Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 55 Part2

"It is Furen's persistence today, so forget it. It's just that you have to fulfill your responsibilites later, take good care of the young master, don't let Furen worry, you understand?"

"Well, I can save it!" Although Ruan Momo didn't say anything, these were just explanations, but Zhao shi knows that Ruan momo made sure to take good care of Shen Zihan. Make sure that he is close and reliant on her, although this is for her duty, it means secretly….

Ai.. there are so many crooked intestines (those with bad intentions) in this mansion she has to be careful.

"As long as you know, taking good care of young master, naturally has benefits for you. But, if you don't take good care of it, I don't mind changing people." Ruan momo was obviously threatening Zhao shi, when Zhao shi heard, she hurriedly replied, "Momo rest a.s.sured, I will do my best to take care of the young master, so as not to worry furen!" The meaning of these words are clear to each other, Ruan momo saw that Zhao shi was scared and had taken her words to heart, and nodded, "Just know that, if you do well, there won't be any losses!"

"Yes!" Seeing this Ruan momo smiled a little and Zhao shi was relieved. Zhao shi hurried away, vigilantly watching around. Of course, she was holding Shen Zihan close every day, this is to let him rely on her, get familiar with her, she was not letting anyone else hold him. Zhao shi held him knowing that whoever was close to him, is the one Shen Zihan would rely on.

Paying close attention, Zhao shi took Shen Zihan for a walk as soon as he was free. Zhao shi spoke to him and sang a song to him, just to make Shen Zihan more familiar with her. However, if he ignored her when Dan Yuerong was doing so, Dan Yuerong would be dissatisfied.

Since, Shen Jingshu had previously reminded Dan yuerong, Zhao shi's previous tricks would be useless. Every time Dan Yuerong called to hug the child, she deliberately did not feed him, did not try to relieve him, or burp him, so that Dan Yuerong had problems holding him. She did this a few times and Dan Yuerong did not have any doubts. But, since Shen Jingshu said that time, every time Dan Yuerong encounters this situation, she does not give the child directly to Zhao shi, sometimes she even scolds Zhao shi, saying that she did not take care of the child properly, Zhao shi is naturally afraid and did not dare make this move again.

Zhao shi was now under a lot of stress, Ruan momo had put the pressure on her, Dan Yuerong had warned her, Zhao shi was mentally distressed and did not know how to solve this problem. Especially now that Dan Yuerong would sleep with Shen Zihan in the night, even though she advised against it several times in vain.

Dan Yuerong now had the chance to get close to Shen Zihan, naturally Shen Zihan now grew reliant on her. Zhao shi could only watch as there was no way to interfere.

Ruan momo kept her eye on Zhao shi, and saw that there was no progress , whenever Dan Yuerong was free she would hold Shen Zihan close. Now, seeing her chance , Ruan momo said, "Furen, you haven't finished your confinement for this month, if you hold Shen Zihan and sleep at night, it might effect your sleep, so leave it to Zhao shi." If she lets Dan Yuerong go on like this, Shen Zihan would only become increasingly dependent on Dan Yuerong, when he grows up and chooses people maybe they would have to follow Dan Yuerong's words. This plan was very bad for them.

Although, Dan Yuerong didn't know what Ruan momo thought, she didn't listen. "No problem! Han-er is very good at night, basically no noise, I'm fine!" Although Shen Zihan would wake up several times at night, Dan Yuerong could handle it. If he was hungry, Dan Yuerong asked Zhao shi to feed him, it wasn't trouble at all.

"Furen, your health is not a joke, the doctor has explained that you need to be in confinement. How could you disregard your health like this? Laoye would be so worried."

"I am very clear on my body, and Wenhua also knows, so don't worry!" Although, Shen Wenhua initailly disagreed, Dan Yuerong persuaded him softly and even cried that her son was not close to her as she was not taking care of him herself. In the end, Shen Wenhua had no choice but to agree, and but also explained that Dan Yuerong had to take care of herself, naturally, Dan Yuerong agreed.

