Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 009 – Restoring Beast Cards

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“It is actually an armor type beast card!” Zhang Che went into a momentary daze, beaming with joy.

Armor-type beast cards were much rarer than original combat body-type beast cards. He didn’t expect to obtain one on his first day in the beast world. His luck was truly not bad!

Not to mention anything else, with just this two-star silver-tiered armor-type beast card, the cost for curing his mother Sun Lan’s illness was no longer a concern!

Moreover, there were two more two star bronze cards waiting for him to pick up! That was another considerable sum!

Thinking of all this, Zhang Che ran to the bronze card and picked it up. Looking at the two different-colored beast cards with two hexagrams each, he finally laughed out loud.

When he was finally done laughing, Zhang Che’s face turned into one that looked troubled.

-There is still a bronze card lying within the forest. How do I retrieve it?-

After being bitten by the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech, the Fiery Scorpion’s back was almost bitten through, with a bowl-sized hole on it. Its flesh was already visible. If they were to enter the forest once more without careful consideration, and be attacked by the Maneater Leeches, it was likely that the Fiery Scorpion wouldn’t be able to handle it.

From the looks of its injuries, it was unlikely that the Fiery Scorpion would recover without resting for two to three days.

Here was the problem, then. If Zhang Che waited for that long, would the beast card still be in the forest?

-If I could utilize tier two beasts and equip the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech beast card, then I wouldn’t have to fear the Maneater Leeches’ attacks, right?-

Zhang Che felt like he could definitely give that a try.

Although Zhang Che hypothesized that he could utilize more than two beasts due to the fusion of his souls, what if he really awakened as a tier two beastmaster from the beginning?

Thinking of that, he immediately held the two-star silver-tier beast card between his palms and tried to trigger a spiritual resonance.

In the end, nothing happened.

However, this had also indirectly proved that Zhang Che was indeed only a tier one beastmaster, and that it was only due to both his souls fusing into one that he was able to utilize twice as many beasts as others.

“Since it’s like this, I can only return to the safe zone for the time being to rest and reorganize myself for the next few days.”

Shaking his head, Zhang Che summoned the Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede from his spiritual sea and used it to scout the way ahead back in the safe zone’s direction, along with the injured Fiery Scorpion.

Previously, Zhang Che didn’t bother to summon the millipede due to its underwhelming strength. Now that the Large Tusk Boar was severely injured, and the Fiery Scorpion wasn’t in good shape either, he could only summon it out for show.

He travelled safely back into the safe zone grounds. Just as Zhang Che was about to unsummon them, a middle-aged man suddenly came running up to him with his eyes lit up and said directly,

“Little Bro, I see that your beasts are injured. Their combat capabilities are definitely affected. Do you require restoration services? I guarantee that they will be in top condition within half an hour!”

-Hmm? Injured beasts can be healed?-

Zhang Che thought of the Maneater Leech beast card still lying in the forest and was tempted. To avoid any further complications, it was best to retrieve it as soon as possible…

Seeing Zhang Che was a little tempted, the middle-aged man rejoiced inwardly. He pointed his finger at a simple wooden house in the camp and said, “Look, Little Bro, my shop is right over there. We specialize in restoring beast cards, and offer a fair price. We don’t cheat anyone; you only need to wait in the shop and enjoy some tea for half an hour or so. I guarantee that your beasts will be jumping about energetically.”

“Alright, I’ll go there and take a look.”

Zhang Che nodded. Currently, the best way to retrieve the Maneater Leech card in the forest as soon as possible was to heal the Fiery Scorpion’s injuries.

The middle-aged man became very cheerful. “Haha, come, we’ll head to my shop. I guarantee that you didn’t make a wrong choice!”


Wang’s Beast Restoration Shop.

They walked over to the simple wooden house. Zhang Che raised his head and saw the little shop’s name. It was really simple and straightforward.

In the front hall, were a few similarly simple wooden tables and chairs. At this moment, a few men and women were sitting in the chairs, sipping on their tea. They were probably waiting while their beasts were being healed.

“Little Liu, get a cup of tea for this Little Bro.” After entering the shop, Boss Wang gestured to one of the staff and invited Zhang Che to sit down at an empty table. He asked, “Oh, right, Little Bro, may I know what level and quality is your beast? Do they have any special attributes? Knowing this will be helpful to us in preparing a better suited restoration solution, ensuring greater efficiency.”

Zhang Che nodded slightly and replied, “One star silver tiered. As for special attributes, it is augmented fire-type poison. I wonder if that counts?”

Boss Wang stared wide-eyed. He nearly sucked in a breath of cold air and said, “So it was actually a silver quality beast! Little Bro is truly more than what meets the eye!”

Seeing the strange gaze of Boss Wang, Zhang Che couldn’t help but ask, “My friend lent it to me. Why, is there a problem?”

Boss Wang smacked his lips, saying, “There’s no problem, but half an hour might not be enough to restore a silver quality beast. Not only that, the cost is also much higher than restoring black iron or bronze quality ones.”

Zhang Che’s heart tightened and hurriedly asked, “Then how much does it cost?”

-Please don’t be too expensive! I don’t have much money on me…-

“Three thousand Alliance dollars. This is already the lowest I can go,” Boss Wang answered, gesturing with three of his fingers out, scaring Zhang Che into blinking repeatedly.

-Is this a freaking robbery? Restoring a one star silver tier beast actually costs as much as a new one star black iron beast!-

“Ugh, can’t you go lower?”

“Little Bro, I really can’t offer any lower,” Boss Wang said sincerely, looking at Zhang Che. “Please understand that the material used to restore a silver tier beast is very expensive. The price I’m offering is on account that this is your first time here and is already discounted. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be just three thousand dollars.”

Three thousand alliance dollars! Zhang Che really couldn’t afford it.

Zhang Che thought for a moment with furrowed brow, then took out the Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede beast card. He erased his spiritual imprint on it and handed it to Boss Wang, saying, “Boss Wang, can this be used to offset the restoration fees? I came out in a rush, and I really don’t have much money on me.”

Boss Wang received the beast card and started calculating in his mind.

He saw this Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede with Zhang Che earlier, and knew that this beast’s strength was truly unimpressive. To say that it was worth three thousand Alliance dollars was really stretching it.

However, in order to gain a new potential customer, he was willing to earn a little less. Thus, he nodded and replied, “Fine, I’ll earn a little less and take it as making a friend.”

As he spoke, Boss Wang took out Zhang Che’s Fiery Scorpion beast card and handed it over to a staffer in the back to submerge in the newly prepared restoration solution. The initial estimate was that it would take around forty-five minutes to finish restoring it.

Zhang Che was naturally not afraid that the opposing party would steal his beast card. His spiritual imprint was branded on it; no one would be able to steal it away from him.

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