Divine Brilliance

Chapter 1048 Preposterous And Unruly

Chapter 1048 Preposterous And Unruly

The few corpses were all dried up, their faces were ashen white. The blood in their bodies were all sucked dry.

Their expressions were really tragic, like they had gone through extreme pain before they died.

"He is a Saint Realm and he dares enter the Cloud World, isn't he afraid of dying?"

"With the three factions joining hands, that person really doesn't need to fear!"

Not only Zong Shou, but the expressions of everyone present were really ugly.

They all knew that if a Saint Realm Venerable didn't bother about his identity and attacked Great Gan, how much damage would he be able to cause?

A few years ago, the Taoist Faction's 100 Spirit Realms sieged Donglin Cloud Continent and caused a million deaths. The amount of gold lost was unknown.

Currently, the Demon Sect would only be much more unrestrained than the Taoist Faction.

"That Blood Saint Demon Lord was said to be one of the strongest Saint Realm Experts in the Cloud World. Common People's Path Revered One Wei Xu and Taoist Faction Kunming entered End Realm. This person's strength in the Saint Realm is only below that of Sword Sect Head."

Kong Rui described his background, "The technique he uses is not related to blood, it is a Flying Celestial Slaying True Scripture, a Grade Eleven ability. However, because he likes to kill and eat, he is called Blood Saint Demon Lord…"

Zong Shou's brow rose up. He knew about this person's strength. During the battle between him and the Yin Dragon, he suffered a small loss.

If he had not been worried that he and Chuxue, who held the God Weapon, would join hands, along with the Yin Dragon as his support, he wouldn't have retreated so easily.

"Since he has attacked, then the other Demon Path Venerables would too…"

Before his words landed, a voice spread in from outside, "No need to worry! I will handle him!"

Three people walked in slowly. The one at the head was Aokun and beside him was Aoyi.

Zong Shou's had a smile on his face.

In terms of cultivation, Aokun was average in the Saint Realm. However, in terms of strength, he was the top.

With the Instant Space Dragon bloodline, that Blood Saint Demon Lord could forget about escaping from the attacks of Aokun.

"What Brother Ao says is true! There is no need for Junior Brother to worry. We will restrict their Saint Realm, you just need to focus on the battle."

Mingyu was behind Aokun. He was really calm, not arrogant but confident.

Confucian Faction and Taoist Faction had things to worry about. Temples were spread all over and they definitely didn't dare to attack Great Gan.

The only thing they had to worry about was Demon Sect. However, the Common People's Path would be able to deal with just one of them.

Before Mingyu's words landed, another teen walked in.

"The Demon Path is so arrogant, Sword Sect won't sit still and do nothing!"

After he said this, he bowed toward Zong Shou, "Sword Sect Chu Chen greets Ruler! I am on orders from the Sect Head to help you. My Sword Sect has been established for 7,000 years and has six Saint Realms who are all at your disposal!"

Zong Sho's eyes lit up and then he calmed down. With both their powers, it would be enough to suppress one Demon Path.

He looked at Renbo and Qiu Wei, who were expressionless, unaffected by the situation just now.

He smiled, with officials like that, what did he need to worry about?


After the meeting and deciding how the troops were laid out, Renbo and the others thought that their lazy Ruler would at least fake it and be hardworking for a day to shatter the ignorant Ruler image.

Who knew that on the second day he would shut the palace gates and refuse to head out anymore? Naturally, he didn't bother about the matters that were piling up.

Luckily, everyone understood and there were many informants within who informed them that Zong Shou dragged Yiren and was doing that shameless things inside every day and night.

It was said that the noises could be heard a mile away.

The officials were all speechless. They knew that Ruler and his wife were close but there was no need to do such things so close to the life and death moment of Great Gan.

Three days later, all the Rank Two and above officials helplessly gathered in the hall once more.

"The Queen is really irresponsible, she doesn't know how to stop herself?"

Before those words were even finished, a cold scoff spread out from Xuanyuan Tong, who currently held the position of Duke.

Only then did everyone remember that the Queen's father was powerful within Great Gan. He had many subjects who held power in both the military and the governance of the country.

If one offended him, their life wouldn't be easy.

"The country is in danger and the Ruler still continues to be like this, how unbecoming. We have to stop him…"

Everyone looked toward Renbo, that righteous and morally upright person was the best choice.

He looked at the sky and acted like he didn't hear them.

He really didn't want to provoke Zong Shou any further this time.

In the past, he would definitely risk his life to send up a letter, but he didn't care much now.

They looked at Qiu Wei, only to see this top General looking at the smooth golden brick floor like he was counting the ants on the ground.

Everyone was disappointed. Then, they looked toward Zong Ling. The latter coughed, "Ruler is helping to spread seeds so that the Royal Family will grow. It is matter of great fortune, so why do we have to stop him?"

Zong Gang continuously nodded his head like he totally agreed with what was said.

They were all helpless and thus the gathering naturally ended just like that.

The people within could sense that the country was actually no different now with or without the Ruler.

The six ministries within the Cabinet, Privy Court, Censorate, Five Army Inspectorates, etc., each had their duties and they all ran things smoothly.

Even at this moment, when everyone was unsettled and a storm was brewing, the country was still stable.

On the contrary, if Zong Shou interfered, it might cause unneeded problems.

At the moment, Zong Shou was lying in Xuanyuan Yiren's arms in satisfaction.

Yiren used the pill to verify her Dao and she stepped into Spirit Realm. The biggest gain was that she was able to take several times more strength.

Her jade body was red and she was panting. Her face was covered in sweat beads like she was immersed in the climatic feeling.

Her eyes were alluring like she was saying that she wanted more, after all, she did in fact want much more.

Zong Shou smiled, with one hand he held onto her face and the other moving about her perfect body. Occasionally, he would touch her twin peaks and stretch into her forest.

"Why? You still aren't satisfied? If you still want more, then I have no choice but to go along."

Xuanyuan Yiren really wanted to bite off his arm. Who knows how many times they had done it?

When they were tired they slept, and when they woke they continued. There was nothing else on their minds, only many waves of climaxes. Such that she couldn't help but be fully immersed in it.

She was already so embarrassed, this fellow was actually still so out of hand!

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