"But, Furen, you are still in confinement now, so , shouldn't you sleep well at night? And young master might get noisy in the night, Furen has to get up in the night to change diaper for young master. Now that it is getting cold at night, Furen might catch a cold.

"Momo, I will take care of myself."


"I have discussed this with Laoye, Momo need not say any more!" Dan Yuerong may listen to Ruan momo in other things, after all, Ruan momo was sent by Old madam Shen, but she will not budge in this matter.

This is also attributed to Shen Jingshu's recent and implicit hint in front of her, which led Dan Yuerong to think a bit more on this. Otherwise, based on the fact that Ruan momo had said so, and Old madam Shen's face, she would have agreed.

"Since Furen has insisted, I hope Furen will take care of herself!" When Ruan momo saw that Dan Yureong insisted, she could only let Dan Yuerong temporarily go, later she will think of another way.

"Momo, rest a.s.sured." With a smile, Ruan momo said nothing more, Dan Yuerong was also relieved. But Ruan momo would not change her opinion on it.

These days, Dan yuerong was taking care of Shen Zihan herself, and he is now very close to her. Nowadays when she picks him up, he no longer cries or tries to pull way. So where can Dan Yuerong compromise? (How could she compromise?)

Unfortunately, it is unknown if it was because Dan Yuerong got up in the night or something else, but Dan Yuerong caught a cold. At this time, Zhao shi and Ruan Momo, found a reason. Now Dan Yuerong couldn't take care of Shen Zihan. "Furen, You are sick now, let Zhao shi take care of it, and you will not get sick.”

"En, Zhao shi, take good care of young master!" Dan Yuerong was worried he would get sick, but luckily, Shen Zihan was well and didn't get a cold. She was relieved.

“Furen, rest a.s.sured, nubi will take good care of the young master.” Zhao shi's heart was filled with joy. Dan Yuerong was sick now, but it gave her a convenient excuse!

"Furen still shouldn't be close to the young master these days. The young master is young and will easily get infected.”

“Well, Zhao shi, you will take Han-er to bed in the future. I'm sick and it's not good to be close to him.” Although she was reluctant, Dan Yuerong didn't want her child to be sick.

“Yes, Furen!” Holding Shen Zihan, Zhao shi seemed to be relieved.

“Furen, you have a good rest. Although this cold is not a serious illness, you have to take care of it.”

"Well, I know!” Weakly smiling, Dan Yuerong didn't understand why she was ill, secretly blaming her body for being inconvenient, she could only look at her son but couldn't get close.

"Furen, take medicine first!"

"Okay!" After drinking the medicinal soup, Dan Yuerong fell asleep.

When Shen Jingshu came back from school, she heard that her mother was sick, and immediately got worried. What happened?

"The doctor said it was a cold, Furen just gave birth and she was taking care of her son in the night, maybe her body couldn't take it?" Chunxiao told Shen Jingshu what she knew, after listening to it, Shen Jingshu frowned and said, "What about Han-er? Is anything wrong with him?" He is so young, if anything happened, it wouldn't be good.

"Young master is okay, for safety Ruan momo had the young master drink some hot water. Now the young master is good and lively!"

"Alright. About mother, it isn't serious right?"

"The doctor said that she should take care and not do anything hard."

"Isn't the wet nurse taking care of Han-er?" Is this just coincidence or intentional?

“Yes, Furen has a cold. Naturally, she cannot be in contact with the young master. The doctor said that the young master is still young and has poor resistance. So now Nainiang is taking care of it, and Furen does not let Nainiang take the young master over to watch. “

“That's it?” After thinking about it, Shen Jingshu was not at ease, “Go, let's go and see mother!” Why did she suddenly get sick? Wasn't she good before?

After studying medicine for more than half a year, under Master Hui's dedicated teaching, Shen Jingshu had learnt a lot of medical skills. As Shen Jingshu herself wanted to learn, she was improving by leaps and bounds. She had let Dan Yuerong take care of Shen Zihan by herself, that is to say, Dan Yuerong was fine before, but how did she catch a cold suddenly?

Shen Jingshu was puzzled and naturally she had to take a look.

