Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 029 – Young Man, Do You Wish to Enroll Into The Army?

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A clear cry rang out as a red blur suddenly shot out from the deep cave.

Following the appearance of this red blur, several deep blue spider silks shot out as well at lightning speed, chasing after the red blur.

That red blur was none other than the red-colored bird beast that had gone scouting into the cave previously. Seeing as the attacks were closing in on it, it abruptly drew a sharp arc in the sky, turning back and shooting out a scarlet tongue of flame from its beak.

One of the several threads of blue spider silk lost its momentum and fell to the forest below, while the others were engulfed by the tongue of flames, turning into ash with sizzling sounds.

On the other hand, the single thread of deep blue silk that fell into woods penetrated several huge trees, showing how powerful those threads were. Anyone would be terrified upon seeing this.

In the next moment, the trees that were touched by the blue silk started withering at a speed visible to the naked eye. That original verdant leaves gradually turned a withered yellow color.

A mountain breeze blew by, as if autumn had arrived ahead of time. Uncountable withered leaves floated down and formed a deep layer atop the verdant grass.

After that red blur flew out of the cave, it flew straight toward a mountain summit at the side and landed on the shoulder of a middle-aged Major General. It appeared languid, showing that it had already suffered some injuries.

“It turned out that the exotic beasts in that cave are actually that powerful!”

The Major General’s expression changed greatly. He looked toward that cave in the valley, revealing a fearful gaze. He pondered for a short moment, before stepping off the tree, floating to the ground below and hurriedly dashing out of the forest.

“I have to inform the upper echelon of this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the exotic beasts come out, all of Qian Wei City might be drawn into some very troublesome matters!”


“Zhang! Xiao! Che! What exactly did you teach to the little scorpion!” Huang Tielan stared at Zhang Che, gnashing her teeth. Her usual gentle side was nowhere to be seen.

Zhang Che was immediately embarrassed. He never considered that getting his subdued beast to use such a vulgar offensive method was indeed a little too unsightly.

-But, I am a transcender. Is my face really that important?-

Thus, Zhang Che let out a forced laughter and spoke as if nothing was wrong, “Extreme methods are needed during extreme times. This was the only way to kill that exotic beast to free us from our predicament.”

Mm. He was right. Second Lieutenant Qi was looking in his direction with an admiring gaze.

Alas, it wasn’t this easy to hoodwink Huang Tielan. Her eyes narrowed, chuckling, “Then why do I feel like the little scorpion is very well-practiced with this technique?”

“Alright, Huang Tielan. Please don’t concern yourself with such minor details. Let’s quickly go help Lieutenant Qi kill the other two Five-Colored Poison Spiders and return to the camp. Only the heavens know how many more Five-Colored Poison Spiders are in the forest and coming our way. We’ll be at much greater risk if we continue wasting our time here,” Zhang Che said righteously, then ordered the Fiery Scorpion to head into the battlefield on the other side.

Seeing as Zhang Che had diverted his attention to the other battle, Huang Tielan continued staring at his back, thinking to herself fearfully, -So you’re such a person, Zhang Xiaoche!

-Luckily this Miss here refused to take back the Fiery Scorpion earlier. Otherwise, I’d have a beast that has a liking for the flowery hole. Wouldn’t I get mocked to death then?-

A fearsome image popped up in Huang Tielan’s mind, causing her to shudder all over.

While the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was holding onto the Five-Colored Poison Spider during the Fiery Scorpion’s sneak attack, it had suffered a violent beating and was severely injured. It was unable to participate in the upcoming battle and was recalled back into Huang Tielan’s spiritual sea.

However, with the Fiery Scorpion that had gone through Zhang Che’s vulgar training reinforcing him, Lieutenant Qi, who had been holding the advantage from the start, immediately unleashed his might and cut down the remaining Five-Colored Poison Spiders in just a short while.

After doing a quick collection of the materials found on the three Five-Colored Poison Spiders’ corpses, Lieutenant Qi packed them into polymer bags, with each of them carrying one, and quickly ran in the ad hoc camp’s direction.

By the time they arrived at the camp, all other preparatory beastmasters in Year 3 had returned to the camp safely. They were gathered in groups according to their classes to board the military vehicles to return back to Qian Wei City.

There were many teams of armed soldiers in the camp’s surrounding area, on the alert with grave expressions. The military’s beastmasters even had their beasts out, guarding the perimeters, as well.

Zhang Che scanned through the beasts and couldn’t help but feel shocked.

They were indeed the elites of the army. These beastmasters were at Tier Two at the very least, with most of them at Tier Three. Not only that, most of their subdued beasts were bronze quality, with several silver-tier beasts here and there.

Regrettably, however, Zhang Che didn’t spot any gold-quality beasts among them, leaving him slightly disappointed.

-It seems like gold-quality exotic beasts are in a different league and aren’t as common. Who knows when will I have my own gold-quality beast?-

Even if it was a one-star gold-quality beast, its strength would be greater than a four-star black iron-quality beast!

To determine whether a beastmaster was strong, one had to look at his Tier level. That would decide whether he could employ a higher-level beast, as well as the quantity of them.

However, the more important aspect was the beast’s quality.

Zhang Che was anticipating the day when he could have his own gold-quality beast!

On their trip back, Lieutenant Qi did not accompany the Class 2 group. He had to remain at the camp to deal with what was going to come with the others.

“Goodbye, all of you. I hope you’ll become powerful beastmasters in the future, and do your part for the future of the Alliance.”

After bidding farewell to the reluctant boys and girls, Lieutenant Qi went up to Zhang Che and looked at him in admiration, asking, “Zhang Che, do you intend to try for military school? I feel that there’s a lot of potential in you. Your future will definitely be bright if you join the military.”

Zhang Che hesitated for a moment, then rejected Lieutenant Qi’s proposal apologetically, “That, I have no intentions of joining the military.”

Enlisting in the army? That was impossible. He would never become a soldier in his life. Zhang Che didn’t think he could endure the army’s restrictions.

Moreover, there was a huge secret on him. It was much better to be an unrestrained lone wanderer.

“That’s really a pity.” Lieutenant Qi didn’t insist. He shook his head and sighed, then pointed at two polymer bags on the ground and said, “In that battle earlier, it was all thanks to both of your assistance. Split the two Five-Colored Poison Spiders’ materials among yourselves.”

Zhang Che was overjoyed. He didn’t act pretentious and accepted them directly.

One had to know that a Five-Colored Poison Spider’s materials could sell for nearly 100 thousand Alliance dollars. To Zhang Che, this was not a small sum!

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