Divine Brilliance

Chapter 1049 Cultivation Problems

Chapter 1049 Cultivation Problems

Zong Shou was still laughing about in such a heartless manner, and his lower body was still upright, slowly entering her soft hole.

She felt a sense of fullness entering her, and a numb sensation charged into her lower body too.

Xuanyuan Yiren moaned and then she suddenly had an idea. She smiled, "Husband, it has been four days already, no one will say that you don't go near women now right?"

The reason why this fellow was torturing her like that was to take revenge on what happened four days ago. He was prepared to use actions to destroy those rumors.

Zong Shou was furious, grabbing that flexible and active waist and stabbing in.

Her thoughts were totally lost, joyous sensations made it such that she nearly went unconscious on the spot.

She felt utmost joy. Slowly, she became unable to control herself anymore and let out cries.

A full hour later, Zong Shou stopped his movement after another extreme climax.

Xuanyuan Yiren panted, her face flushed red. When she thought back to just now when she shouted, "I want more, use more strength, don't stop!", she couldn't take it anymore. She felt really ashamed.

To enjoy her time with Zong Shou meant putting down all her dignity as a woman.

That whole two hours took away all of her stamina.

However, she could still feel that Zong Shou's lower body was still firm, like a spear. It was really sharp and even after four days, it still wouldn't become soft.

Xuanyuan Yiren finally became fearful and her rationality suppressed that crazy desire.

She didn't dare to provoke him and ask for trouble. A pitiful expression appeared in her eyes as she hugged Zong Shou and surrendered.

"Husband, no more. If you bully me more, I really can't take it anymore. How about next time? I will do anything you want. However, I can't do it alone, why not take Xue'er too..."

Zong Shou was already satisfied and worried that if he continued he would hurt her.

He pinched her cheeks lovingly and use the True Qi from the Source Life Spirit Breathing Technique into her body to help her recover stamina.

Yiren was his wife, but in bed she was really seductive; a true slut. So much so that he really loved her.

However, that brat? He would definitely eat her, now was just not the time.

He spread out his Spiritual Sense and felt a familiar aura walking sneakily outside. It was Chuxue, her face flushed red as she snuck away.

Using the Hide word of the Blood Moon Blade, it was like she didn't exist.

She didn't know that Zong Shou's Star Dao Seeds were spread out within this 10,000 feet. No movement couldn't hide from his Spiritual Sense.

Zong Shou's lips curled up into a smile.

Xue'er was indeed at an age where she would be curious about male and female matters.


After that time, Zong Shou's days in the palace went back onto the right track.

However, the so-called right track was just him not doing those things everyday.

He still didn't worry about those complicated governance matters and spent time with his wife everyday.

He wouldn't stay in the Cloud World for long which was why he had to cherish each and every moment he had with her.

Even if Zong Shou's life wish was to reach the pinnacle of the Sword Path, he wasn't willing to use this period of time studying the Dao and comprehension.

He temporarily tossed aside everything, just focusing on playing with his wife. However, somehow he had some small improvements in the martial path and spiritual cultivation.

After the 20th day, Zong Shou suddenly sensed something and spiritual wave surged.

Zong Shou reached in and noticed that those Grand Dao Stars started to change.

Most of them had unknowingly shifted their positions to a more suitable location.

It was still similar to the sky at night, it was just that the Dragon Pellets didn't follow what Zong Shou arranged and they all found better spots.

After the structure changed, the soul power they provided increased by a full 30% percent!

Zong Shou could obviously sense that the Star Dao Seeds and the laws and Dao they contained increased by a large amount.

He could even feel that he could utilise a portion of them.

Especially at night where he would benefit even more.

"I heard that each star gathered in the night sky is formed by a law of the world which is why they have such endless powers."

Zong Shou had seen such sayings in all kinds of constellation books. However, this was the first time he felt it so deeply. It also proved that such sayings were correct.

Not only the Three Thousand Star Falling Technique, but he also had some development on the Martial Path.

When he displayed his sword skills, he noticed that the One Origin Sword he used had four to five weaknesses that he didn't notice before.

Zong Shou comprehended somethings. Although he couldn't say that he made many improvements, they were more modifications and corrections.

In the past, he was just too nervous. He only knew how to bravely improve, cherishing every second and minute to climb to the top.

However, it left many problems that he didn't notice. At this moment, when he accompanied his wife and kid, he was really calm.

Many things that he didn't notice before were all exposed clearly in front of him.

His cultivation path focused on merging everything, some parts had to be tight, some had to be loose. In the past, he really rushed things and was just too anxious.

If he continued on, he might have ended up just like Li Wuque.

What surprised him was that a month after he accompanied his wife, Dan'er finally opened his mouth and stammered as he called him father.

Zong Shou was on cloud nine, he felt that the joy from his improvements in cultivation for that month couldn't compare to the joy he felt from Dan'er.

He also felt really sad and knew that not long later he had to send him over to Xiuguan.

Maybe they might not be able to meet one another in decades.

Within Gantian Mountain, Zong Shou didn't really do anything.

Demon Path struck all over and even with Great Gan, Sword Sect, and Common People's Path working together to suppress them, there would still be some who managed to slip through. There were cases of officials and even commoners being killed by them.

Donglin and Huizhou were still okay, but South Wind Cloud Continent was a huge catastrophe zone.

Luckily, those few Saint Realm Venerables were being restricted, so there weren't any large scale casualties.

However, everyone in Great Gan was terrified. In a short month, close to 30% of the officials resigned.

They were either unhappy with him as a Ruler, suppressing Confucian Faction and causing Saint Dong to die, or they wanted to avoid calamity and weren't willing to be dragged down and killed by the Demon Sect.

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