"Miss! Don't worry, Furen has just taken the medicine and fallen asleep, you can come back later!"

" Yes, Alright!" After asking for some more information, Shen Jingshu went to see Shen Zihan first. When she arrived, she saw Zhao shi taking a walk with Shen Zihan, she was laughing and talking to him, Shen Jingshu didn't know why, but when she saw this, she felt really uncomfortable. "Nainiang, how is Didi?"

"Miss is here? The young master is fine, he just drank his milk and is going to sleep soon. Nubi took him out for a walk so he wouldn't be bored." At the thought that she could take care of Shen Zihan without sending him to Dan Yuerong everyday, Zhao shi's heart was relieved.

"He he, Can I hug him?"

"Miss is still young, so you should be careful, if Xiaojie wants to see, Nubi can show you. The young master is growing heavier these days, and Nubi is worried that Xiaojie won't be able to hold him!" This was Zhao shi politely declining. Although Shen Jingshu knew that what Zhao shi said was true, her face changed. “Nainiang, I want to hug Didi, can't I? I haven't seen Didi for a day, I miss him, let me hug him!” There is longing on the small face, of course, Shen Jingshu would hide the dissatisfaction mentally. What exactly is the purpose of Zhao shi and Ruan Momo? She is not sure, but she will not let them succeed!

"Da Xiaojie, You have to be careful!" Seeing the hand Shen Jingshu had strecthed out, Zhao shi didn't dare to say no, she reluctantly handed Shen Zihan to Shen Jingshu, but still didn't forget to carefully caution against it. Shen Jingshu had a weak body, but she still tried to hold Shen Zihan carefully. Shen Zihan was getting heavier these days, and they each looked at the other's face. Now that Shen Jingshu was looking into his eyes, she felt warm.

Didi, don't worry, no one can take you away. You are my didi, father and mother's child, and our family will always be together!

"Nainiang, Mother is sick recently, she can't take care of Didi anymore, please take care of him in the future." Shen Jingshu carefully watched Zhao shi's face as she was speaking and noticed a smirk on her face, Shen Jingshu's eyes turned cold.

"Da Xiaojie, don't worry, it should have been Nubi who should be the one to do this!"

"Nainiang, take care of Didi, I will go to see mother!"

"Da Xiaojie, walk slowly!" And so Shen Jingshu was gone, Zhao shi was immediately relieved. Don't know why, when she faced Shen Jingshu, she was really nervous. And it always felt like she (Shen Jingshu) could see through her (Zhao shi), it was really strange.

Obviously they were a six year old's eyes, but when she was watching with them, why did Zhao shi feel like she had no place to hide? Was it her delusion? Obviously a six year old child ah!

It seems in the future she should avoid the miss, she is a little afraid of this young lady! Although she looked amiable and simple, she was always nervous when she faced the little lady.

Is it because of a guilty conscience?

Ai……. (T/N Chinese version of Sigh!….)

Of course, Shen Jingshu did not care about Zhao shi's thoughts, she quickly went to Dan Yuerong's yard, there she learnt that Dan Yuerong was still sleeping, when Shen Jingshu looked inside, indeed Dan Yuerong seemed a little tired, she had to ask about the situation first, “Liu Zhi, isn't she okay in the morning? Why was she suddenly ill?” When she went to school in the morning, Dan Yuerong was talking and laughing. Why was she sick when she came back?

"Madam had to take care of the master the past few nights. He always wakes up in the middle of the night, and madam had to let Zhao shi feed and change the young master. The weather is getting cold now, and Furen's health is poor, and maybe it was really cold at midnight. The doctor said the same thing, Furen got too cold and that it is enough to take good rest. Miss, don't worry too much."

"Is that so?" Got cold? How could that be, the house was very warm and Dan Yuerong was very careful, how could she get a cold?

Puzzled, Shen Jingshu could only dig slowly now, "Did the doctor say that mother should not work hard?" If so, would mother be able to take care of Didi in the future?

