Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 008 – Armor Type Beast Card

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Following the demise of the Maneater Leech, a ball of white light drifted into the center of Zhang Che’s brow, causing him to grow wild with joy.

“As expected of a two star bronze beast! It actually gave 4 points of soul force!”

The Fiery Scorpion started displaying its godly might. After killing one of the Maneater Leech, its stinger didn’t stop to rest. Instead, it stung the remaining leeches latched onto its carapace consecutively.

After that, Zhang Che watched as the Maneater Leeches fell off the Fiery Scorpion’s back one after another, twisting in pain. In just a few moments, all of them turned into rays of light and dissipated.

Normally, a one star silver beast wouldn’t be able to kill two star bronze beasts with such ease. However, the Fiery Scorpion’s fire-attributed poison was precisely the bane of the Maneater Leeches. Not only that, its carapace was highly durable, leaving no way for the leeches to deal any actual damage to it!

As such, it resulted in this one-sided fight before Zhang Che.

==[You Killed a Maneater Leech. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force.]==

==[You Killed a Maneater Leech. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force.]==

==[You Killed a Maneater Leech. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Maneater Leech Card.]==

Numerous notifications rang out in Zhang Che’s mind. Not only did the group of Maneater Leech contribute a neat sum of soul force to him, they also dropped a beast card. Zhang Che was unable to contain his happiness.

“If I made the Fiery Scorpion to clean up all the Maneater Leeches in this forest, I wonder how many beast cards would drop in the end?”

Zhang Che’s eyes lit up.

Alas, it was too early for him to be happy. The reason why no beastmasters dared to enter this forest was because there are more than just two star bronze Maneater Leeches here.

After killing off all the Maneater Leeches on its back, even more black shadows jumped out from the depths of the forest. One of the leeches even had golden and purple colored patterns on its skin.

Zhang Che swept his gaze over it. This was obviously a Maneater Leech with different attributes, and its information was instantly revealed to him.


[Purple-Gold Maneater Leech]

Level: Two Star (Level 16)

Quality: Silver

Characteristics: Abnormally Tough Skin, Strong Bite

Weakness: Vulnerable to Fire Attribute Attacks

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


“Oh shit, its so strong!” Zhang Che exclaimed in shock. He sent a command to the Fiery Scorpion mentally and immediately turned tail to run out of the forest.

The reason why Zhang Che didn’t recall the Fiery Scorpion immediately was because he wanted to see if the two-star silver-tier Maneater Leech could bite through the Fiery Scorpion’s carapace, and to ascertain if the Fiery Scorpion could kill this powerful beast with its fire-attributed poison.

After receiving its orders, the Fiery Scorpion followed closely in Zhang Che’s path with a bunch of ‘baggage’ on its back, exiting the forest.

In their hurry, even the newly dropped beast card was left behind. Zhang Che had no way to pick it up.

Just like that, the human and beast duo rushed out of the woods at top speed.

After exiting the forest, they no longer had to worry about never-ending reinforcements from the Maneater Leeches. It was only then that the Fiery Scorpion began to offload the baggage on its back.

Its stinger whipped out repeatedly. The Maneater Leeches fell off the Fiery Scorpion’s back one after another, writhing. Soon, they turned into streaks of light and dissipated.

During this entire process, Zhang Che discovered that he had obtained another Maneater Leech beast card, much to his glee.

When all of the Maneater Leeches were cleaned up, it was only then that they realized there was only one silver-tiered Purple-Gold Maneater Leech still remaining on the Fiery Scorpion’s back. It was latched onto the back of the Fiery Scorpion’s head, biting loudly.

This fellow was strong indeed; it was actually able to damage the Fiery Scorpion’s tough carapace!

The Fiery Scorpion was a little flustered now. It had stung the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech’s body numerous times, but it didn’t seem to yield any results. The latter’s skin was truly abnormally tough; the Fiery Scorpion’s stinger couldn’t pierce through it at all.

If this continued, the Fiery Scorpion’s carapace would be bitten through sooner or later!

Zhang Che immediately felt conflicted within.

He could recall the Fiery Scorpion just like that, but he truly didn’t want to give up on a two-star silver-tier beast. What if it dropped a beast card?

That was a two-star silver-tier beast card! If he sold it, he would have enough money to treat his mother’s illness!

The problem, however, was that the Fiery Scorpion couldn’t do anything to the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech. It was akin to a rat trying to pull on a turtle; there was nowhere it could bite into it.

Zhang Che’s brain quickly went to work.

-Right. The Purple-Gold Maneater Leech might be strong, but its weakness was that it was vulnerable to fire attacks! Then I’ll just set it on fire!-

Thinking of that, Zhang Che immediately felt excited. Seeing the Fiery Scorpion could still hang on for some time, he decided to gather a pile of dry leaves and branches around him to set it ablaze. However, after scanning his surroundings, Zhang Che was thoroughly dumbfounded.

The grass and trees around him were all green…

-Where the heck do I find a pile of dry leaves and branches!-

On the other front, the Fiery Scorpion’s carapace was about to be bitten through by the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech. The former was spinning about anxiously, violently stabbing its stinger at the latter continuously. However, its attacks were unable to harm the leech in the slightest.

What should I do? Do I have no choice but to give up on it and recall the Fiery Scorpion?

Zhang Che was unwilling!

-I don’t believe it! No matter how tough the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech’s skin is, there is definitely some weakness, right?-

Zhang Che was contemplating deeply. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. -I know!-

In the next moment, the Fiery Scorpion adjusted itself as ordered by Zhang Che with his mind. Then, it raised its tail up high and stung the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech’s tail end.

A puncturing sound rang out. The fifteen cm-long stinger easily pierced into the tiny hole at the tail end of the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech.

The Purple-Gold Maneater Leech that was trying its best to sink its teeth into the Fiery Scorpion’s carapace suddenly stiffened. Immediately after, it started twisting violently in pain and fell off the Fiery Scorpion’s back, rolling about in the grass.

After witnessing this, Zhang Che felt a chill down his back right to his bum, and started laughing excitedly. -This move was effective, as expected!-

-Strike it while its down!-

After turning the tables with much difficulty, the Fiery Scorpion extended its pincers forward and clamped down hard on the struggling Purple-Gold Maneater Leech. Following that, that terrifying stinger pierced into the latter’s tiny bum hole once more. Fire-attributed toxin gushed out madly from the stinger as if it were free of charge.

In the next moment, Zhang Che saw a flash of red spurt out from both ends of the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech. The two-star silver tier beast struggled madly, but the Fiery Scorpion’s pincers were holding its body in place, leaving it unable to escape.

Under the generous application of fire toxin from the Fiery Scorpion, the Purple-Gold Maneater Leech’s struggles became increasingly weaker, and finally it turned into a streak of light.

==[You Killed a Purple-Gold Maneater Leech. Obtained 8 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Purple-Gold Maneater Leech Card.]==

Zhang Che was so excited that he directly jumped up in joy. He rushed over and picked up the silver beast card off the ground. His gaze was fixed onto the beast card, and its information appeared in Zhang Che’s eyes.


[Purple-Gold Maneater Leech]

Level: Two Star (Level 16)

Quality: Silver

Type: Armor Type

Characteristics: Outstanding All Around Defense

Weakness: Vulnerable to Fire Attribute Attacks

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


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