Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 028 – Zhang Xiaoche, What Exactly Have You Taught It!

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In the depths of the Southern Suburb Woods, the Five-Colored Poison Spiders were still coming out of the valley cave endlessly, as if a spatial gateway was opened in there.

However, the group of soldiers who were in charge of keeping the battle contained there previously had already left, battling as they retreated.

At this time, almost all of the teachers and students had safely returned to the camp. The soldiers didn’t have to continue taking the huge risk of defending at the valley entrance.

No one knew whether there are any higher-tiered exotic beasts in the cave. If a bunch of mid-tier beasts were to come gushing out from that cave, then the several dozen soldiers would have been sacrificed for naught.

Although the ordinary soldiers had retreated, a tall, muscular middle-aged man dressed in military attire appeared on the apex of the adjacent mountain from nowhere.

A shining golden star was hanging on this man’s shoulders. He was actually a Major General!

At this moment, this Major General was standing atop a thin branch at the top of a tree, his body swaying to the wind. It was as if he weighed nothing at all.

He was looking silently into the valley with furrowed brow, muttering to himself, “When did so many Five-Colored Poison Spiders hide themselves in this valley? How strange.”

After pondering to himself for some time, the Major General didn’t solve the mystery. He suddenly turned to look to the side, and said to a phoenix-like mystical beast whose entire body was flaming red, standing on another branch, “Go take a look in the cave. Check what else is in there.”

That phoenix-like beast immediately answered with a clear cry and suddenly turned into a red streak, flying straight into the depths of the valley below, where that cave that resembled a huge ghostly beast was waiting.



The two Five-Colored Poison Spiders ganging up on Second Lieutenant Qi seemed to have some chemistry between them. They shot out several webs of sticky silk at him at the same time, trying to bind him to the ground and kill him off in one go.

However, Lieutenant Qi already knew how powerful the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s silk was, There was no way he’d let himself get caught so easily.

He narrowly dodged the webs one after another, as if he was dancing. Then, he took another step, suddenly closing the distance between them and drew a vertical arc with his blade, slashing down on the head of one of the Five-Colored Poison Spiders.

The Five-Colored Poison Spider didn’t expect Second Lieutenant Qi to be so decisive, to actually dare strike it from the front. It raised its chelicerae in a fluster, receiving the blade’s edge.

One of its chelicerae was almost cleaved in two. Its millstone-sized body was forced back several meters.

Even so, Lieutenant Qi’s sudden attack created an opportunity for the other Five-Colored Poison Spider. It suddenly crawled forward, brandishing its chelicerae and blade-like legs, shrouding him in a blur of shadows.

Lieutenant Qi’s expression remain unchanged. A figure zoomed past his side; it was his subdued beast, the Eagle-Beak Pheasant, pouncing into the blur of shadows as if it was making a suicidal attack, pecking at the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s head.

A mournful cry rang out. Following which, both the Eagle-Beak Pheasant and Five-Colored Poison Spiders backed off from each other.

On the Eagle-Beak Pheasant’s neck, there was now several deep marks. These were not light injuries; fresh blood was flowing out from the wounds.

It wasn’t any better for the Five-Colored Poison Spider, either. One of its eyes was pecked away by the Eagle-Beak Pheasant, turning it into a one-eyed spider.

Both parties were apprehensive of the other after that, turning the situation into a standstill.

On the other side, the Fiery Scorpion and Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede were attacking the other Five-Colored Poison Spider together, but they were continuously forced back by the latter.

The Fiery Scorpion raised its remaining usable pincer, blocking the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s stab attack. Under the huge force contained in the attack, the Fiery Scorpion’s two-meter long body skidded nearly a meter backwards, drawing several deep marks on the ground with its limbs.

Zhang Che furrowed his brow and said to Huang Tielan, “We can’t continue on like this. Our beasts can’t even get near it. If we continue allowing the Five-Colored Poison Spider to attack, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be any accidents. We have to think of a solution.”

Huang Tielan nodded, saying, “I think so, too… What are your plans?”

Zhang Che nearly fell over. He glanced at Lieutenant Qi, who was still stuck in battle against two Five-Colored Poison Spiders. It didn’t seem like the victor would be decided any time soon. He said helplessly, “Who knows if there will be any more Five-Colored Poison Spiders crawling out from the woods? If we wish to escape, we have to either kill or heavily injure this Five-Colored Poison Spider in the shortest time possible, then work together with Lieutenant Qi to get rid of the remaining two spiders and return to the camp as soon as possible.”

“Therefore”, Zhang Che turned to look at Huang Tielan and said firmly, “I need you to have your beast try to restrain this Five-Colored Poison Spider. I’ll get the Fiery Scorpion to use the opportunity for a sneak attack. Whether we succeed or not, we will only get one chance.”

“Mm mm, I’ll definitely cooperate!” Huang Tielan nodded profusely.

Tienan immediately ordered her Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede to pounce at the Five-Colored Poison Spider without a care for itself.

Zhang Che thought inwardly, -Does this girl not know how to hold back a little?

-Alright… Perhaps she’s a true wealthy girl and didn’t care about a mere one-star silver-quality beast?-

Seeing as this little worm still dared to rush at it after being beaten down, the Five-Colored Poison Spider was immediately enraged. It quickly went into motion, aiming its chelicerae at the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede’s head and stabbing at it once more.

However, after receiving Huang Tielan’s clear orders, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede didn’t try to dodge anymore. It continued charging forward, narrowly dodging the spider’s attack by sliding its head sideways. Then, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede suddenly arched its body up and shot out like a spring, reaching directly in front of the Five-Colored Poison Spider.

The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede’s body suddenly twisted, wrapping around the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s body like a belt, while its countless blade-like limbs held tightly onto its target like hooks. Although its legs were unable to stab into the Five-Colored Poison Spider, it was able to keep it from struggling free for a short amount of time.

“Now’s the time!”

Zhang Che grabbed onto this rare opportunity, ordering the Fiery Scorpion to quickly crawl behind the Five-Colored Poison Spider. Then, its raised stinger aimed at the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s orifice and stung fiercely into it.


That 30 cm stinger was successfully plunged into the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s flowery hole. Immediately after, its fire-attributed toxin gushed into the spider’s body.


The Five-Colored Poison Spider flailed its limbs and chelicerae about, trying to attack the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede who was holding it in place. Suddenly, the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s body stiffened and it let out an ear-piercing cry. It started rolling madly on the ground, along with the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede that was still coiled around it.

Zhang Che saw the Fiery Scorpion pulled out its murder weapon from the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s flowery hole, a fluid mixed with a fiery red glow spurting out from there.

Piercing the flowery hole, establish merit!


Just as Zhang Che was feeling proud of himself for his strategy, he suddenly heard Huang Tielan gnashing her teeth in anger from the side. Turning his head sideways, Zhang Che saw that Huang Tielan, who usually treated him in an amicable manner, was looking at him with burning eyes.

“What exactly have you taught the little scorpion!?”

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