Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 1

On the cold, empty street, a flimsily dressed woman appeared, facing the bone-chilling wind and pitch black night. Usually, a person's eyes would not be able to move from the exquisite face of the woman; but now, her face appeared worn and full of tears.

Shen Jingshu hopelessly walked as if she were a puppet, her entire body felt numb. Tears blurred her vision as she once again realized that the desperate pain in her mind, caused by those people's cold and cruel words, was like a curse that she could not get rid of.

“Wh.o.r.e! Marrying you is my life's shame!” These were the hurtful words that came from her childhood sweetheart. Because she did not bleed on the first night she spent with him, she was suddenly changed from a wife into a concubine!

“You are shameless! There is no need to say anything! From now on, our Shen family will not have you as our daughter! Someone! Throw out this shameless woman!” These were her relatives?

“Second Uncle…Second Aunt…you cannot do this to me…I am innocent…”

The faces of those people kept circling in her mind. Those words pushed her to the brink of despair and eroded her heart!

Shen Jingshu really did not know why everything had changed in one night. She thought that, once she got married, it would be a new beginning. But why?

Why treat her this way? What did she do wrong? Those who were so good to her before she got married almost made her believe that she could continue with this kind of happiness, but why?

Her heart seemed to be breaking as if it were hit by a hammer. Shen Jingshu's entire body felt numb. Walking and walking, she suddenly felt pain from her back and fell unconscious.

Regaining consciousness, Shen Jingshu could only feel coldness from head to toe. All around her was pitch black, and she could vaguely feel the wind blowing. Shen Jingshu opened her eyes to see a smiling woman in front of her. Shen Jingshu felt a p.r.i.c.k at the corner of her eye. “Jingya, what are you doing?"

"Hahaha! My good Jiejie 1, you are finally getting what you deserve! How is it? How does it feel?"

“Where am I? What are you doing?” Wary of her surroundings, Shen Jingshu saw Shen Jingya's strange expression, and her heart was suddenly filled with terror.

Shen Jingya laughed eerily. "Jiejie, you are called foolish, but you are really foolish! Do you think that you are still the Shen family's Di 2 daughter? Now, you have no father or mother. You are merely an orphan, nothing more. Which family would really want to marry you? Not taking into account reputation, you were not willing to take the initiative to withdraw the marriage. Without grandmother protecting you in all respects, do you think that you could have survived until now? But, now is good. Now, you do not match Shaodong gege 3. Grandmother, at the moment, has no way of protecting you, so go rest in peace. In what will come later, meimei will take care of it for you. Jiejie, I'm afraid you do not know. Shaodong and I are indeed a harmonious couple. It is only you who is blocking us, making us depressed!”

While saying these words, Shen Jingya was beaming. Seeing this kind of smile on such a beautiful face really gave off a sinister feeling.

“Shen Jingya, you!” She could never have imagined that the person she thought was a good man would be secretly fooling around with her own sister.

Shen Jingya eerily laughed again. "Shen Jingshu, you can only blame your fate not being good. Who let you block my path? Still, I really didn't think that Shaodong Gege would not be able to get rid of you right away, and made you a concubine instead. He probably got seduced by that face of yours, it's a shame that he will never see it again. Jiejie, jiejie, thank you for your sacrifice. Jiejie, if you're kind then go. Meimei 4 will replace you and take good care of your husband, to help you enjoy the blessings that you are unable to enjoy!" Saying these words, Shen Jingya's face was filled with maliciousness and envy as she looked at Shen Jingshu's face.


At Shen Jingya's command, despite Shen Jingshu's resistance, people came forward to tie stones to her and throw her into the icy lake.

Because it was autumn, the lake's water was ice cold. Shen Jingshu's tightly tied body was unable to resist, and she watched the cold stares of the people ash.o.r.e. As she slowly started to sink into the ice cold water, Shen Jingshu's heart began to feel despair.


Why was this done to her?


What did she do wrong?

Little by little, Shen Jingshu's body began to feel more uncomfortable, and it also was getting harder to breathe. As her body sank deeper and deeper into the lake, her heartfelt despair and hatred also sank deeper and deeper into her heart, until she finally lost consciousness.

Older sister, does not have to be blood-related Child of the first wife, legitimate child Older brother, does not have to be blood-related Little/younger sister, does not have to be blood-related

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