Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Chapter 014 – Rolling Blades Technique

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It turned out to be a pangolin. It was no wonder it would rush out in joy after seeing the ants!

All in all, Zhang Che felt relieved in his heart, and sat straight down on the ground, panting for breath as he admired the sight of this Golden Pangolin hunting the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants.

It truly was the bane of ants. Although the Golden Pangolin didn’t have many characteristics as a silver-tier beast, when it came to hunting these scalp-numbing ants, it looked effortlessly easy.

Every time its half meter long tongue was whipped out, it would bring an Iron Mandible Acidic Ant back into its mouth and swallow it.

The Iron Mandible Acidic Ants were no ordinary ants, either. They didn’t show any signs of weakness even when under sudden attack, and surrounded the Golden Pangolin. They opened their powerful mandibles, revealing a savage demeanor that seemed like they were intent on reducing it to dregs.

Even so, although the Golden Pangolin was over two meters long, its body was unusually nimble, moving back and forth in the encirclement, not allowing any of the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants to crawl onto its body.

Furthermore, almost its entire body was covered in golden scales. Even if it was careless and a few Iron Mandible Acidic Ants crawled onto its body, those ants had no way of biting down into it.

“Ah, it’s a silver-tier beast. Should I hunt it when it’s done eating the ants? Although it’s a little too ungrateful an act, but it is a silver-tier beast after all. I’ll really regret it if I missed this chance.”

Zhang Che stared at the Golden Pangolin, as ideas started sprouting in his heart.

Even though the pangolin didn’t display any offensive strength befitting of a silver-tier beast, the defensive powers of its scales was truly a little too strong. What if this fellow dropped a defensive-type beast card after its death?

It would really be a huge windfall!

-Mm, I’ll just wait here quietly for that fellow to finish off all the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants. No matter what, this fellow helped me. I’ll let it finish its business first.-

On the battlefield, the Golden Pangolin was akin to a fish in water. Its slender body maneuvered around the group of ants, and it would spit out its tongue from time to time to coil around a trophy, bringing it into its stomach, yet ensuring that it wasn’t injured in the least.

Not to mention others, just its evasive skills was worthy of it being silver-tier.

Of course, the Golden Pangolin was mainly gifted. The defensive strength of its golden scales was truly a little too dazzling, and the ants were helpless against it.

Finally, the Golden Pangolin had its fill and stopped hunting the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants.

Even so, the ants had no idea of the meaning of fear. They continued surrounding the Golden Pangolin and attacked it like waves upon waves, slamming against a sturdy reef.

The Golden Pangolin was finally angered. Since when did food become so arrogant? It was even kind enough to stop eating them, and yet they continued to tangle with it ceaselessly!

In the next moment, Zhang Che suddenly stared wide-eyed, his mouth agape as he saw something unbelievable. His eyeballs were fixed in place, unmoving.

Zhang Che had thought that the Golden Pangolin would leave after eating its fill, and he too, was prepared to continue running.

Who would’ve thought that the Golden Pangolin that didn’t display a shred of offensive strength earlier would suddenly roll itself up, turning it into a golden ball.

That was not the most important point, however. The crucial point was that the scales on the Golden Pangolin’s back actually flared up, like innumerable petals on a golden flower, and it started rolling on the ground.

“Damn, it actually can do something like that!”

The risen scales of the Golden Pangolin were like sharp blades. With a high-speed rolling motion, it ground over the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants and shredded them into pieces, leaving a trail full of corpses and yellow fluids.

-Mm, when it used its tongue to help Zhang Che out earlier, the Golden Pangolin was only using a common method of hunting for food. This beautiful rolling blade technique is the true fighting style of this silver-tier beast!-

It had to be said that this kind of fighting style was too shameful.

Not only did the scales that covered its entire body guarantee its safety, it could also cut through its surrounding enemies with no way of escape. How damnable!

Zhang Che was already contemplating whether he should just keep to himself and leave quietly with his beasts. A beast that was adept at both offense and defense was too difficult to hunt.

Let alone the others, the Large Tusk Boar that was stuck in a supporting role all this time was already rendered helpless in such a situation and couldn’t display much of its strength.

Zhang Che couldn’t possibly hopethe Large Tusk Boar’s tusks could break through the Golden Pangolin’s defense. That was obviously just wishful thinking.

Then again, he was so freaking unwilling to just let it go!

This was a silver-tier beast! Not only that, it was also at the one-star tier, which he could use currently. It couldn’t get any better than that!

Of course, Zhang Che’s mind was clouded by greed. He hadn’t even considered the possibility that with his unlucky disposition, he wasn’t able to guarantee that the Golden Pangolin would drop a beast card upon its death.

At this moment, the almighty Golden Pangolin had already killed off more than half of the surrounding Iron Mandible Acidic Ants. The ground was covered in yellow fluid, and bits and pieces of the ants’ corpses.

Finally, the memories hidden deep within the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants’ genes were roused from their slumber, causing them to realize that the enemy before them was something they couldn’t hope to overcome.


With their minds cleared up, the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants hurriedly turned tail and ran immediately, crawling back into the knolls, giving up on putting up a strong front.

The Golden Pangolin didn’t give chase, either. It stretched out its body once more, watching triumphantly as the group of Iron Mandible Acidic Ants escaped like a bunch of defeated dogs.

“Go, feel out this fellow’s strength!”

Zhang Che decided that he had to give it a try no matter what. He gave the order, and the Large Tusk Boar raised its tusks once more, charging in the Golden Pangolin’s direction. When its heavy body went charging forward, it gave off a rather ferocious vibe.

After hearing the commotion on this side, the Golden Pangolin turned its head in this direction abruptly, and saw the Large Tusk Boar’s huge figure charging at it. Its long, slender body curled up into a scaly ball once more.

Zhang Che cursed out loud, “Damn you! You’re a silver-tier beast, alright? Can’t you bring out some courage and fight head-on?”

As it turned out, the Golden Pangolin definitely belonged in the shameless category!

Just like how it rolled over the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants earlier, its scales flared up and started using the rolling blades technique, taking on the Large Tusk Boar.

The Large Tusk Boar sensed great danger to itself. Its head sank a little, aiming its tusks at the impending ball of scaly blades and rammed violently into it.

The Large Tusk Boar was very confident in its ramming, and wasn’t afraid of this opponent that employed such a cowardly fighting style.

Peng! The Golden Pangolin’s curled-up figure bounced back at a greater speed than when it rolled over there, flattening a large patch of grass and flowers.

Mm, colliding head on against a wild boar was something that required huge amounts of courage and strength!

Although the Golden Pangolin came rolling in from the front with the rolling blades technique, its scales were unable to reach the Large Tusk Boar’s body!

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