Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 015 – Wind Shadow Wolf

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In the end, Zhang Che was unable to do anything against the Golden Pangolin.

Mm, it would be more accurate to say that Zhang Che’s beasts were helpless against the Golden Pangolin’s body of golden armor. It was like a rat was trying to pull on a ghost; there was nowhere it could sink its teeth into.

What’s more, when the Golden Pangolin spread its scales open and used the terrifying rolling blades technique, it would have shredded the Large Tusk Boar into pieces if it wasn’t for the latter’s rich combat experience and using its tusks to defend itself in time.

Fortunately, the Golden Pangolin wasn’t a beast with a violent nature. Seeing Zhang Che and his gang were backing off voluntarily, it uncurled itself proudly and sped off into the distance with its claws. In just a short while, it had disappeared from Zhang Che’s sight.

Although Zhang Che felt regret in his heart watching the Golden Pangolin disappear, he felt an inexplicable sense of relief at the same time.

Mm, since he failed to repay kindness with ingratitude, he was still not that bad of a person!

If the missing Golden Pangolin were to learn Zhang Che’s thoughts, it would surely stick out the longest middle claw in its forelimbs to make a common hand gesture known to all living beings.

-“Kid, luckily this little master here has strong defenses. You think I’d be alive and kicking right now otherwise?”-

Going forward, Zhang Che didn’t dare to continue exploring in the same direction anymore. Let alone the Iron Mandible Acidic Ants that were adept at utilizing their overwhelming numbers, even if he encountered some other powerful beasts, he wouldn’t be able to handle it.


After leaving the area filled with sandy knolls, there was now a valley filled with bushes in front of him.

Just as he was considering whether to enter this area, he saw the branches and leaves rustling. Three big wolves about the size of baby cows emerged from the bushes, staring at Zhang Che, their green eyes gleaming with cold light.


[Wind Shadow Wolf]

Level: One Star (Level 10)

Quality: Bronze

Characteristics: Extremely Fast

Weakness: Poison Attribute Attacks

Potential: C Rank: 50% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 3 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


Zhang Che’s eyes immediately lit up.

It actually had a potential of C rank! How awesome!

Its weakness was also poison attacks; it just couldn’t get any better!

Zhang Che fell in love with the three Wind Shadow Wolves immediately. It just so happened that he had no beast he could call his own yet, and these three came right up to his doorstep. They could definitely run for the top ten fine beasts!


Zhang Che took the three Wind Shadow Wolves as prime hunting targets. Naturally, the Wind Shadow Wolves had similar ideas. One of them let out a howl, following which the three wolves’ figures charged straight at him at lightning speed.

“Shit, they’re actually this fast!”

Zhang Che was slightly shocked and hurriedly ordered the Fiery Scorpion to guard by his side, paying 120% attention!

As for the Large Tusk Boar, since that fellow had difficulty changing directions, Zhang Che had no hopes of it being able to defend against the Wind Shadow Wolves’ attacks. Instead, he ordered it to charge right at them!

The three ash-green figures were approaching extremely quickly. With a slight sway they managed to easily dodge the Large Tusk Boar’s charge, and went at Zhang Che in a triangle formation.

However, there wasn’t any trace of panic on Zhang Che’s face. The Large Tusk Boar in front suddenly turned into a streak of light and flew back into Zhang Che’s glabella, returning to his spiritual sea.

In the next moment, a one-star bronze card appeared between the tips of Zhang Che’s fingers. With a slight shake, the Large Tusk Boar’s imposing figure suddenly appeared between Zhang Che and the three Wind Shadow Wolves like a wall.

There was no way the Wind Shadow Wolves could anticipate such a shameless move from Zhang Che. They were unable to change the direction of their charge, and two of them directly slammed into the Large Tusk Boar’s body, rebounding several meters away, disoriented from the impact.

The remaining Wind Shadow Wolf pounced towards Zhang Che from a different angle, and it managed to dodge to the side of the Large Tusk Boar. The Wind Shadow Wolf opened its long, narrow jaws, revealing two rows of sharp teeth, and lunged at Zhang Che’s throat.

“Sting it!”

Zhang Che smiled thinly. The moment he sent the order, the Fiery Scorpion guarding at his side remained unmoving, but its long tail quickly whipped out at lightning speed, violently stinging the Wind Shadow Wolf’s mouth with a faint red glow.


A sorrowful howl rang out. The Wind Shadow Wolf’s tongue was stung. The poison, augmented with fire properties, caused its tongue to swell like a balloon. The tremendous pain rendered it unable to move as it wished, rolling around on the ground.

Although it was usually very hard for the Large Tusk Boar to deal with beasts possessing high speed, when faced against a Wind Shadow Wolf whose tongue was stung by the Fiery Scorpion and rendered immobile, there wasn’t any difficulty in that at all!

With its sharp tusks leading the way, the Large Tusk Boar lowered its head and and drove them right into the Wind Shadow Wolf on the ground.

Puchi! A sound rang out. The pitiful Wind Shadow Wolf was almost pushed into the ground by the Large Tusk Boar, and its abdomen was penetrated by the horrifying tusks, immediately dying on the spot.

=[“You Killed a Wind Shadow Wolf. Obtained 5 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Wind Shadow Wolf Card!”]=

Zhang Che almost cheered out loud after hearing the notification sound chiming in his mind.

The heavens pitied him. He finally got lucky for once today, obtaining a beast card from the first Wind Shadow Wolf he killed!

The Wind Shadow Wolf’s corpse turned into streaks of light. Immediately afterwards, the light gathered and formed a one-star bronze card, falling to the ground. However, Zhang Che had no time to pick it up at this moment.

The other Wind Shadow Wolves had recovered from their concussion. Seeing their companion killed, they let out mournful howls and their green eyes revealed a vengeful red glow. They pounced at Zhang Che once more without any hesitation.

This time, they were too close to him, and the Large Tusk Boar was unable to stop them.

However, the Fiery Scorpion wasn’t just for show, either. As a silver-tier beast, although speed wasn’t its strong suit, it didn’t mean that its attack speed was slow.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, the Fiery Scorpion’s pincers were abruptly raised up and thrown out at the same time, clamping accurately on the legs of the Wind Shadow Wolves.

Kacha! The sound rang out twice, and blood splattered everywhere. They suddenly lost their balance and fell to the ground.

At the side, the Large Tusk Boar was here to pick up some easy kills. It came running up, grunting as its tusks dealt the finishing blow, adding a pair of harrowing bloody holes to the Wind Shadow Wolves’ bodies.

It had to be mentioned that these beasts had really strong vitality. Even after they sustained such heavy injuries, the Wind Shadow Wolves were actually still struggling to crawl to their feet, limping towards Zhang Che.

“Shit, are they perhaps unkillable cockroaches?”

Zhang Che was shocked, and his astonishment turned into being pleasantly surprised immediately after!

The first Wind Shadow Wolf was merely stung by the Fiery Scorpion once, and immediately died after the Large Tusk Boar dealt the finishing blow to it. It seemed like the credits were mainly due to the Fiery Scorpion’s poison attack.

-Since it was like this, beasts were still most vulnerable to attacks that targeted their weaknesses, resulting in double the efficiency!

-Therefore, it is best that I look for beasts that are vulnerable to poison and fire attribute attacks to hunt. That way, I’ll definitely obtain many more beast cards!-

Just like that, a wide path opened right before Zhang Che.

Before that, however, he should still finish off the two Wind Shadow Wolves in front of him, and see if a second beast card would drop for him!

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