one fell swoop.

Josh couldn’t help but be grateful that he had finally made the right move with his deliberate chess move… During this time, under his wholehearted guidance and even with the help of secret techniques, Samuel finally managed to break through to the Demon Emperor realm. Samuel used the strange space power to return to the human world.

Samuel would definitely tell his “brother” a series of great help that the Red Spirit had given him. From the previous dismissal and the capital incidents, it could be seen that “Charles” was a character who repaid gratitude and revenge. Now that Josh had somewhat been doing a favor to the Kemplot Family, he would definitely get abundant returns.

The reason why Charles was able to get the full support of Regent Obsidian must have something to do with this huge investment plan, so Josh did not hesitate to come forward… He made a big bet.

Obsidian knew that “Charles”‘s earliest partner was Josh, so he could guess some of his plans. In any case, it was indeed commendable to take the lead in firing the most powerful first “shot”.

“Okay! Lord Josh deserves to be my strongest supporter. Soon… you will be grateful for this decision! I can guarantee that within half a year, these 1 billion black crystal coins will become at least 1.5 billion or even 2 billion! After I have counted all the funds invested this time, I will ask someone to do the calculation and announce the specific instalment return plan by tomorrow at the latest.”

Everyone was in a clamor. He can earn so much in half a year? Really?

Upon hearing the familiar term “instalment return”, Josh felt more certain and bowed, “Although this has been accumulated over hundreds of years, the guarantee and trust of Your Highness cannot be measured by money. Within 10 days, this money will appear in front of Your Highness!”

“Very good!” Obsidian did not hide his admiration. “Lord Josh’s contribution should have almost reached the Duke. I hope you can make persistent efforts. Perhaps in the near future, the Red Spirit will create the first Duke lord. I look forward to the day when the medal and scepter representing the Duke will be awarded to you by myself.”

The titles of the Demon Realm empire in descending order were: Prince/Princess (royal only), dukes, Marquis, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons. Among the 4 lords, Shea was the lineage of the Lord of Midnight Sun and held the title of princess. The other 3 lords were just Marquis. Only a few elder families and the first general of the empire, George, held the title of Duke.

Hearing this hint, Josh was overjoyed. He bowed and sat down again. The White Feather Estate Lord Sicali, who responded first, was rather disappointed. 2 million and 1billion were completely incomparable.

After Josh unexpectedly took the lead, many people’s minds immediately began to move, 1 billion black crystal coins should be a huge amount, even for the old estate, the Red Spirit. Josh is one of the 4 major lords. He has always been calculative. If there is no absolute certainty, he will definitely not bet all his possessions without hesitation. Besides, there is a guarantee by the regent.

At this moment, the head of the guard, Lance, reported, “The Dark Moon Estate representative, Gauss, is requesting to meet outside the hall.”

Due to the well-known fact that the Dark Moon Estate started from Grimm Crown Prince, the Dark Moon Estate had always only sent representatives to participate in lord meetings. Old Gauss was also a frequent visitor at the lord meetings. In order to avoid some conflicts from intensifying publicly, Obsidian also turned a bling eye on this.

However, Obsidian went against the norm this time. He coldly snorted, “He still dares to come? Didn’t I tell him that the Dark Moon is not eligible to participate in this meeting this time?”

Obsidian glanced across the White Feather Estate Lord Sicali, but he was explaining to the lords, “The Dark Moon Estate is mismanaged and improper. They were directly responsible for Alan Karon’s death previously. How can an estate who did lots of wrongdoings participate in this important meeting related to huge benefits? Tell him to ask my niece Shea to come in person next time and beg for forgiveness. Maybe I can consider weakening some of the sanctions against the Dark Moon! Now, get that Gauss out of the palace immediately! Get him out of the capital!”


After the guard, Lance, left, the lords whispered again. The regent shows a very untypical tough attitude. He is determined not to let the Dark Moon Estate get involved because he doesn’t want the Princess Royal’s estate to benefit from this. It seems like the “sponsorship” this time does contain huge benefits.

Thinking of this, the lords finally made up their minds.

“Blue Lava Estate invests 1 billion!”

“White Feather Estate invests 800 million!”

Obsidian finally showed a determined smile on his stern face as if he had seen the road to victory in the future.

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