Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 027 – An Unfair Fight

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“Officer Qi!” The Class 2 students cried out in shock, stopping in place.

“Quickly go, you’ll only add to my troubles if you remain here!” Lieutenant Qi cried out loud, staring at the three incoming Five-Colored Poison Spiders with round, enraged eyes.

His words were true; most of the preparatory beastmasters in Class 2 only had one-star black iron-quality beasts, with a tiny fraction of them having bronze-quality beasts. When up against three three-star bronze-quality Five-Colored Poison Spiders, they were practically useless, and would even get in his way.

Han Sheqing glanced toward Second Lieutenant Qi, who had already rushed over to intercept the three Five-Colored Poison Spiders. Then, he turned around and shouted at the students, “Let’s go! We’ll hurry back to the camp and inform them of the situation here.”

The young men and women’s eyes reddened. They mustered their remaining strength and ran in the ad hoc camp’s direction.

Zhang Che was hesitating, when Huang Tielan suddenly pulled on him and said with a burning gaze, “Zhang Xiaoche, let’s go help Officer Qi. I know you’re thinking of this as well.”

Zhang Che looked sideways. There wasn’t any trace of fear in Huang Tielan’s eyes. On the contrary, her gaze was filled with the will to fight.

As expected, Tienan was different from the others!

Zhang Che wanted to test the upper limits of a one-star silver-quality beast’s combat strength as well. He nodded resolutely and said, “Alright, with our two one-star silver-quality beasts, we’ll definitely be able to stall one of the Five-Colored Poison Spiders.”

“Mm, we’ll do it for sure!”

Huang Tielan revealed a faint smile as she commanded her Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede to turn back to the imminent battle.

At this moment, Second Lieutenant Qi was leading his Eagle-Beak Pheasant and clashing with the Five-Colored Poison Spiders. He was swinging his transformed weapon-type beast card, drawing an arc before him, with no openings to exploit.

The Eagle-Beak Pheasant was moving about with its long legs, its wings slightly opened. From time to time, its sharp beak would shoot forward with lightning speed, and its defensive maneuvering wasn’t bad, either.

The duo actually managed to hold back the attacks of three Five-Colored Poison Spiders. Although their defenses seemed a little flawed, it shouldn’t be an issue for them to hold on for a short while.

At this moment, he suddenly heard the sound of quick footsteps from behind. As he dodged the attack of a Five-Colored Poison Spider, he turned around to look and saw a pair of students rushing back to him with their own subdued beasts.

Lieutenant Qi was both shocked and angry. “Are you looking to die? Don’t drag me down with you if that’s the case!”

From Lieutenant Qi’s view, it seemed like the youngsters nowadays really didn’t know the difference between heaven and earth. Did they think that they could withstand the attacks of the Five-Colored Poison Spider with their useless beasts?

“Officer Qi, we’ll help you!”

A hint of excitement could be seen on Huang Tielan’s face. She was standing about twenty meters away from her beast, commanding it to pounce on one of the Five-Colored Poison Spider.

-Help me? It’d be great if you didn’t add to my troubles!-

Zhang Che recalled his Wind Shadow Wolves and re-established his spiritual link with the Fiery Scorpion. Seeing Lieutenant Qi was about to emit smoke from all of his orifices, he hurriedly explained, “Officer Qi, our beasts are both silver-quality. They should be able to defend against the attacks of one of the Five-Colored Poison Spiders. As long as we can delay for some time, Teacher Han and the rest will reach the camp and call for reinforcements to help us.”

Shua shua, Lieutenant Qi slashed out twice, forcing one of the Five-Colored Poison Spider back. A strange flash gleamed in his eyes before he nodded, replying, “Then be careful.”

Two one-star silver-quality beasts. Even if they couldn’t defeat a three-star bronze-quality Five-Colored Poison Spider, they should be able to hold out for some time, right?

With that, the pressure on him would be greatly reduced. There might even be a chance that he’d defeat the two Five-Colored Poison Spiders.

From a battle that nearly guaranteed his death, such a huge reversal happened in the blink of eye. There was even a slight chance at victory. Second Lieutenant Qi feel much more at ease. After all, no one would ever wish to face death!

Just as Lieutenant Qi was dealing with the two Five-Colored Poison Spider’s combined attacks with his subdued beast easily, Huang Tielan’s Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede took on the remaining spider on the other front.

The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was obviously no stranger to the battlefield, either. It could sense that its opponent was much stronger than itself, and didn’t pounce at the Five-Colored Poison Spider directly. Its long body crawled in an arc with flying speed, detouring around the spider and attacking its abdomen.

The Five-Colored Poison Spider’s body was separated into two sections. Its front half was protected with a thick carapace with astounding defensive strength, while the larger abdomen area only had a thin layer of soft armor protecting it. This was basically where its weakness lay.

Therefore, when it saw this little worm trying to sneak attack it from the side, it quickly turned to the side on the spot disdainfully, drawing two arcs in the air with its chelicerae, thrusting them directly at the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede.

The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was astonished; it didn’t expect its opponent to have such quick reactions.

Fortunately, this fellow held back a little when it pounced on the spider. Seeing the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s chelicerae stabbing in its direction, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede hurriedly twisted its body and used its tough back carapace to receive the attack.

Dang dang, two crisp sounds of collision rang out. The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was nearly flipped over. Slightly away from its head, two deep marks were left on the golden back carapace.

Luckily, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was a silver-tier beast, and possessed comparatively decent defense. It barely withstood the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s stab and avoided any substantial damage.

However, the Five-Colored Poison Spider wouldn’t let go of this little worm that dared to taunt it so easily. Its blade-like limbs chewed the earth as it pounced at the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede once more.

The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was astonished. It didn’t dare to meet its attack; its long body hurriedly retreated in a fluster.


Unexpectedly, the Five-Colored Poison Spider was only feinting. A mass of white spider silk suddenly shot out from its underbelly, aiming straight at the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede.

It knew that this little crawling worm had pretty good defenses. If it wanted to kill the centipede in one strike, it could only use a surprise attack to trap it and end the battle in the shortest time possible.

The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede had no time to dodge, revealing a flustered look in its eyes.

Right at this moment, a red silhouette pounced at it, with a pair of pincers raised up high. Kacha, the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s silk was snapped in half just like that.

In the crucial moment, the Fiery Scorpion entered the fray in the nick of time, saving the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede from imminent danger.

“Woah, Zhang Xiaoche, the little scorpion was trained pretty well under you!”

Seeing her beast had escaped from death, Huang Tielan couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief. She looked sideways at Zhang Che, with a smile hanging on her chubby cheeks.

Even so, Zhang Che didn’t respond to Huang Tielan’s words. Instead, he looked on at the battlefield with knitted brow.

Although the late Fiery Scorpion had successfully snapped the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s silk, it was rather sticky, and the cut off portions didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, the silk was stuck to the Fiery Scorpion’s pincer, causing it to basically lose its function.

This was, from the start, an uneven battle. Despite the fact that the Fiery Scorpion and the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede were working together, and their combined strengths were greater than simply one plus one, they were still insufficient to go head to head against the three-starred bronze-quality Five-Colored Poison Spider.

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