Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 016 – Return

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Time flew by quickly, and it was already Friday in the blink of an eye.

Huang Tielan rushed to the public bus stop she frequented early in the morning, hoping to bump into that young man’s figure.

Alas, she returned in disappointment in the end.

“What should I do? Zhang Xiaoche had already went into the beast world for three days! Why isn’t he back yet?

“It couldn’t be that he met with some danger, right? Peipeipei. It can’t be! With the Fiery Scorpion I gave him, he shouldn’t have met with any powerful beasts as long as he didn’t go too far away from the safe zone…

“Mm, that’s right! Zhang Xiaoche is definitely the best! How could anything happen to him?”

Huang Tielan’s imagination ran wild during her journey, and her expressions kept changing from one to another. After that, it was unknown what she was thinking, as a slight smile showed on her chubby face and she stamped her feet on the ground out of habit.


The whole public bus trembled violently for a moment. Every passenger felt their bodies sway slightly, and the bus driver in front thought that his vehicle had hit something. He instinctively stepped on the brakes, and the whole bus suddenly plunged into momentary chaos.



The bells that signified the end of class rang. Following the teacher’s exit from the classroom, a group of young men and women ran out of the class, one after another. Some of them ran down the stairs, heading to the schoolyard below, while some of them leaned against the corridor railings in groups and started mingling among themselves.

The tall and muscular Wu Junyu was walking towards the washroom at the lower levels with big strides, when suddenly a slightly chubby young man came up from behind him.

“Wu Junyu, I have some news to tell you.”

The slightly chubby young man was wearing a mysterious smile on his face, as if he had gotten his hands on some earth-shattering secrets, waiting for Wu Junyu to ask him about it.

“Speak or fart out whatever you’re holding in.”

However, Wu Junyu only spared a sideway glance at him as he continued walking. Obviously, he was annoyed at him for putting on airs.

The chubby youngster’s face stiffened slightly, but he didn’t take it to mind. The knowing look on his face was even more apparent as he said in a hushed voice, “This news is related to Zhang Che.”

As expected, Wu Junyu stopped in place in the next moment and turned around to look at the youngster with a narrowed gaze, asking, “Zhang Che? Didn’t that brat take time off from school because of some family matters? Stop putting on airs, Liu Weihao.”

Seeing as Wu Junyu’s attention was finally drawn in, the youngster known as Liu Weihao immediately chuckled and continued in his hushed voice, “Last night, I unintentionally overheard my father saying that our class’s Zhang Che actually got our school to issue him a certificate to enter the beast world to hunt exotic beasts.”


Wu Junyu didn’t believe what he just heard. His eyes were wide open, looking at Liu Weihao by his side. Even his voice rose an octave higher, asking, “You’re saying Zhang Che, that brat, went into the beast world? Is that for real?”

Liu Weihao’s eyes narrowed into a slits as he said, “It’s true. I personally heard my father saying it. Zhang Che’s certificate was even requested by our Teacher Han for Vice Principal Ma to approve.”

“Does that brat really think he’s a genius?” Wu Junyu said, feeling half astonished and half secretly delighted. “Not only did he just became a beastmaster not long ago, his family is also poor, and yet he dares to go hunt beasts in the beast world! He truly is childishly naive. I hope he can walk out from the spatial gateway safely!”

Liu Weihao chuckled, “It’s already been three days. I guess that kid was surely shredded apart by beasts. It’s not that easy a place to live in.”

Wu Junyu sighed hypocritically. “But, I still hope that he’ll be lucky enough to come out safely. We’re classmates after all. We can’t possibly hope for him to die in there.”

“Right, right, right. We’re all classmates. Of course we hope that he’ll survive.”

Although both of them claimed that they were hoping for Zhang Che to return alive, the delightful smile on their faces betrayed their true thoughts.


The suburbs of Qian Wei City, the military camp where the spatial gateway was located…

From within the magic-like blue screen of light, a young man with a childish, yet smart face suddenly walked out, wearing a faint smile. He turned back to look at the spatial gateway behind him for a moment, then walked towards the military camp with big strides, shouldering his backpack.

That young man was none other than Zhang Che!

He was on a roll after he killed the three Wind Shadow Wolves two days ago, getting two Wind Shadow Wolf cards from them. He was so happy that he was beaming with joy.

At the same time, Zhang Che’s previous conjecture was also proven. His spiritual sea was, as expected, twice as large as others. He was actually able to employ twice as many beast cards simultaneously, and with the addition of two Wind Shadow Wolves, his combat power grew by a huge margin instantaneously.

As such, Zhang Che continued on his hunt to get more beast cards enthusiastically. He went on a blazing trip to find more low-tier beasts.

However, what happened next baffled him. In the next half a day, although he was lucky in finding and killing several other species of exotic beasts, he did not obtain another card.

He was an unlucky fellow, indeed. Even when the occasional luck came knocking, he would immediately return to his usual condition, making Zhang Che thoroughly speechless.

Today, however, Zhang Che got a neat little harvest.

Thinking of the stack of one star black iron cards in his backpack, Zhang Che’s lips couldn’t help but curl up into a smile.

Although they were the most worthless black iron-tier beast cards, they were in large amounts. He had nearly twenty of them! Even if one of them were sold for a few thousand dollars, when added together the sum was still pretty considerable.

Of course, if he just sold them like that, it wouldn’t be worth it. Zhang Che was going to use them to practice his fusion skill.

It had to be said that the fusion skill was really a little too useless at level 1. It could only be used to fuse beast cards that were under three stars. Its true value wouldn’t show unless he levelled it up!


After leaving the camp, Zhang Che boarded a coach heading to the city, then switched to a public bus that went to his school.

He wasn’t in a hurry to go home. Instead, he went to school to cancel his leave, and return the Large Tusk Boar card to his homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing.

By the time he reached the school, it was already pretty late. Classes had ended. Only a handful of students were still walking out from the gates.

Since the beginning of the new age, the school curriculum was no longer as packed as before. Not to mention having no classes on weekends, even Friday nights were free from self study. If students from before the disaster were to learn of the current situation, who knows what they would look like out in envy.

Since it was already getting late, Teacher Han was surely no longer in his office.

Fortunately, he lived in the school dormitories. Zhang Che didn’t have to fret about not being able to find him. He gave Han Sheqing a call, and as expected, the latter was currently at home.

Zhang Che came to the staff quarters, and saw Han Sheqing standing in the garden downstairs, his face full of smiles.

“Welcome back, Zhang Che. It’s great that you’re fine.”

As a responsible homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing had been very worried about Zhang Che over the last few days. After all, he had entered the beast world before, and knew how dangerous it was in there.

When he saw the perfectly healthy Zhang Che walking towards him, Han Sheqing finally let out a long sigh of relief.

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