Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56.1: Treated for a long time, but still not cured

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In all their years of being husband and wife, Shen Wenhua's decisions had never been opposed by Dan Yuerong. To be greeted with such direct opposition today, Shen Wenhua looked at Dan Yuerong, but for a moment did not react. When the response came, he looked at the rare stubbornness on Shan Yuerong's face and felt helpless. “Rong'er, you are not well, be obedient.”

“Wenhua, Hang'er[1] is my child. Don't tell me I can't take care of him myself? You don't know, but because of my poor health I was unable to be intimate with him. When I held him, he cried. Do you know how I felt? These days when I personally looked after Hang'er, he smiled at me. Not only that, he didn't cry loudly. He was so well-behaved. I really want to take care of him myself!” Shen Zihan's previous response to her had really hurt Dan Yuerong, so this time she insisted.

“Rong'er, I said I will not let you take care of him yourself, not that you're not allowed near Hang'er. During the day you can have née Zhao[2] bring him over. But you are not allowed to take care of him at night. Look at you, you've become so thin and sickly. Do you know I'm worried? Don't let me worry, ok?”

“Wenhua, I will take good care of myself. This time it was just an accident. Rest a.s.sured, I won't let myself get sick again.” Knowing that Shen Wenhua was just thinking about her health, Dan Yuerong's tone eased a little, but she was still insistant.

“Rong'er, aren't all the children of other families like this? Why are you doing this? What's more, your body can't take it!”

“Wenhua, Hang'er is the child we have been hoping for for so many years. If I am never intimate with him, what's to be done when he becomes like before, crying when I hold him? I never want to taste this feeling again. It's too difficult to bear.”

“Rong'er…” The tone was a little disapproving. Shen Wenhua wanted what was best for Dan Yuerong, but this time Dan Yuerong wouldn't listen to him. Of course, Shen Wenhua would not provoke Dan Yuerong's temper.

“Wenhua, no matter what you say, I'll take care of Hang'er once I'm better. He is my son. What's wrong with taking care of him myself?”

“…” He wanted to say something, but what? To the side, Shen Jingshu saw that the atmosphere between her parents wasn't too good, so she hurried to mediate, “Daddy, Mom is sick now. Can this thing wait until Mom is better? Look, Mom is upset, this isn't good for her health.” In fact, Shen Jingshu knew that Shen Wenhua was just thinking about what was best for Dan Yuerong. This was exactly the situation Ruan momo and the others wanted to see. But, how could she really let those people have their wishes fulfilled?

If their wishes were truly fulfilled, Hang'er would become more and more estranged from them. At that time, who knows what Grandmother would do?

Right now, Hang'er was still very young. After a few years though, she was afraid…

Shen Jingshu had already vaguely guessed the other party's intentions, but there was no possibility she would let them get away with it. Right now her parents' opinions were not unified, so temporarily she could only restrain herself. At any rate, Dan Yuerong was sick now. Once she was better, this matter would also have pa.s.sed, and Shen Wenhua would be a little more moderate at that time.

“Mom, Daddy, I'm worried about you too. Mom shouldn't be permitted to be angry!” Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua had rarely blushed in recent years. Shen Jingshu didn't want her parents' affection to be affected because of this little thing.

“Ok ok ok, say no more.” Their daughter said so. Of course Shen Wenhua would not argue with Dan Yuerong anymore. Anyway, Dan Yuerong was sick now and he didn't want to make her unhappy.

“Hehe, Daddy is the best. Mom, eat something, ok? You haven't eaten anything today!” While eating there was no s.p.a.ce to talk. Shen Jingshu's plan was very good.

“Well, this child!” Such a young daughter knew how to defuse conflict between her parents. Dan Yuerong also knew that she had been too unyielding just now, and planned to discuss this matter with Shen Wenhua slowly.

In any case, Shen Wenhua loved her. When the time came, she would coax and pester him, and she would not be afraid that Shen Wenhua would not agree then.

Dan Yuerong was sick with her cold for several days, and she was worried about infecting her son. Although she missed Shen Zihan, she didn't dare be close to him. Therefore, she just let née Zhao bring him over so she could look from afar, but not hold him, which was torture for Dan Yuerong. Shen Jingshu knew that Dan Yuerong missed Shen Zihan, and she was worried that née Zhao would take advantage of this opportunity to do something. So, she often went to see Shen Zihan, and told Dan Yuerong all about Shan Zihan's matters, in order to make Dan Yuerong happy.

