Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1055 Passionate Hours

Chapter 1055 Passionate Hours

"Old man, what's wrong with this woman? I recall that she was just a pushover?" The young man inquired with a playful smile on his face.

The old man sighed, "She has become the vice-manager..."


How can it be!? He had visited the Verdant Alstreim Treasure House before, and he recalled that this woman was just a low-level salesperson!

Now, she, a non-Alstreim, has become a vice-manager!? What kind of absurdity was this!?

"How...?" He incredulously asked.

"It is said that she hosted a grand person while most of us were gathered in the monthly meeting...! This bit- woman successfully sold a treasure to that person, and Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim personally raised her position to be one of far above us!"

"Though we are reluctant, we have no choice but to digest this humiliation!" The old man's eyes seemed to be practically spitting flames. He almost cursed but held himself back.

The young man nodded his head before his eyes lit up. Perhaps, that treasure might catch Alchemist Davis's fancy, no?

He posed his question to the old salesman.

"Apologies, I can't tell that..."

The young man instantly shoved a low-quality spatial ring to the old man, "Ten High-Level Spirit Stones..."

The old man slyly chuckled.

"It's a Spirit Attribute Source..."

"So it's a Spirit Attribute Source... no wonder..." The young man nodded his head before he inquired again, "What type is that Spirit Attribute Source?"

"This... I'm not sure, but from what I heard, it was that rotting Peak-Level Sky Grade Poison Essence whose price is sky-high that no one bothered even to take a glance at it..."

"Poison Essence!?" The young man exclaimed before he felt that something important crossed his mind but couldn't grasp it quite well.

'This wouldn't be helpful to Alchemist Davis, would it?'

He pursed his lips and contemplated but quickly threw the towel the next second.

"So, why would Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim go as far as to raise a person who isn't an Alstreim to this position? What is that grand person's identity, capable of warranting a Grand Elder to raise her status personally?"

"At this time, if not the Dragon Queen, who else can it be other than Alchemist Davis?" The old man couldn't help but sigh, but his eyes widened into two saucers as he saw the young man turn around and walk away in a hurry.

"Eh? Young master? Do you not want me to show you around the store?"

"Young master? Young master Gyren!? Why are you leaving without at least having a look around!?"

'Did I do something to offend?'

Looking at the Gyren Alstreim disappear as if he just saw a ghost, the old man became stumped as to what had happened. He didn't know that Gyren Alstreim, who had inadvertently offended Alchemist Davis, wanted to make up to him by presenting a gift.

But now that he ended up with offending the person who seemed to have received Alchemist Davis's favor, he no longer held any notion of wanting to reconcile and even felt that it would be better if he hid!

'Fuck! How did I end up offending him a second time!? Do the heavens want me dead!?'

Gyren Alstreim stiffly ran and flew away from the Verdant Alstreim Treasure House like the wind. His back was drenched in sweat as he imagined that he would not be spared if Alchemist Davis came to know that he tried to do something to Xiao Meili.

After all, judging by how Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim suddenly raised her status, it was rather relevant that Xiao Meili managed to at least obtain some sort of goodwill from Alchemist Davis.

If his family came to know about this, he felt that his own father would chop him up and gift his remains as a present to earn favor or just clear a mere misunderstanding!


Davis, Evelynn, and Nadia returned to the Purple Guest Palace. The day was over without encountering any major incidents, while minor incidents couldn't be even counted as incidents to him.

After they returned, he let Nadia roam free in the Purple Guest Palace while he dragged Evelynn into her room. Their lips met as it devolved into a passionate battle. The next few hours, Evelynn poisoned him with her body, and his bones melted in her embrace.

Needless to say, Evelynn took a birth control pill of her own volition, so there was no chance of a child being brought into this world.

Half a day later, Xiao Meili arrived while holding a Peak-Level King Grade Spatial Ring in her spatial belt.

She had her attire changed as she now wore a white robe with flame patterns, and accompanying her was two men who seemed to be Peak-Level Law Dominion Stage Cultivators. They had this blazing presence that seemed to say that they were veterans and would not hesitate to lay their own lives to protect Xiao Meili.

She waited for a few minutes outside the Purple Guest Palace because Davis was still pounding Evelynn with his very soul, ascending to the heavens time and time again. Only after he released his thirty-eighth and last yang essence in her did he let her off and entered the bath to clean himself up.

Evelynn knelt with her bottom steered towards the skies while her face plunged into the bed. Yang essence overflowed from her valley while she possessed a stupid yet satisfied smile on her face. The bed sheets were stained in their fluids, but she stayed like that for a while, relishing the wild feeling she shared with Davis these few hours.

After getting out of the bath, he invited Xiao Meili inside, and she respectfully handed over half a dozen spatial rings to him, each of them hosting one Poison Essence.

Davis took a good look at them before he patted Xiao Meili's head and gave her a tip of thousand High-Level Spirit Stones for her good work. Xiao Meili was unable to hold back as her eyes became moist.

No one treated her this good, and additional wealth was usually handed over as a form of bribe.

Tip? What was that?

She never got something like that ever before. Feeling complicated, she felt that she would say one thing that she hadn't confirmed yet.

"Esteemed Patron, many younger generational experts came to our Verdant Alstreim Treasure House to purchase many treasures. From what I heard, it seems to be something Esteemed Patron ordered the Jaisi Alstreim Inn to procure resources for you?"

Honestly, as a person of the Verdant Alstreim Treasure House, she shouldn't tell all these things as it is disadvantageous to their business, but she had done it anyway.

Davis smiled, "Something like that happened? I see. Thank you for the information, Xiao Meili."

Xiao Melli became flustered, "No, it's my honor to be of service..."

After this, Xiao Meili naturally left with her bodyguards, but she was disappointed as she one that she would never see her lucky star once again, probably ever again in her lifetime.

Davis looked at her disappearing silhouette before he mused, 'A pity... If I knew that the Verdant Alstreim Treasure House had Light Elementals and Darkness Elementals, I would've added them to the list...'

'But in any case, it's not like I have time to digest all of them. Being a jack of all trades is fine and all, but it will not help me reign supreme in this cultivation world... It is better if I invest in a single path or a two at best for each cultivation system at a time...'

Davis nodded his head in agreement as he felt that his reasoning was more than apt.

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