Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1071 Enraged Party

Chapter 1071 Enraged Party

Davis recalled Claudius Alstreim person won third place in the Alchemy Exchange, therefore becoming the first disciple of Grand Elder Lloyd Alstreim in alchemy. Despite how he behaved, Davis knew that he possessed a status that would make people suck up to him.

The people who called themselves youngsters despite being more than fifty years old, some being above three hundred years old, were all seated according to their respective cultivation bases. They were part of the younger generation as long as they were within four hundred years old.

Their ages didn't matter. Therefore, they were seated from the back to the front, ranging from the lower cultivation base to the higher cultivation base respectfully, while the ones with the higher cultivation base sat closer to their leaders in individual seats.

Of course, the youths who possessed greater or uncommon status like Claudius Alstreim always got their way and sat closer to the leaders they were closer with since most of these characters were not from the Burning Sea Brigade or the Brilliant Flame Corps.

Looking at these youths who gritted their teeth in anger and envy while looking at Claudius Alstreim, Davis jested, "Perhaps you'll be soon buried under a mountain, no?"

"Hahaha! Alchemist Davis got that right!"

Davis laughed back as their eyes imperceptibly flashed. Claudius Alstreim not only seemed to come from a humble background but also humble on the surface. However, Davis knew that he was a prideful person and that pride wouldn't come out unless provoked.

It was a trait he liked in a person's character, whether it may be a woman or a man.

"Now all you of be seated." Davis regally gestured before he walked back towards the dignified seat beside Evelynn on the sofa.

The youths all responded with a nod as they sat, and Claudius Alstreim returned to be seated with Ravalat Alstreim on the sofa. After all, he was also an alchemist of the Brilliant Flame Corps. He did indeed possess the capability of sitting side by side with Ravalat Alstreim.

Davis sat beside Evelynn and gave everyone a sweeping glance; his gaze constantly memorized the faces present here. The people who knew that they were being observed subconsciously straightened their back, especially the women, as they tried to make themselves seem more attractive and feminine.

He smiled, "Since all of you seem to have come bearing gifts, I wonder for what reason you all seem to be congratulating me?"

Ravalat Alstreim instantly stood up from his seat, "Of course! A Law Manifestation Stage Cultivator who has comprehended a Superior Law Manifestation, and that too by practicing the formidable Lightning Laws!

"Not to mention becoming a King Grade Alchemist! All this from a man who is lesser than a hundred years old! "

"If such a person can't be congratulated, then who are we to receive praises from others!?"

Ravalat Alstreim passionately spoke before he awkwardly laughed, "In front of Alchemist Davis's achievements, I'll feel too embarrassed to be even praised by my own mother!

"Don't you feel the same, Kayan Alstreim?" His awkward smile turned into one of shrewdness.

Kayan Alstreim's expression imperceptibly fell.

If he were to say no to this, it would be like saying that he was far superior and talented than Alchemist Davis.

He knew that he is currently powerful because of the age gap, and if Alchemist Davis were to reach around three hundred years like him, he would find out difficult to match the other party's prowess.

Kayan Alstreim forced a smile, "True... If Alchemist Davis doesn't deserve to be congratulated by all of us in the same few generations, then all of us don't deserve the praises that we received in these years of cultivation."

"Haha... You are all too humble..." Davis chuckled a bit before his eyes landed on a particular person.

"Then, Weiss Alstreim, have you also come to congratulate me?"

Everyone's gaze instantly landed on a person who sat at the back. They narrowed their eyes as they watched him. They were confused as to why he was here in a low-key manner but also didn't want to needlessly provoke a beehive that would end up inviting a calamity for them.

Weiss Alstreim deeply smiled as he stood up, "I never thought the Heaven's favored would notice me..."

"Heaven's favored...?" Davis felt like laughing, "I would prefer if you call me the Heaven's damned instead."

Everyone's expression changed.

They wouldn't dare utter something like that even if they had nine lives, afraid that the invisible and invincible heavens might curse them to damnation for all eternity!

Even Weiss Alstreim became taken aback, his eyes slightly wide. But he quickly laughed.

"Haha, I didn't think Alchemist Davis would be this courageous but also hilarious. Now I know why your name resounds no matter everywhere I go!"

"However, the reason why I came here is to congratulate you like everyone. There isn't anything else, and I have come bearing genuine gifts that would entertain your esteemed self."

"Is that so?" Davis smiled, a bit curious as to what Weiss Alstreim would've brought.

However, he didn't buy the reason that Weiss Alstreim might've come to congratulate him. In any case, everyone who was present wasn't here to genuinely congratulate him but to earn his favor, so he was not surprised with Weiss Alstreim being present.

Meanwhile, in one of the lesser-known inns near the Purple Guest Palace, a woman stood right beside a window, her gaze piercing through the Purple Guest Palace's ninth floor.

"Bastard! Because of you, I lost my opportunity once again!" The woman gritted her teeth and cursed as she waved her hand.

Instantly, the chair beside her caught flames and burnt into ashes.

Her bosoms heaved as she tried to calm down.

This woman was none other than Immeth Alstreim!

Due to her being stalked by Weiss Alstreim nowadays, she was unable to do anything, not to mention even contact Alchemist Davis as he never appeared in public again after that one told he went out to the Jaisi Alstreim Inn and Verdant Alstreim Treasure House.

At that time, she disdained those youths and didn't bother to visit their gathering. She had her own plans and even felt confident. However, she ended up missing the chance to make contact instead.

After being scolded by her father, Elder Zeno Alstreim, she planned to wait out here like every other woman whom she abhorred and made fun of in her mind, but now, it was so ironic that it almost made her vomit blood instead.

Nevertheless, due to the stakes involved, she waited it out but noticed that Weiss Alstreim was present again! If Weiss Alstreim ever came to know that she would try to seduce Alchemist Davis repeatedly, then it would be truly over for her!

She knew how to go smart about this... If she just plainly have herself to Alchemist Davis, she could tell that Weiss Alstreim would leak every secret that he knew about her, including how she tried to scheme against Nora Alstreim once.

If this matter came to be known by Alchemist Davis, then she would never be able to deceive or obtain his favor, not to mention that she would never be able to near him once again in her lifetime!

Then, even before Weiss Alstreim could end her life, she forever knew that her father would end her instead like a disposable cultivation resource!

Immeth Alstreim's eyes shook in anger and reluctance.

She understood that the best course of action was to retreat for now.

"Weiss, I'll promise you that you won't ever have a peaceful death!"

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