However, what was strange was that Dan Yuerong's cold still hadn't gotten better after a month. Shen Jingshu knew that a baby's memory wasn't long. If Dan Yuerong never came in contact with Shen Zihan again, she was afraid that Shen Zihan would not tolerate being held by Dan Yuerong anymore. This, Shen Jingshu did not want to see.

Feeling strange in her heart, Shen Jingshu had Chun Mei collect the dregs from Dan Yuerong's medicine without anyone knowing. Chun Mei did things very carefully and soon retrieved it. “Miss, Ruan momo tells people to throw these dregs away every day. This slave took it secretly. Is there a problem with the medicine?”

“I don't know yet. Let me take a look.” Ruan momo's method of doing things made Shen Jingshu feel even more suspicious. Dan Yuerong's cold was not that serious. Even if the recovery was slow, to still not be better after a month, how could Shen Jingshu not have doubts?

It's just that she'd seen the doctor's prescription. Could it be that Ruan momo really had the guts to switch out the medicine?

The common cold was the most basic type of illness. This was something Shen Jingshu understood well. At this time, as she examined the dregs to distinguish the different medicinal ingredients, her brows wrinkled up.

“Miss, could it be there's really a problem with this medicine? Then…” Seeing Shen Jingshu like this, Chun Mei was also a bit frightened.

If this thing really hurt the Madam, Ruan momo's guts were really too big. Did she not want to live?

“There is no problem with the medicinal ingredients, but one ingredient is missing.” This one ingredient was fundamental for curing colds. If it was missing, then one is afraid that even after one or two years, one still wouldn't recover from even a small cold.[3]

This Ruan momo really had guts!

“Ya, Ruan momo really dared to do this? Then Miss, should we tell the Madam?”

“No need, Mom is sick now, and I don't want to worry her.” Besides, would telling Dan Yuerong about this matter be useful? This Ruan momo was not like the other ones who could be sent away casually. If Shen Wenhua treated Ruan momo like the others, perhaps her grandmother would use it as a pretext to flare up and give her mother a hard time! Furthermore, when Shen Jingshu managed to have those people sent to the countryside, she didn't expect a Ruan momo to arrive. If they got rid of Ruan momo,who knows who the next one would be?

Of the people this grandmother sent, each one was more difficult to deal with than the last. Shen Jingshu could not prevent the Old Madam from sending people. For now, she could only let Ruan momo stay where she was, and think about what to do if more people were sent over again.

From the beginning, Ruan momo had always shown an upright and honest performance. It was only recently that she had gradually begun to take action. Shen Jingshu naturally guessed that their purpose was Shen Zihan. Learning of this point, Shen Jingshu wanted to form her reaction very carefully. Therefore, she did not intend to tell Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua about this.

“Then Miss, what should we do? Right now the Madam is still sick. If she keeps taking that medicine, that isn't good, right?” Chun Mei was worried about Dan Yuerong's health. She didn't want her illness to get worse.

“Don't worry, this medicine won't harm Mom; it just keeps her illness from getting better.” In addition, if it was taken intermittently, it wouldn't make Dan Yuerong's illness more serious, nor would it allow her to recover. By obstructing Dan Yuerong's recovery in this way, Dan Yuerong naturally had no way to take care of Shen Zihan personally, and could not even touch him. If this were to go on for a year, then when Shen Zihan was able to start recognizing people, she was afraid he wouldn't be able to recognize his own mother.

Sure enough, this was a very deep scheme! As expected, this Ruan momo was indeed much stronger than all the other momo!

“But Madam's health hasn't been good all this time. It won't do! This Ruan momo is harboring unfathomable motives. Miss, we have to guard against it!” Previously, Chun Mei had always thought that this Ruan momo was an amiable sort who did things fairly and respected Dan Yuerong. Compared to the people sent by the Old Madam before, she was much better.

Chun Mei originally thought that this Ruan momo was different, but now it seemed that this Ruan momo was even more sinister than the others!

“I'm well aware of the situation. You must dispose of these medicine dregs first, but don't let anyone see it and cause suspicion.”

“Yes, Miss!” She knew that Shen Jingshu had a grasp of the situation. Over the past year, Chun Mei had observed the change in Shen Jingshu. Although she was very young, she had a meticulous mind and was extremely intelligent. The Miss surely had a countermeasure prepared for this matter!

