Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 010 – Skill – Fusion!

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Arriving once more at the edge of the woods where the Maneater Leeches lived, Zhang Che was feeling somewhat apprehensive.

The quantities of this beast was truly a little too many, not to mention their stealthy nature. If he were to be latched onto by one those fellows by accident, he would be turned into a withered corpse in less than half a minute!

“Mm, I’ll leave immediately once I get that beast card!”

Looking at the fully recovered Fiery Scorpion before him, Zhang Che immediately felt much safer. As long as he didn’t run into more than two Purple-Gold Maneater Leeches, with that pinpoint targeting technique of the Fiery Scorpion, they should still be able to handle it!

Just like before, Zhang Che ordered the Fiery Scorpion to scout the way some distance ahead of him, while he followed cautiously behind, immediately ready to turn tail and run if he discovered something was amiss.

It was unusually quiet in the forest. Only the gentle sounds of a man and a beast rustling the dry leaves could be heard as they slowly advanced forward.

Finally, a dark green card entered Zhang Che’s sight.

“Go, retrieve that. If anything’s wrong, don’t try to fight!”

Zhang Che was delighted inwardly and issued an order to the Fiery Scorpion. The latter immediately rushed towards the Maneater Leech card with its pincers at the ready.

Just as the Fiery Scorpion arrived at its destination and picked up the beast card with its pincer, several black shadows bounced out from the dense canopy in front of it, latching onto the Fiery Scorpion’s back with impeccable accuracy.

Zhang Che wasn’t shocked at seeing this. Instead, he was elated.

Very good. These are all only ordinary Maneater Leeches. No stronger fellows are present!


After giving out his order, Zhang Che took the lead and quickly headed out of the forest. About twenty meters behind him, the Fiery Scorpion was following in his steps unhurriedly, maintaining a safe distance between them.

These Maneater Leeches’ pouncing strength was not to be underestimated. Zhang Che didn’t want any one of them to suddenly change their target and jump onto him!

As they retreated, the Fiery Scorpion started cleaning up the Maneater Leeches on its back.

Since Zhang Che taught it the enema tactic a short while ago, the Fiery Scorpion was now using it masterfully. Every time its terrifying stinger reached out, it would accurately find its way into one of the Maneater Leeches’ orifices. Soon, the latter would suddenly twist around violently and fall off the Fiery Scorpion’s back with a red glow.

==[You Killed a Maneater Leech. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Maneater Leech Card.]==

Before they exited the forest, all the Maneater Leeches hanging on the Fiery Scorpion’s back were given a good stinging one after another, and turned into rays of light, dissipating quickly.

What surprised Zhang Che was that this time, he obtained another beast card!

“Should I use baiting tactics and lure more Maneater Leeches out to kill, and gather more beast cards?”

Standing by the edge of the forest, Zhang Che turned around to look, feeling tempted.

Immediately afterwards, he shook his head.

The risk was too great. Let alone the fact that the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech could cause great damage to the Fiery Scorpion, what if there were even stronger exotic beasts hiding in the forest, saw that their minions were getting killed one by one, and came out on a rampage? What should he do then?

Zhang Che definitely couldn’t take on that risk.

Moreover, Zhang Che had already obtained a two-starred silver card, and three two-starred bronze cards. It was definitely considered a great harvest; he didn’t have to continue putting himself at risk.

“Mm. I should wait until I have better beast cards in the future before coming back here.”

It had to be said that this forest was truly a great place!

Defensive-type beast cards were quite valuable. Even if the Maneater Leeches were only low-tiered beasts, their cards would still be very popular in the market.

Zhang Che continued his way out of the forest as he thought of this. At the same time, he ordered the Fiery Scorpion to bring the two beast cards over to him.

“Brother, are you selling your beast card?”

At this moment, a young man accompanied by a tall, mighty wolf and a thick python suddenly stood before Zhang Che, looking at the 2 two star bronze cards the latter just took over.

Zhang Che’s heart tightened. The Fiery Scorpion that had started building a rapport with him stood guard in front of Zhang Che, brandishing its pincers, looking at the young man and his beasts warily.

The young man hurriedly took two steps back and smiled, “Relax, relax, I just happened to pass by.”

Zhang Che looked at this young man with a knitted brow, then shifted his gaze over to the two subdued beasts by his side.


[Howling Silver Wolf]

Level: Two Star (Level 18)

Quality: Black Iron

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Speed

Weakness: Poison Attribute Attacks

Potential: E Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Upgradable 1 Time

Cultivating Directions: No Value In Cultivating



[Red Scaled Python]

Level: One Star (Level 8)

Quality: Bronze

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Coiling

Weakness: Ice Attribute Attacks

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


After looking through the attributes of the two beasts, Zhang Che couldn’t resist letting out a sigh of relief. Although this young man before him wielded the might of a tier two beastmaster, his beasts were truly a little too weak. The Fiery Scorpion alone was enough to get rid of them.

Seeing Zhang Che sweeping his gaze across his beasts, the young man felt a shiver on his back.

This person’s beast was even able to easily kill off a Maneater Leech! He hoped that the opposite party wouldn’t misunderstand him, or he would be in some deep trouble…

Considering his options, the young man directly unsummoned his beasts and said straightforwardly, “Don’t misunderstand, Brother. I truly just happened to pass by here and saw that you obtained two Maneater Leech cards. Are you willing to sell me one of them? Don’t worry; the price is negotiable.”

It was only then that Zhang Che believed that he had coincidentally passed by. He nodded and continued walking towards the safe zone. The sky was already getting dark.

“Let’s return to the camp before we talk.”

The young man’s face lit up in joy, and he followed a short distance behind Zhang Che, unable to contain his excitement.

That was a defensive tier two bronze card! If he managed to buy one, he would be in a much safer position when he went hunting in the future.

Zhang Che ignored the young man behind him. At this moment, he was looking at the two beast cards in his hands as he walked along. He was so excited that he almost laughed out loud.

When he took the two beast cards in his hands earlier and checked them, not only was the Maneater Leech’s information displayed to him, he also activated a skill… Fusion!

[Fusion: Level 1 (Experience 0/100), Combines two beast cards of same species and level into a beast card of one level higher. Limited to beast cards under three stars.]

As he understood it, it meant that when Zhang Che uses the fusion skill, the two two-star bronze-tiered Maneater Leech cards would fuse into one, turning into a three-star bronze-tiered beast card.

This skill was simply heaven-defying!

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