Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 2

Cold, so cold … …

At the moment, Shen Jingshu could only feel coldness from head to toe, and severe pain coming from her head. The memory of being tied to a stone, thrown into the lake, and slowly suffocating to death, resulted in the lingering feelings of despair and helplessness leaving a scar in Shen Jingshu's heart. At that moment, the ice cold feeling throughout Shen Jingshu's body was an agonizing torture.

Was she dead?

Ha! Why had she died in such a tragic way? Could it be that in this life she was fated to suffer and live a miserable life?

At that moment, she remembered those people's faces and remembered those people's betrayals. Her family, her lover, how could they have treated her that way? How could it be this way?

Am I dead? Shen Jingshu could not help but think to herself that her pitiful parents must have tears sliding down their faces.

Father, mother, this daughter has let you down. Your daughter was weak and could not protect herself, even mistakenly believed in those people and ended up this way. You are both disappointed in this daughter, right?

Upon offering those heartfelt words, Shen Jingshu unexpectedly heard a familiar voice, and warm fingers covered Shen Jingshu's forehead. "Shu-er, what is wrong? Why are you so hot?” After hearing that familiar yet unfamiliar voice, tears dripped to the corner of her mouth.

Being able to meet with her father and mother again after arriving in the afterlife, this must be her good ending, right?

After so many years, Shen Jingshu wanted to open her eyes and see her mother's familiar face, but her eyelids felt too heavy and she was unable to open them. How do I open them? Shen Jingshu grew extremely tired and lost consciousness, but the women at her side became terrified. "Shu-er! Shu-er! Doctor, why isn't my daughter waking up?" The woman had a gentle appearance and a refined temperament. At that moment, her face was a mix of tiredness and anxiety. Her face was full of affection as she earnestly watched over Shen Jingshu.

“Furen 1, do not worry, she is just very tired. Once the fever subsides and she has a good rest, she will wake up. Have the others retreat so that she can rest well, and she will wake up later.

"But her forehead is so hot, what is going on?”

“Do not worry Furen. This time Xiaojie 2 caught a very serious cold. When she is able, she will need to take a few more doses of medicine.”

“En, in that case, I will have to trouble you doctor. Qiuyue, come over and take the medicine."

“Yes Furen”

Shen Jingshu dazedly listened to the several familiar voices. She wanted to open her eyes and see those people again, but she was too exhausted. When she finally woke up, two days had pa.s.sed. Shen Jingshu painfully opened her eyes, her throat felt dry and painful. "Water…" Her hoa.r.s.e voice was a pleasant surprise for the people in the room. " Xiaojie, Xiaojie, are you finally awake?"

This voice was?

Shen Jingshu raised her eyes to take a look. Wasn't this her servant girl, Chun Xiao? But hadn't second aunt married her off to the countryside some time ago?

How was this possible?

Seeing that Chun Xiao looked much younger than she remembered, Shen Jingshu pushed the bewilderment in her mind away. The pain coming from her parched throat would not let her think of anything else. "Water…" was this what the afterlife is like? Why was it so different from what she had imagined?

“Xiaojie, wait a moment, nubi 3 will go pour you some water. Xiaojie was in a coma for three days, Furen almost died from worry…” Noticing that Shen Jingshu had woken up, Chun Xiao hurried to pour her a cup of warm water. Looking at Shen Jingshu, her face filled with joy. “Furen has been keeping watch over Xiaojie these past three days. She went to rest just a moment ago. Wait a moment Xiaojie, nubi will quickly go and tell Furen the good news. This will also stop Furen from feeling anxious!"Without waiting for Shen Jingshu's response, she left in high spirits to tell everyone the good news. Left behind in the room, Shen Jingshu's heart grew even more confused.

Raising her eyes to look at her surroundings, Shen Jingshu felt that they were very familiar.

The room was filled with the aura of a young girl. It was delicate, pink, and smelled of face powder. Wasn't this her room from when daddy was working in Jiangnan years ago? Furthermore…

Before she could finish her train of thought, Shen Jingshu saw a figure hurrying over. “Shu-er, you finally woke up? Shu-er?” Following the anxious voice, Shen Jingshu saw a familiar woman. Wasn't this woman her mother who had died early?

“Mom …” Shen Jingshu could not help but tear up after seeing her parent.

Shen Jingshu had not imagined that she would finally be able to see her mother again. All of her sadness, heartache, and distress crumbled away.

“Shu-er, do not cry. Do not cry, calm down." As if coaxing a child, Dan Yuerong embraced Shen Jingshu and gently wiped her tears. Shen Jingshu cried for a bit, but upon realizing that she was acting like a child, she looked at Dan Yuerong's doting face with an embarra.s.sed expression.

She was an adult, how could she shamelessly behave like a spoiled child?

Although Shen Jingshu was embarra.s.sed, in her heart, she understood that it was because she longed for affection.

“It's alright, you woke up. You woke up, so don't cry too much. If your daddy sees you like this in a moment he will be worried.”

“Mom…" Daddy? Hearing the familiar name, Shen Jingshu remembered Shen Wenhua. She wished to see him as soon as possible. “Mom, where is Dad? Why haven't I seen him?” Shen Jingshu could clearly remember that, because of Shen Wenhua's sudden death, their happy family was torn apart. She also fell from the Shen family's happy Di daughter to a worthless orphan. Later, she was plotted against and ended up losing everything.

“You ah. Your daddy came before, but you only now woke up. He had to go to the yamen 4 to handle some affairs. But, I already sent someone to deliver a letter, so he will be back soon.”

“Mom, I want to see father, you must take me to see him, okay?” She had been blessed in her past life with her parents' loving care, and from a young age she had almost never suffered any hardships. Much later on…

Now, Shen Jingshu really wanted to see her father, a man who had truly loved her dearly.

“You just got better. Do not be headstrong, your father will return soon. Be a good girl and take your medicine first, do not make us worried!” This method stopped Shen Jingshu. Although Dan Yuerong loved her daughter dearly, she also took her daughter’s health very seriously.

“Mom…” Although she wanted to go, after looking at Dan Yuerong's face, Shen Jingshu knew that she could not be stubborn. She had no other option but to be obedient. “Then you must have father come back earlier!”

“Yes, okay, my little ancestor. But first, take your medicine!”

“En!” She obediently drank the medicine, and, because of her recent fever, Shen Jingshu quickly felt tired and fell asleep. Although she did not understand the current situation, seeing her family healthy allowed her to sleep peacefully. As for other matters, Shen Jingshu did not try to think too deeply about them for now.

After waking up again, Shen Jingshu's entire body felt relaxed. Opening her eyes, she saw a man sitting in front of her. Her heart was filled with all kinds of emotions and her eyes became moist again. “Daddy…”

Madam Young lady/Miss Servant/slave Government office

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