After carefully wrapping up the medicine dregs, Chun Mei went to deal with it. At this moment Chun Xiao appeared, looking very worried. “Miss, is the Madam really okay?”

“She's all right, rest a.s.sured!” Fortunately Ruan momo also behaved with propriety, otherwise the situation may have been irredeemable!

“What does Miss plan to do?”

“This, I have to think about it.” What could be done to give Ruan momo a warning, make Ruan momo exercise restraint, and dare not to act again?

Also, this must be made known to Daddy, so that Daddy would be good to them and stand on their side in the future.

After thinking about it, Shen Jingshu finally thought of a way. If this method succeeded, it would not be simple for Ruan momo to move easily in the future, and as for that née Zhao…

Letting her remain would bring disaster in the end!

The next day, Shen Jingshu went to school as usual. Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe naturally knew of Dan Yuerong's condition. Seeing that Shen Jingshu's face was not good, they were a little worried. “Jingshu, are you all right? Is Aunt Shen better now?” According to reason, Dan Yuerong's illness was not serious, so taking some medicine should make her better. Why was it that after a month she still hadn't recovered?

“Mom is still like that. Although she seems to be getting better, but it's always intermittent.”

“Jingshu, don't worry, sometimes the effect of this medicine is slow. Aunt Shen will get better with a little rest.”

“En, I hope so!” Shen Jingshu had been gloomy for several days. Although Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe were worried, they could only provide comfort and deliver some tonics. After all, they weren't doctors, were they?

But perhaps Shen Jingshu's poor mood had been too obvious these days. After cla.s.ses had ended for the day, Master Hui kept Shen Jingshu back, “Jingshu, did something happen recently? I've noticed your mood seems to have been rather poor lately.” Master Hui knew about Dan Yuerong's illness, but she did not think it was something serious. Moreover, Shen Jingshu's behavior hadn't been off before, so Master Hui thought everything was all right, but after seeing Shen Jingshu's complexion the past few days, Master Hui would naturally inquire about it.

She had been teaching for many years, and rarely encountered such a good seed. Naturally, Master Hui was concerned about Shen Jingshu's troubles, and wanted Shen Jingshu to open her heart.

“Master Hui, it's nothing.”

“Tell me, did something bad happen at home?” She indicated for Shen Jingshu to sit down. Master Hui and Shen Jingshu had been in contact for more than a year, so she knew this was an intelligent and sensible child. She naturally felt some tenderness for Shen Jingshu. She hoped she could teach Shen Jingshu all of what she had learned in her life, and thought of her as her successor.

“In fact, it's nothing. Just that my mom wasn't careful and caught a cold more than a month ago and still hasn't recovered. I am a bit worried, that's all.”

“But it's getting worse?”

“No, not that either. My mom is a little better, but still hasn't broken the root of it. She's always taking medicine on and off.” Shen Jingshu wrinkled her brow; she was really worried.

“Do you know what medicine the doctor prescribed for your mother?”

“En, I've seen it.”

“Tell me about it.”

Shen Jingshu reported all the medicinal ingredients, and they were all the type used for the treatment of colds. Master Hui listened and was somewhat surprised, “This prescription is good, very suitable. It is reasonable to say that if Madam Shen's cold wasn't serious before, then how could it drag out so long?”

“I also don't know. Master Hui, is there something wrong with my mom?” This kind of Shen Jingshu who looked at a loss as to what to do truly made one feel distressed for her.

“Has Madam Shen been exposed to cold air recently? Or is she not paying attention to her diet?”

“No, in order to get better sooner, my mom has stayed in the house and has been very careful with what she eats. She's simply not recovering.”

“Like this…” She knitted her brows. Master Hui understood medicine. Although she knew that some medicinal ingredients would not take effect too quickly, it was also impossible for recovery to be delayed for more than a month.

It wasn't a severe cold, nor was it caused by fever. Why was it dragging on so long?

Master Hui also had some doubts. Shen Jingshu observed Master Hui's inquiry. She hesitated, watching Master Hui, then brought out her request, “Master Hui, can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it? If I can help, naturally I will help.”

“Master Hui, can you help me take a look at my mom? You are also a woman, so checking on her as a doctor is much more convenient. I am really worried about my mom. This cold has lasted for a long time, and it will influence her health.” Although Ruan momo's medicine had little effect and just dragged things on, every medicine has its side effect. Shen Jingshu didn't want Dan Yuerong to be taking this medicine for a long time.