"En, the doctor said Furen's body was weak and should be taking rest, especially as the confinement is still not over, should remember to not work too hard, or you will be leaving root issues in the body in the future."

"I know." It seems she can no longer mention letting mother take care of Didi in the future, this time, it was her negligence. She will need to pay attention later.

But, she couldn't let them take care of her brother, their purpose is now more and more obvious, if she guessed right, there will be someone coming from the capital soon. This is something she couldn't allow now!

"Miss, don't worry too much. Furen just has to take some rest. She has already had some medicine. It will be fine in a few days." Liu Hong saw Shen Jingshu frowning quietly, and thought she was worried about her mother's health, and comforted her. After listening, Shen Jingshu thanked Liu Hong, and said, "En, you guys can go. I will accompany mother for some time."

"Yes, Miss!" Carefully closing the door, Shen Jingshu went to the bedside and quietly sat down, as she watched Dan Yuerong's face she felt more or less guilty.

This matter was thoughtless of her, now that her mother was sick, were they not more justified? Now that it has come to this, her father will not let mother take care of her younger brother.

If this is their calculation, then Ruan Momo , she really is more than she (Shen Jingshu) thought!

Looking at Dan Yuerong, Shen Jinghshu hates that her medical skills were still not enough to treat people. From now on, she will work extra hard to learn medical knowledge!

Uneasily, Shen Jingshu check Dan Yuerong's pulse, though she was restless, she soon became calm and quiet. She still knows a little bit about cold. Afterwards, she looked at the medicine, whether it was suitable or not, so she could take good care of her mother. As for the future, she will wait until her mother is well.

Today, her brother was only being taken care of temporarily by Zhao shi.

When Shen Wenhua returned, he learned that Dan Yuerong was sick, "Furen, are you alright? Is it serious?"

Ruan Momo repeated what the doctor said, focusing on Dan Yuerong unable to take care of the young master by herself, of course Shen Wenhua has no objections, "Let Zhao shi take care of Han-er now, you need to take more care of the Furen and let her recover soon."

" Yes, Laoye!" Seeing that Shen Wenhua was so worried about Dan Yuerong, Ruan momo blinked her eyes and didn't say much.

"You are busy, I will see to Furen."

“Laoye, wait, nubi has something to day, don't know if I should say it?” Of course, this opportunity is rare, and Ruan Momo must grasp it.

"What is it?"

"Laoye, Furen's body is not so well. Before, by insisting that she could take care of young master by herself, Furen has ruined her body. Nubi has thought that Zhao shi was the one to take care of young master, isn't this the case in other homes as well? Furen's health is the most important matter now, the young master is still young and needs more care. Nubi is worried that about the Furen's health. So…"

"I know it well. I will tell my wife." Dan Yuerong was sick, of course Shen Wenhua would be distressed and think on how his wife got sick?

"Laoye is really good to the Furen. This is the furen's blessing!" Seeing Shen Wenhua agreeing, Ruan Momo naturally had a smile on her face, "It is still important to take care of Furen's body, maybe in the future there would be another young master!"

"You are absolutely right." smiling, he went to see Dan Yuerong, Shen Wenhua was a man in the end, some things were inevitably not thoughtful, but Ruan Mama was relieved.

"Rong-er, how are you doing? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" As soon as he went in, he saw Dan Yuerong was awake and was talking to Shen Jingshu, Shen Wenhua saw that Dan Yuerong's face looked pale, and was distressed, "look at you, you have lost weight. You have worked too hard."

"Wenhua, I did this willingly."

"This time you are tired and got sick, in the future, you don't need to take care of Han-er yourself. Zhao shi is a careful person, she is also confident in taking care of Han-er, you, it is still important to take care of your body!" Shen Wenhua originally did not agree with Dan Yuerong taking care of Shen Zihan herself, now that she is sick, of course he would object!

This was to be expected, Shen Jingshu sighed, knowing in the future, it would be difficult for Dan Yuerong to take care of Shen Zihan herself. But she never thought that this time would be an exception and Dan Yuerong was not docile to her husband's words and resolutely told him, "No, my child I will take care of him myself!"

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