“En, it's also good for me to go take a look, lest you continue to feel anxious. It's just that today I have some business to attend to, so it would be better for me to go tomorrow. Fortunately there's no school tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Master Hui!”

“All right, the purpose of studying medicine has always been to save lives. I also hope I can help Madam Shen.” With a smile, Master Hui finally agreed. Seeing that Shen Jingshu's appearance had relaxed with relief, Master Hui was also a little distressed. “All right, don't worry about it. Tomorrow I will just go and see. There shouldn't be too much of a problem.”

“Okay!” Master Hui had said this, which was in line with Shen Jingshu's plans. Otherwise, when she brought the person back, wouldn't Ruan momo feel suspicious?

“By the way, Master Hui, when you go to see my mother tomorrow, can you not say that I begged you to go? I do not want Mom to worry.”

“En, I understand. Tomorrow I will just pay a visit in pa.s.sing. It would be no extra effort to examine Madam Shen at that time.”

“Master Hui, my mom needs to rest in the morning. Can you come back after lunch?”

“Hehe, ok, a disturbance too early in the morning is also an inconvenience. I will prepare to come by after eating lunch.”

“Thank you very much, Master Hui!”

“Ok, go back, and don't worry too much.”

Having received Master Hui's promise, Shen Jingshu felt her whole person was much lighter. Yang Huilan, who had been waiting for her, was astonished when she saw her. “Jingshu, what good thing did Master Hui tell you to make you so happy?”

“It's nothing. Let's go! We can go home together!” Nowadays she had two sincere friends and a harmonious family. Shen Jingshu felt truly happy.

“Okay!” They were about to leave, when Qi Xueyan came out, and spoke a little sourly, “Jingshu, Master Hui had something good for you? You are so blessed that Master Hui is so partial to you.” Before, she had been Master Hui's favorite pupil. Master Hui had been very good to her, but she didn't know what had happened. Now Master Hui wasn't as enthusiastic about her, and Qi Xueyan had always blamed Shen Jingshu!

“No, Master Hui just noticed I looked unhappy and asked me about it, that's all. Xueyan, don't say that, Master Hui is fair to everyone!” She smiled. Shen Jingshu knew that so many things had happened, and she and Qi Xueyan were destined to become enemies. Right now, Qi Xueyan was still young, and naturally her schemes didn't run as deeply as in her previous life. Many times, Qi Xueyan would be jealous.

“Really? Hehe, it seems that I misunderstood you.” She laughed, but without sincerity. Qi Xueyan's heart was not reconciled.

Why did everyone like her? Her brother liked her, her mother liked her, Master Hui liked her, even a lot of students in the school liked her!

Previously, Qi Xueyan had been very popular, but ever since Shen Jingshu arrived, many people had gotten close to Shen Jingshu. How could Qi Xueyan not be angry and jealous?

Obviously she should be the focus of attention. Why? Why should this person s.n.a.t.c.h everything from her?

Qi Xueyan felt very unwilling. At school, she always made troubles for Shen Jingshu, intentionally or otherwise, but Shen Jingshu evaded it every time. This made Qi Xueyan very vexed!

But soon, I'll make it so you will never laugh again!

Thinking of matters not far in the future, Qi Xueyan's eyes had a weird smile. Shen Jingshu naturally saw it, but she was already familiar with Qi Xueyan's schemes. She only needed to adopt measures appropriate to the situation. The present her was not the same confused and ignorant girl from before!

Compared to her, Qi Xueyan was still too unskilled!

Translator's Notes

[1] When the name Zihan is shortened to Han'er, to ease the speech flow between the 'n' sound and 'er,' a 'g' sound is thrown in.

[2] This is the wet nurse. The "shi" that follows her name indicates that it's her maiden name; married women are addressed in this way since they do not take their husband's last name.

[3] Ok, because this trope is a pet peeve of mine: colds are caused by a virus, which means 1) they are not caused by cold air/rain, and 2) they can't be cured with medicine. Medicine can alleviate some symptoms but does nothing to cure the underlying sickness; that has to be done by your body. That's not to say medicine couldn't exacerbate the illness, or that one shouldn't go to the hospital for high fevers or pneumonia. Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.

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